21 thoughts on “??WINTER IS COMING!! Bitcoin Price 2450 USD JUNE 30 | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis BTC ETH”

  1. I like your work and your time invested, but Bitcoin does not follow the rules you speak of. BTC is not going anywhere, Its had an adjustment. Totally easy to see coming and needed. ALT coins can be speculated with the old style of investing. BTC is not a currency, or an asset, its a mind set. You create your own reality, so if you want to use old systems to predict the fail of something good keep trying. If you want to work on short trades buy/sell to make a quik buck, sure look at the candle sticks. In order to realize the future, and I totally disagree with your statement of warren buffets buddies. Show me the proof. We need to teach and show people the fantastic opportunity that Bitcoin holds. instead of the bank holding your funds YOU DO. no need for approval to spend hard earned money, or questioned where did it come from. The adoption of decentralized currency is just a matter of time. Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized, secure and open source innovation when it relates to money. OPEN SOURCE being the key word AND BLOCKCHAIN, not as described by a bunch of misinformed individuals. 100% not referring to you lol straight goods. Knowledge is power so a ton of respect for informing and keeping peoples up, Cheers

  2. BK, I love you man. Your personality is great and your channel is spectacular. But you gotta cool it on making claims this bold. You have so much experience in trading but this market is a different ballpark. Only 5% of the world has even heard of it. The market cap will only increase. You should take a peek into some of the tech side of these altcoins and what they're trying to accomplish. They are borderline unstoppable man. Take your amazing calls you've made so far and chillax a little bit and realize this market is too irrational to chart.

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Crypto_Currency_News/comments/6kszll/crs_starta_token_i_think_you_should_invest/

  4. Empty your pockets for winter!! What are people keeping an eye on? I really like the look of ONG.SOCIAL

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