and we're live guys welcome to another episode of good morning crypto only here only on Ivan on.take we are of course broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm Sweden and we do the show each and every day at 8 a.m. Central European summer time I come to you like an atomic clock guys this is what I always tell you today we have a truly juicy and important episode number one we're going to talk about Bloomberg and the fact that they had Thomas Lee once again on the show and Thomas Lee is one of the biggest boolean crypto and he has basically been confirming a bull market we're going to take a look at what he says we're going to take a look at why he says this and then we're also going to talk about the three main opportunities in crypto today in 2019 because another aspect of this whole bull market right now is the fact that we see record high futures trading on Wall Street this is not a joke this is not made that this is actually real and they have been coming out themselves deep CME Group that handles all of these futures raising they have come out and said that hey yesterday and we had a record day for futures trading and obviously Wall Street plays a big role right now in the markets and finally the third part of this video is going to be about Kerr Edano guys and we're going to talk about functional programming and we really going to dive deep into Canada no later today as well with Charles Hoskins on you cannot miss this intro yes you really cannot miss this entry because then we're going to discuss everything that has to do with card a know what they're doing what is the progress where is the test net I mean people are asking hey when is the test and coming out you've been in progress for so long so we're going to talk about that we're going to talk about functional programming in this video because I want to prepare you for the interview I don't want you to be completely clueless when you come to entry with Charles so I will prepare you a bit for the interview in this video but anyway check the link in the description go here and here you will have a button set reminder so click on this button set reminder and you will not miss it so that will check that out also guys you know that we have our Easter Easter action Easter discount for one dollar you get access to the entire Academy if you go to Easter that I've alone take that calm so definitely go there you know that in this bearish times I don't know if you can still call them bearish but still in these times where we do not have a hype in the market it's time to invest in yourself it's time to really take position in this oops spilled coffee spilled coffee yeah you see how excited I am I'm even spilling coffee live on on YouTube it's really time to take your position in the market so the shoe actually needed for the bull market and you're an expert in the bull market we just released become programming one one we do one course per month and you really have to join for one dollar guys don't miss out all courses are ten hour plus very important and you gotta join and also before we start I want to give a shout out to our sponsors from United traders they're launching their trading platform and they have a one thousand dollar competition trading competition so basically if you join their platform and you are in their composition on April the 25th I'm also going to be on their composition you can win $100 to basically get fake money you get fake money to play with and whoever makes the most money with that fake money wins the this prize and so definitely check out in the description and United traders they're sponsoring the channel and they're basically a trading company from Russia and now they're launching their exchange and they want attention on the exchange and therefore I'm telling you guys sign up for their for their exchange competition you can find in the description what is going on in the markets that is the most important thing everyone is wondering right now what is happening in the market bitcoin is up 2% and we're still going up oh my god this is ad again okay let's let me refresh this let me refresh this Cohen market up should really remove this it's really really annoying but anyway Bitcoin up 2% if theorems 8% ripple is 0.15 we are encrypted spring once again we're somewhere between winter and spring but who knows how long winter will continue for we'll talk a bit about that today looking at the big winners you have a vast chain 30% exotic asset pumping hard be careful guys might be a pump and dump don't be don't get too excited this doesn't look that natural according to my eye at least let me know if you agree or you disagree now 15% Verge 14% big losers who do we have my team coined by Tom koukin yeah so not many big losers anyway guys bitcoin is getting more and more attention from the mainstream and really if you look at this trend it seems that now we have another upward movement in terms of attention people people get back there they're googling to Bitcoin people who were interested in bitumen before but then lost interest because the price wasn't that interesting or people who didn't know about between at all are now googling and searching more and more for Bitcoin and we're actually up to 2 November levels if you look at the chart here for Google and Google Trends but what's more important is that you see now introduced in the mainstream media such as Bloomberg in mainstream financial media such as Bloomberg where people are basically confirming a bull market and I want to watch this together with you and then we're going to discuss whether it's too early whether it's too positive or whether it makes sense so let's take a listen let's take a listen let's take a watch