31 thoughts on “🚀BITCOIN and LITECOIN THE BIG PICTURE!🚀 bitcoin litecoin price prediction, analysis, news, trading”

  1. Irrespective of the price daily I keep increasing my satoshi with binance trading bot, which gives me 5-10% daily, ask me how for more info on that.

  2. I'm a newbie and love your info and knowledge drop! Pardon me if obvious, but wandering why you don't cover ETH? Would love general thoughts or recommendation to someone on it. Thanks!

  3. Honestly, I'm hoping for crazy lows so I can rectify my previous missteps. Price currently closing in on that 9850 target.

  4. Thanks Savy. Great analysis as usual. Is there any difference between the MA (moving average) & EMA? Thanks.

  5. Been driving myself crazy done lost quite a bit of the money I was up.. still up.. but decided to just hodl my 17 ltc buy as low as I can hopefully accumulate 20 and wait for the moon! Still believe your predictions will come true CS!

  6. Hey CS. I know the pattern isn't playing out the same as the gold chart currently. It was, but changed it seems. However if time is a factor we should be out of the trading range in about a week I think. The trading range in gold chart is approximately 15 months (May '06-Aug '07). So far this year the Bitcoin chart is moving nat a pace of 1 month= 1 year on gold chart. (From 2000-2006) when we peaked at about $13400. Hopefully that move is up. What do you think?

  7. It’s going to have to pump real hard now to reach $46000. Thanks great info. Have a great day 👊🏼.

  8. Could you pls look into Digibyte and tell us what you think? In my head it looks like this. Btc=gold Ltc=silver DGB=copper(Top security)

  9. In this market if the price goes lower then your purchased price,but as long as you don’t sell and holding it till go back up,you are the winner.

  10. If you own BTC, live you life to the max, do sport, eat healthy, be outdoors. Cos your money is working for you as you chill. No stress just HODL

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