44 thoughts on “? EOS HYPE 2019 ? #B1June Predictions, Coinbase listing, World-Wide Adoption, IOT”

  1. EOS has the worst “Create New Wallet” UX ever! Is there anyone that knows how to create a new wallet frictionless in seconds as most crypto wallets in space?

  2. Bought EOS like 7-8 months ago after reading into it and seeing that it could hype and actually make a real product someday. My only regret is I didn't buy more EOS!!!

  3. No, Ivan. Bio metric auth is just a way to protect the pin. You can't know if an EOS account is used by human or bot interactions

  4. I will use that exchange ranking. HitBTC won't let withdrawals of XTZ, as it's been down for "system upgrades" for 2 weeks.

  5. JUNE 1ST IS COMING!!!! EOS is easily the best project in the space and the most incredible community of investors, voters, developers, block producers and vc's. Hats off to Dan and Brendan, they will change the world….

  6. ivan please add "coinspot" to exchange ratings please, thanks to all the folks working on the site, its a great idea, especially good for people who like arbitrage trading!

    also missing trade ogre.

  7. Steemit failed. I can acknowledge this after trying for a long time. All useful content was ignored because boob photos got all the bot pumps and money. But I'm a guy and have no boobs nor agreed to fake pump through a bot so I left it and I'm happy these problems will be solved in a new social media network.

  8. EOS is nice for speculation, but not hodl, there are too much questions around EOS, already the questionable ICO process, but also the centralized nature, etc.. Do not trust them, but… similar with Bitconnect, people believe whatever if greed takes over. So, happy speculation 🙂

  9. No, Ivan. Biometric auth is just a way to protect the pin. You can't know if an EOS account is used by human or bot interactions

  10. Nice to see Smarter Every Day on Ivan's channel: Like for both of these great educational channels!

  11. Steemit wasn't ruined by bots. Some people abuse them but that happens with every crypto. Some people buy lots of mining equipment or spend lots on masternodes, that doesn't mean those cryptos are ruined. I like Steemit and lots of other dapps on Steem. Much less hype than EOS and more dapps I actually want to use.

  12. Exchange rate us a very good idea! Thabks for stsrting this project.. We are in control, not them

  13. Agree with what you said about a social network on EOS – it has a good chance to bring in mainstream people if it's easy to use and less bot infested. DISagree that Steemit failed. Some people take advantage there. Some people rig the system. It's like Capitalism – can be exploited but works well in general and raises a lot of people up. On Steemit, most people are happy to meet other nice people and make a little money which they can't make on any other social network. Steemit Inc may have dropped the ball and not lead very well, but that void was filled by many developers. Its easy to develop on Steem and if you look at dApp rating sites you will see how well dApps do on Steem. In my opinion, HODL EOS And STEEM!

  14. Been holding eos from the start. I have total confidence in the team. Also great community and block producers doing great things. Love the comment from you about tribalism. Let's all do great things and change the world for the better.

  15. Agree with Ivan on Tech about not hating other coins. It doesn't make sense to do that….unless its XRP. Then its ok.

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