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bullish or bearish up or down which way will this equilibrium break these are the questions we find ourselves asking one another during these times of stagnation what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kerby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I'd like to discuss Bitcoin and why I believe we are about to see some extreme action here once we break this equilibrium we have already had a small little sample of what we may see coming here in the immediate future and as a full-time trader I'd like to discuss my strategy my game plan and how I plan to crush this market right now in the immediate term so without any further ado you guys already know the deal if you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click to subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto moon the likes ladies and gentlemen moon them up alright so we'll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis now here we are on the 4 hour time frame right away ladies and gentlemen it is no secret here we are stuck in a magnet zone we are stuck once again ladies and gentlemen once again inside a pretty distinct zone here that Bitcoin is finding itself stuck in and that is between 35 75 and 36 40 sure there's been some action outside of this range which we'll discuss in just a moment but for the time being we're really trading sideways in here with a stream Lee low volume when we look out on the daily ladies and gentlemen the last large volume that we've had was on the bottom there at the 200 weekly excuse me the 200 week moving average bounce that we had right and that's the last time we really saw any significant volume come in and it really was sure soon as we topped out at old old resistance there basically we got rejected and the volume you've got rejected with it as well and we've been on a downward sloping volume trajectory ever since with the one day that we really broke the the trend there of the downward slope being an increase in volume with a bearish red candle which really ended this this little upswing for us here and it dropped this down let's see I mean we drop down sheesh and one day yeah Lee's gentlemen roughly twelve percent so since that day the volume has just down right back to being lackluster and on a downward trajectory and what we are seeing right now guys is that there is not a lot of interest here in my opinion from the Bulls we're not seeing anyone take a stand we're seeing a lot of bot action and here a lot of small small small micro trades going on chopping us in between here a lot of candles with wicks on both ends as it's just BOTS ping ponging off the support and resistance within this tight little range and if we use our price range tool we can see that this range guys is less than 2% that is also how you can identify that it is mostly BOTS trading in there is the fact that many human traders are not looking to ping pong around in like a 1 percentile range like that lots of micro orders but let's get back to the meat and potatoes here so what can we expect from this trend right well we had our small sample right here we had a drop down really way below the equilibrium we even shot down into the bottom channel there for just a second it looked like we may go back to test the bottom of the the 32 to 3100 Channel but we shot right back up we had a nice bullish wick followed by some continuation here albeit there was a volume decrease so it was not very convincing at the time at all and then we had our little move to the upside and what do you know we just trickle back down into here so this move was a bunch of nothing ladies and gentlemen this was a a squeeze on both sides right they squeezed down here and they squeezed back up now what we have to understand here is that we can't lose perspective of the overall trend right I've seen a lot of moonboys ladies and gentlemen here it is Kirby the support is here and we're going to the moon I still don't see anything here we are finding our support off the 0.618 fib we're finding rejections at the point 5 and right now we have not created a higher high we are still creating higher lows and right now – this right – that one little move that you shaped move right if we just just like put your thumb over it right so you don't see it what does this pattern still look like here right to me it looks like a classic bear flag formation we're still tentatively looking at a flagpole down with a lot of sideways consolidation which could definitely lead to another flagpole to the downside in my opinion right now the trend overall for me is still looking very bearish and with a low volume consolidation here that to me leads towards the momentum playing a large role here and for me the momentum is still to the downside ladies and gentlemen so I personally am expecting further moves to the downside here but here's the here's the thing the volume is very low right now right we've seen it it's just falling off it's actually right now trending downwards again right now and the thing is is that unload you can see these types of of candles come in here which this is the perfect example look guys look at the the prior candles right there they're volume compared to the volume right after it which was a large candle up right and this is what you see when the volume is very low and you can see that the the order books get pushed very easily when there's very illiquid conditions and low volume and unfortunately that is what we're dealing with right now so although the trend does look pretty bearish here in my opinion there's always going to be that extra dark horse play potential here that we could get a bulk handle up but that also has to do with these with these squeezes ladies and gentlemen let's take a look at the shorts here just for a moment the shorts right now they actually look pretty