and this is basically thomas lee from fan strat you know that thomas lee is one of the biggest Bulls out there when it comes to bitcoin and he basically talks about where we are right now looking at Bitcoin currently about five thousand dollars again you might not want to wait calls but why are we seeing this sudden change in sentiment that Menino couldn't pin down to I think there's a lot of significant things that happen this past week with crypto but the most important was that Bitcoin made a move that now looks like it was based on true buying and closed above its 200-day moving average most people who are skeptical of crypto and witness last year's decline just said look bitcoins dead it's on its way to zero cuz it's down 90 but an instrument that can go back to its 200-day and hold it is now back in a bull trend so I think sentiment has to change because bitcoin is now in a bull market and there's you know behavior I mean besides the price itself which is notable breaking above its 200-day moving average is there anything else going on that sort of suggests that you know some sort of turn yeah I think there's a lot of clues that happened this year you know part of it at the start this year you could have made the bet that tailwind we're developing cuz the dollar wasn't strengthening and a lot of folks and I think dollar could weaken that's a talen and e/m has been rallying big like a china that's foolish for crypto because the correlation so high we've had evidence that what they call oh geez you know or the whales the original holders of crypto are starting to accumulate again you know a lot of anyway anyway yes you see a basic said because it is an asset because it is an asset that lost ninety percent and now it's back over its two hundred moving average basically he confirms it's a bull market he said okay guys ready to go ready to roll and this really brings me to my first opportunity that i wanted to discuss with you the first opportunity of 2019 the fact that you know we might possibly be in a bull market I mean who knows really there are always people guessing people guessing it is true it is false but the best opportunity right now is the fact that you need to be averaging in I mean at the end of that you don't know you need to manage risk you need to be able to manage risk and know that hey it might very well be the fact that we are in a bull market and the prices might run away and if you don't act now you will be you will be missing the train once again just like you miss the last train and the train before that because let's be honest most of people lost all possible trains they entered at the top and they crashed this is what I did back then when I was too noob in 2013 by the way so this is the possible possibility that you might miss the the boat at the same time it might crash to below 3000 I mean this is the thing everything is possible and nothing is impossible it's all about the long term but short term who knows and therefore the first opportunity is to really use this spring ish Barrish trip to winter spring time to average in don't go all in just just be careful and averaging because you don't know what's gonna happen you need to cover all possibilities so it's you you are okay with all possibilities happening if we go to 3,000 fine if we go to the moon fine so that is number one possibility the second possibility I think in 2019 is the fact that we're getting closer and closer to Wall Street adoption and there may be potentially an ETF soon why because Wall Street is trading Bitcoin like never before and this is actually confirmed by the CME Group you look at their tweet they're tweeting the following Bitcoin futures CM a bit Confucius had the record trading day on April 4th hitting an all-time high volume over 22,000 contracts and this is basically one hundred and twelve thousand equivalent bitcoins surpassing the previous record so if there is anyone who is in Bitcoin right now in speculating both positive and negative both long and short it is Wall Street they are on their feet trying to use the market to their advantage of course why is this so good well number one legitimize the market this is why I like this arsenal from Tasha times and this article really exploded on reddit yesterday so thank you Sam anyway a number one thing is the fact that it legitimized the market crypto is not a scam this is kind of the thing you hear grandma's say still like my grandma was unsure is between a scam is between not a scam and not only can you explain that Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash by the way Wall Street is trading it it really gives a lot of people more trust that this is not a ponzi scheme because unfortunately many people still think that crypto is a Ponzi scheme that it is not a peer-to-peer cash they don't even know what pills to pure cash means you tell them it's peer-to-peer cash there they're like they look at like question marks they're like okay piers if your cash is this like a Ponzi scheme or what you're trying to tell me so although this might sound you know a bit silly to you and a bit silly to me that we need to have wall street validation in order to spread adoption it means a lot for average people if they see big players in this game they are more comfortable they're more or they more excited and also especially when you look at wealthy individuals because wealthy individuals currently if you look just generally they are a bit older they are from the past generations and they they have been having all this time to accumulate their wealth and obviously when you look at the changes in the global financial space and the risks and the fact that the whole thing is experimental negative interest rates are