26 thoughts on “? $12,000 BITCOIN NEXT MONTH? ? IMPORTANT UPDATES”

  1. The only guy in you tube crypto who don t miss a show during Bear market but disapear during Bull . This takes discpline, kudos!!

  2. So sick of technical analysis. You know why we know religion is BS? Because there are over 5000 gods. Same goes for technical analysis.

  3. so how' they gonna exchange dataif i transfer btc from exchange to my nano ledger s for example or wallet?

  4. yu bloody drongo, your camera man can make an account and give news when your not around such as "my account has been banned by the gods of the tube and i need to find out why they have banned me"
    why not use Dlive instead or as well as youtube, if we cant get the content here we will just go there, lol.

  5. That's why centralized system of this world is a big F**K. People should understand the real meaning of crypto as the alternative of youtube and facebook is even possible but the people have to show their interest by using those decentralized platforms. People as in unity has the power, if they understand it.

  6. Will tough KYC conflict with teams trying to build DEX's? With they try to stop DEX's from developing?

  7. We going to have to dump very hard for the SEC soon. They haven't agreed it's a bull market, we need to let them approve institutions' to accumulate at a safe low risk entry point first. That means showing the SEC a 2k BTC this year and hope they like it enough to approve on.Tony Vays thinks 2K, I think we can do better and show them 1260 BTC. Then the bull market can start once we have let them stock up first. Whales can encourage us to dump for the SEC and let the new money enter officially.

  8. On the issue of exchanges and KYC I wonder how long it will be before banks start linking crypto to terrorism again for the justification for kyc

  9. 16:19 “the general public also wants to have taxes.” ? Are you kidding me ? If a central bank can just print money into thin air, then why are they making us pay taxes!? Speak for yourself, taxes are slavery in a fiat money world.

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