good so the thing for me guys is right now Bitcoin in my opinion still looks heavily bearish although we are in a tight range here that could see a small move to the upside maybe to retest that fib level maybe to retest this fib level up here and old support that could become new resistance right maybe flirt with this upward sloping trend line that that has broken now but for me on the overall guys really it's still in my opinion looking like a move to the downside is more probable than he moved to the upside right now I am taking aggressive plays inside this market ladies and gentlemen shout out to my VIPs you guys know I've been keeping you updated in absolute real-time with every single trade I make every target every stop-loss everything ladies and gentlemen right now I have play set up in here I'm still like I said I'm on the short end I am looking at this from a bearish perspective right now if we take a look over at the weekly as well just to kind of round this all up here what we can see let's turn this on log okay what we can see here ladies and gentlemen is that this weekly candle is going to be very very critical here we see that our prior candles have all respected the downward sloping resistance and now with a large multi weekend golfing candle here right we had our weekly candle last week and Gulf the prior two closed flush below it that is a very bearish looking candle and if this week's candle here on the weekly don't get it wrong though guys we still have multiple days left in the weekly candle so it is too early to be making assumptions here but hypothetically if this candle does close below last week's candle oh grandma's cookies in a bottle of Yoho oh this trend is looking even more bearish it's looking aggressively bearish put it that way that is in a aggressively bearish candle on the weekly timeframe in my opinion of course ladies and gentlemen none of this nothing on this stream is investment advice is not investment advice this is not trading advice this is only my own opinion in my own observations and ideas on the market always do your own research in your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high-risk these are only my own opinions and ideas being said this looks like an aggressive aggressive bear trend right now to me and it's great to zoom out and look at this on a broad perspective macro rather than just zoomed in on the micro equilibrium right now as we still look like we're on our road to potentially creating another bounce off the 3,000 to 3,200 somewhere along this respective downward sloping resistance line and then look to break the descending triangle and retest some lower lows back down in this channel here where we found historically a lot of confluence and that is quite a large a large range ladies and gentlemen I mean this range right here is just about 25% in and of itself let alone if we were to test a little bit lower which I have outlined over here which is more so like 40% right now ladies and gentlemen I believe we are about to see some extreme action here inside the charts you do not want to be getting caught like a deer in the headlights here if you plan yeah if you fail to plan then your plan is to fail right those are my my signature words there ladies and gentlemen and for me right now what we're seeing here is a powder keg ready to absolutely explode you do not want to be without a plan here that's that's all I can say you need to have a plan if it breaks up you need to have a plan if it breaks down if you don't have a plan you're going to wind up being caught in a panic when mooove happens right and like I said you can only prepare with the knowledge that you have for me right now I'm keeping my VIPs updated with all of my plans all of my trades everything in absolute real-time ladies and gentlemen there is no reason to be going erect city with average Joe and June's at the water cooler it's time to crush this market and it's time to get this crypto shout-out to my VIPs I will keep you guys updated with every single trade I make in absolute real-time let's get this crypto now I'd like to look at aetherium as well ladies and gentlemen but if you are just tuning in now don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes sheesh ladies and gentlemen aetherium is in a very when you look at it on the daily it's very very similar to Bitcoin right very similar it looks almost identical to an to an extent but when we zoom in on the for our it does look a bit different and what what I see right now is that we're in another one of these symmetrical triangles right and the thing is guys is that the last one we were in these these look let me preface this okay the these types of triangles here are generally continuation patterns they go with the flow of the trend right so this one for me I was expecting to break bearish and it did and then we had our heinous reaction rally right these incredible candles here down and then up now we find ourselves in another one of these so with the overall trend a game with the overall trend a game looking bearish in my opinion for me right now this is still a bearish triangle I mean until proven otherwise I can't be giving bullish credit in a bearish trend to these continuation patterns right these that's the characteristic of these triangles sure you don't want to be you know in per classical technical analysis Theory you don't want to be playing these while they're you know without any confirmations for example if it broke out of formation you could think about taking a trade potentially if it broke upwards you could think about taking a trade potentially but as we sit in here right now respecting this upward sloping support there is no confirmation just yet right so it's too early for me ladies and gentlemen but what I can speculate on here is that this is most likely going to be another bearish continuation