experimental you see that those people will have to rethink their asset allocation strategy and they will be looking at crypto and so therefore having a legitimate scripted market is important in that sense also it is one step closer to an ETF because one of the criteria the SEC has on an ETF is the fact that the asset needs to have accurate but also efficient price discovery and this requires investment vehicles like futures and options which allow investors to protect themselves against price drops basically you need the market that is mature what do we mean with mature market women market that has a bunch of trading options a bunch of different financial products you want to go long you can go long if you want to go short you can go short you have different vehicles for speculating we have different ways to trade this market and this basically adds a lot of maturity and also legitimize the market because let's be honest we're so early on also extremely early on before futures came around in late 2017 I mean you could not for real short Bitcoin I mean sure you had maybe bit max out there you had maybe other players out there but you couldn't do it at the scale that CME Group that's because CME Group is obviously not for retail investors it's mostly for corporations it's mostly for hedge funds is mostly for big wealthy players in the market so all in all we do in my view we do need mature market and mature market means several different in investment vehicles so this is very important and this is very interesting now yes this was the two first possibilities you remember that I talked about number one this is really the time to average in because honestly we're we're living in so exciting times it could go to the moon you could miss the train but also it could crash so therefore you don't know it you need to manage risk averaging number two we talked about the fact that a an ETF and that was the adoption is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it is really the second biggest opportunity crypto has in 2019 the third opportunity in my view is that is a bit technical it's a bit technical and it has to do with formal verification what is formal what does form of reification even mean it basically means that we adopt development processes in such a way that we can mathematically vary by what our smart contracts do we can mathematically deduce that our smart contracts are functioning correctly because let's be honest when we're doing smart contracts we're dealing with critical software mission critical software and there are different projects working in this you have tezo's for example having functional approach but then also you have care down and the reason I want to talk about Cardno today is because I want to prepare you for the interview with the Charles which we will be having later today by the way go in the description and the end set reminder for the entry because this is going to be absolutely crazy and basically I will talk a lot with him about functional programming and functional programming has a lot to do with formal verification functional programming really allows us to have a formal verification and they also as background knowledge what you can do is just you know search for this Kadim white board overview with Charles Hoskins own if you want to be prepared for the interview you can take a look at the you know their website and so on so forth but what I really want to show you here is just the functional approach to programming and really before I get here you know that in programming you have several families of languages you have several ways to construct the program depending on which language you choose so one family of languages is called imperative so imperative programming languages or for example languages such as C like C++ like like Java like in many ways Python and but by the way you I mean theoretically you could program functional programming in those languages well but they're mainly mainly imperative now what does it mean to have an impressive programming language it basically means that you tell the computer what to do step by step you basically tell the computer you know number one do this like action one like it do this number two do this action – and you describe to the computer step by step what she wanted to do so maybe if you're building some kind of website and you're building some kind of log-in functionality you tell the computer okay show this log in button show this log in a text box when the user presses log in button do this and then you go through all of the other users with have and you try to find whoever is connected to the user that is trying to login like I'm trying to explain to you how you might for example design a social media with some impressive language so you do things step by step do this do this do this and now this is great this is the most popular way to build things I mean impressive programming languages is what most people understand and what most people can work with however this baguette this gets a bit messy I mean when you have this step-by-step instructions at the end of the day it gets a bit messy and you have the issue that it's hard to mathematically verify what your program is doing and when we're mathematically verifying we're basically having our formal verification we can mathematically say that our program does what it is supposed to do we can mathematically with 100% certainty save that our program will not end up in some kind of bag because this is very important when you're dealing with money and we're talking about programmable money when we're talking about smart contracts and so therefore many people are advocating for functional programming languages when it comes to