27 thoughts on “?? THE BITCOIN BUBBLE!! | 2705 USD Bitcoin Price Analysis JUNE 12 2017 Cryptocurrency Ethereum ?”

  1. blessed to be able to connect. thank you for sharing 🙂 tried putting your name on the search bar but got no results on tradeview. i want a 1 on 1 but dont see where to book it. could not get on the live chat

  2. Brandon I just got into the market which trading exchange do you suggest Coinigy? Poloniex? Trading View?

  3. Excellent video … who will say what will happen to the course of SIACOIN? A pair of Ether? Will it be $ 1?

  4. Hey Brandon nice video im new to this but i want to get into this trading where im i best to start obviously will buy 1 BTC should i buy 2 Btc or invest into another couple of currencies? if so any sugestions would be appreciated.

  5. This video was extremely professionnal and easy to understand. You just earned a sub. Im new to this and I needed a good explanation on the current situation of the market.

  6. Hi. Very interesting. I've done a reasonable amount of day trading so know what you mean about using technical analysis. You mention your 'clients'. Are these one-to-one consultation clients or do you have a paid for service that people join as a group? In fact, maybe you could do a short video to clarify what you offer and if there are different levels of guidance/support that people can buy into to get trading guidance/suggestions. Thanks.

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