triangle here and for me the next range of support that I'm looking for aetherium to test upon is really this one 11 level and the one 11 range actually that goes down all the way to about 107 for me that is my target for aetherium right now like I said it's too early for me to be taking place as I am awaiting further confirmations not only on this pattern but on several other indicators as well along with volume to come in shout out to my VIPs I will keep you updated when I do take my play on etherium I'm looking to play it aggressively I see potentially life-changing opportunity here looming in the shadows for aetherium and Bitcoin as well ladies gentlemen like I said I'm expecting extreme movements and by extreme movements right now ladies and gentlemen you know this range I'm outlining here you know that's that's nearly twelve percent and if we are to test down to the bottom of this chain this whole channel and retest a complete retrace which I believe ladies and gentlemen Dondon Carbon Accio is putting it on the table I do believe that that a full retrace is not out of the picture at all when I like to see a double bottom for a potential bullish reversal absolutely but I think with the lack of volume with Bitcoin really being in a tough spot right now with another failed rally and a lower high created ladies and gentlemen for me a full retrace to test a potential double bottom is not out of the cards by any means do I does that have to happen soon absolutely not does it have to happen at all absolutely not that's only my own speculation ladies gentlemen once again this is not investment this is not trading advices is only my own opinion and observation on the market always do your own research and your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high-risk but yeah guys for aetherium like I said I see a play is about to be made for me here I'm gonna be aggressive I'm going to be looking to take aggressive positions right now inside the eath markets shout-out to my VIPs I will keep you guys updated when I take that play now moving over here ladies gentlemen to a piece of cryptocurrency news we see that by Nance now is creating a new exchange a Fiat – crypto exchange this is big guys this is great they're targeting the EU and UK traders they're opening and calling it by Nance Jersey it's on the island of Jersey a British self-governing dependency and they're going to be offering her this article let's see I believe it's pound and euro trading yes that's correct so this is going to enable you and UK traders to have a new Fiat – crypto on-ramp again do I believe this is going to help the state of this this floundering market right now in the immediate term absolutely not do I believe that when this market does in fact turn around and we begin to create higher highs on Bitcoin and the Bulls can begin to speculate higher that things like this are going to help push this market higher and higher absolutely this is all about building the infrastructure in a bear market ladies and gentlemen the the infrastructure is being built now so that the next bull run can be sustained longer have more people join into it with Fiat – crypto on ramps like finances building now and overall with things like backed and other large financial instruments being built – to build out the crypto ecosystem and economy guys I believe that right now although this market is still extremely bearish in my opinion and you guys know I don't care if the market is bullish or bearish I play short and long I'm a full-time trader and I crushed this market in either direction so it does not bother me but just for the the bullish perspective I believe that the next time that this market does turn bullish there's a lot more fuel in the tank here now for that next bull run to be even better than the last one that that's as far as I can speculate on that that is my my opinion and speculation so moving back to Bitcoin just for a second guys I hope that you guys see I'm awaiting this move I have to have a plan up I have to have a plan down right ladies and gentlemen there is no excuse if you fail to plan then your plan is to fail right now I do not plan to fail I plan to crush this market and get this crypto do not be taken that trip to wrecked city with average Joe and June's at the water cooler there is no reason ladies and gentlemen being said if you could one last time moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes I will be in the VIP ladies and gentlemen keeping my VIPs updated with every single trade I make in absolute real-time there is no reason to be taking that trip to rekt city ladies and gentlemen so yeah guys until then I'll see you all in VIP shout out to my VIPs and until next time be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy Krypto Kerby peace and love my friends curves you

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  2. Hi Kirbs. Thank you for your videos. I always learn a bit from your videos. What do you think of the falling wedge that is forming on the one day. If it plays out we can see a rally that could potentially create a new high at the end of Feb. This could create positive sentiment for a double bottom?

  3. Although volume on exchanges is low, the # of on chain Bitcoin transactions is very high, highest it's been since the insane bull run of December 2017.
    People are using a lot of Bitcoin but its OTC and P2P volume.

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  6. Yeah…I am gonna need you to talk to me daily. ☺️ I only listen to you. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah..know it’s not trading advice…DYOR…but I prefer your own personal opinions! 🤗

  7. @cryptokirby kirby the last 5 or 6 days on a daily chart looks like a reversal diamond to me…. There should be a bounce up before the dump down…..
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