blockchain and when it comes to and when it comes to programming smart contracts why because in functional programming language instead of doing this step-by-step approach you're talking on a more higher level you're talking about whole functions so while here you say do this you describe every little micro step that the program has to do in functional program language you do it more on a higher level you say you know login for example you you abstract the whole login functionality to one thank function while here you might be writing ok show button show show input text show this ok user clicks button do this in function program you know you're more like okay login this is a whole function that we're doing here and then you have some kind of other function here like maybe it's called H or something and you perform some kind of action on this function so you're dealing on a more higher level which means that you can reason in a on a more mathematical up approach in a mathematical approach that you can apply and so in that sense this is easier to create proofs with is easier to prove to prove that you know this program is correct compared to this program mathematically because this program will have a million steps and if for you is very hard to really verify that all of them are correct while here it is my more higher level and it is easier to say that it is correct and also like here you can see an example I had this I had this code example for all of you who know a bit about coding so for example here is a function that gets that gets odd numbers in imperative approach so you have a list of numbers here and you want to only get the the odd numbers from this list so this is the impressive approach you have a loop here and you basically tell the computer ok go through this list one by one and only and only extract odd numbers so this program will basically go through this list and it will say ok 1 ok this is an odd number let's put it in the list of odd numbers 2 is not an odd number 3 is an odd number less putin so you see step by step now this is functional approach so this is the entire equivalent in functional programming basically say you know filter filter where the number divided by 2 has no rest and it's a bit technical but basically filter and only give me numbers that are that are odd and and and this is it this is one line so it's way easier to reason what this program does and when this program gets more complicated it's easier to find bags and see what is happening well here you see it is step by step and it is way harder but most programmers most programmers work like this most programmers do like impressive approaches better why because this is what they teach you whenever you start programming you learn Java or you learn Python or you learn some other imperative programming language and you just keep using that here it's a bit different in to you have another mindset now it is also possible to do functional programming in these languages like you could program these languages functionally but it is really a those those languages are not really meant for that from the ground up while other languages such as for example Haskell that are functional so what is an example of a functional programming language such as a skill well they are functional from the beginning and your only reason in this high higher level constructs in in them and when you look at card on no settlement layer you look at their code you see that it's mostly Haskell here you can see the programming languages you see that their code is mostly Haskell and therefore their whole protocol could potentially in the future be formally verified basically mathematically verified where you can see that it is functioning correctly so this is really what they want to achieve looking at their activity you see the following you look at the contributors the settlement layer was really in development mostly in 2017 now it seems to be either inactive or completely finished and this is really what we're going to discuss with Charles later today because you look at their github activity it seems currently kind of dead and so either it is finished or either it is in inactive but obviously here is where they built the whole thing so it is natural that you have a lot more commits and a lot of more action and also you see just who works on this on this project you see that the most common developer in in the latest M months is this M who ash M Wes you can look at his profile you see Michael who is Shem sorry for pronouncing he likes math he likes blockchain and Haskell well he's a perfect fit for this project and for her for care Donna and also when you're looking at the software projects you should look at commits like what are they actually doing in the latest days and here you can see you know one commit at the time and you can see what the what they're changing so for example if we go here like stylish Haskell what what do they do yeah they changed like one thing here from bracket node resources to bracket node yeah so not a lot of changes so some commits are basically no renaming things for changing just some some names of variables and this is something that I think you should be looking into here they added some things when it comes to some data structures so for example here you have header data structure header that HS they added a new field header leader key and then they define what this data structure should do with this field and add functionality when it comes to this field so this is a more real commune so see this is actually looks like a real commit where they have some actual code and some actual logic but all in all it looks like the activity definitely has decreased when it comes to Caledon OSL settlement layer and this is just one of the things that I'm gonna talk to a Charles about today and I hope you're excited guys because I'm truly truly excited see we already have 60 likes here and that we haven't even started so by the way guys go and check that smash the bail button on this video and let's take a look at the chat what is happening in the chat guys as you know the chat is always wild I need to press this so my monitor doesn't shut off what is happening in the chat and no question just have a nice man thanks thanks Gilbert appreciate appreciate it's gone through testing okay okay okay he doesn't take people's okay love the non PC as it should who Charles probably I don't know like I have seen a lot of his interviews before like in 2018 late 2017 for example this video is really how I get into Cardinal but I haven't followed Charles a lot I have watched the previous things yesterday just to prepare for the interview but I like the way he describes things he's very good at describing complex things in an easy way so I like that with his interest and really I've learned a lot by just listening to him as well so and by the way I see people asking when is the entry it is in 8 hours you can check in the description in 8 hours we will go live with Charles any car vertical fans don't call on me teach please Shane what do you want me to teach you I am teaching everyday I'm really teaching all the time see I'm kind of a teacher I I never knew I would be a teacher guys but the life changes and suddenly you find yourself beings being some kind of teacher in in in crypto so that that is very cool that's very cool excited asking when moon I think he hears it every day when moon Charles come on let's go to moon let's go to moon very happy you're interviewing Hoskins on I'm happy too I'm happy too the man is always level-headed you're awesome I even hope you have a great day thank thanks saying she Jo heaven joven joven thank you very much thank you very much good morning what's going on with bmb-co I'm not following the growing ask man I think it just grown so much really you look at beyond Bitcoin where is it let's take a look let's take a look – coin it has downward movement today but I mean just look at this history it's been really really performing well during the past months really in the bear market and you see it's number seven and it's an exchange coin so violence is really doing a great job with pushing the coin but all in all is all about combine and succeed in being the dominant player so this is the most important thing for b-and-b holders I mean really as I told you in a way it's so closely tied to the company that to me it is kind of like a stock but you don't get voting rights but it's also like it's not equity obviously it has nothing to do with the actual only owned only on edge of the company but at the same time it's all about the company is pushing the coin for example inventing new use cases the next use case that they really want to push is their decentralized exchange or semi-detached as the change which it which it really is so it's all about can they deliver financial programming also tells us yeah yeah I mentioned that I mentioned that if possible please ask him directly what he thinks about shortcoming of cardan at the moment and how he seemed absolutely what kind of shortcomings are you having in mind because they're not even launched that's the thing how can you have shortcomings when you don't even have a test net so what I'm really excited about is when are they gonna launch they're shellye test net and then we can take a look and therefore it seems it's important for them I think in my view it's important for them to launch during this crypto spring because when the boom market comes in my view you need to be ready by then needs to be ready do you believe Kagame is operating under raider and will become a prominent blockchain who knows like do I think is become it will become a prominent blockchain it's really about their execution I don't know how they're gonna execute I think functional programming is exciting I think it's really needed but you have projects such as Tasos like our friend Mihiel from from russia i suppose said so we have other content contenders on that as well but all in all can they execute I really hope they can but it is really not up to me Bitcoin SV Channel what are it yeah yeah it seems like guys I on this blog stream puppet propaganda yeah yeah man yeah Hodel is a ponzi scheme or okay bro good luck good luck Craigie Satoshi enjoy your day while even on my channel like this is the most interesting thing using my publicity to spread the Bitcoin asleep because I am able to collect 1000 people and this is shameless this is really shameless and then people are calling it a time a block stream propaganda anyway guess do what you want I wish you good luck if whatever coin you you cheer for and by the way don't forget Charles I just want to remind you go in go and check the reminder and smash the bell button I hope you enjoy I hope you've learned something in this episode and have a great week it's Monday it's time to get going it's time to really really dominate the week and I wish you good luck I love Mondays by the way a lot man is because we're back to action we're back to work and I'm back to you guys so see you all in a few hours with with Charles and that have a great day have a great day day guys goodbye goodbye and I'm really really excited for the interview Ivan man I'm not here to to counter anything I'm not here to counter anything I'm here to talk about my things and I don't know what you're doing here goodbye to your ass well man goodbye

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