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  1. I appreciate you uploading this man, this is what I was thinking. It seemed to good to be true, the chart looks to want to reach back to it's original state it was 6 months ago. This big shoot up could just be a bull trap

  2. Hi BK, if you were cashing out now and couldn't get into USD which coin would you buy into…. XRP, Litecoin or what?

  3. BTC will go +3k within a week. Banks dont step in for 2 months and then bail out. Its just the whales who are playing the market.

  4. I think you forgot to mention some things about segwit etc. BTC was 18 hundred couple of days ago … Why would banks want to cashout, they should keep their crypto until financial meltdown and than sell. To show the people that cryptos are not the way to go, This rise is just because of the segwit and it can rise even more if BTC upgrades to segwit completely. I am not 100% sure, but catching a little bit of FOMO anyways 😀 Think I am going to wait it out until august.

  5. Interesting analysis BK, thank you very much you are a pretty clever dude. Are we in the 'return to normal' phase of this bubble that started a few months back? Are we about to head into the 'fear' and 'capitulation'? Was the recent pump of BTC a case of 'buy the rumour' and when SegwitX2 is locked in will there be a case of 'sell the news'? In my gut it feels this way!

  6. Personally i've never looked at btc short term. I spend fiat, save bitcoin. I might cash in 10% in 5+ years. Thats about the shortest term goal i would suggest anyone getting in btc.

  7. I'm new to Bitcoin as in I've learned about it 2 days ago only. I have the urge to buy Bitcoin now at this moment because it sky rocketed just for two days and I was hoping it will continue. But luckily I found this video so I was like "Okay I'll just wait a couple of days for it to go down then I'll buy big-time then I'll hold it till you say we should cash out"
    I will subscribe for sure.
    I'll put my trust on you sir.. Dont stop making videos

  8. Great video Brandon, makes a lot of sense! Just subscribed to your channel :). I'm heavily invested in litecoin right now as there's expectations for it to soar even over this summer. Are you still firm with litecoin sky rocketing? Thank you!

  9. When you see something weird with the charts, find out the reason before you make a prediction. If there's no reason, then you would probably be very accurate.

  10. Bought 1 btc at 2500 this morning, coverted to lisk and antshares, bought litecoin at 39 yesterday, bought some ethereum at 220. Will pick up anoher btc if it crashes again. Noob here, not sure what i am doing just hopin for the best!

  11. What proof do you have of banks doing what you say they're doing? Don't fall for this crap people. This video is just a bunch of conspiracy theory. Let me put it to you this way. LTC went from $4 to $40 after Segwit. This is a golden opportunity to get into bitcoin if you already haven't. Opportunity of a lifetime that you will be telling your grand kids about.

  12. Chaincoin.
    When Btc crashes CHC goes up. We HODL. We are the MOVEMENT for the PEOPLE. We fight whales. As a community holding and fighting to get the majority of CHC coin- WE ARE THE WHALE.
    You have been right on all of your calls. I love your channel. Thank you for everything you do. BTC will crash. Just like you said.
    #CHC #HODL

  13. Sorry, but you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, and you are gonna eat your words letter by letter, by December 2017 a Bitcoin will exceed 4,000 USD.

    You're not even reading the charts correctly and you call yourself a trader? Even amateur traders are laughing at you right now.

    Once bitcoin get established in our everyday, we're looking at 500.000 to 1,000.000 USD per coin, that's some time in 2020+

  14. hmm… sounds reasonable to me… would not surprise me one bit(coin) 😉 we'll know soon enough… unfortunately for me , I just bought a bitcoin on coinbase and am locked in till it arrives a week from yesterday night.

  15. no one has a crystal ball, BUT YOU MUST PROTECT YOU INVESTMENTS, BK, IS CALLING LIKE A TRADER, IF ANYONE HAS BLOWN ACCOUNTS LIKE ME WITH GREED, you would understand take profit when it is right,, no one ,no one gets it right if you call it right 3 out 10 and know how to cut losses, then you are leading the pack,, this fella is a good one, there are many who aint,,,GOOD LUCK ALL

  16. not sure why people are saying you don't know what your talking about… if it goes up unnaturally fast.. theres gonna be a pullback/selloff… smart people take profits and then buy back in.. i think BTC has one more dump in it this weekend, or before aug. .. then non linear rise to ATH… thanks!

  17. Unless People have trust in Bitcoin and see a chance to get rich very fast, we´ll probably see that Bitcoin will rise up to over 5000$. So the countdown is ticking but in the end we´ll have a big crash. People will lose trust in Bitcoin and the FIAT currency get his old place back. That´s all about the future and Bankster are since hundred of years masters in psychological war so we´ll lose that game.

  18. If Bitcoin breaks the whole cryptocurrency breaks…Do you think the elite will lose that game. Maybe there will buy all Bitcoins and let us thinking that we are free. To controll a slave how thinks he is free is the best way of mass control….I hope I am wrong but unfortunately to many indicators….

  19. Why advise to sell? the idea is to accumulate value in the bitcoin vehicle right? So hedge strategy would be better no?
    Then one can release the loser and still be in the game? as opposed to just enter and exit?

  20. Newbie here man, took your advice and sold out my bc so now what? And so far it hanging in there. When do we buy back in as far as you know? Thanks brother

  21. Omg! Thank you for opening our intellectual thinking. These freaking banks and elite stay out of our lives! They always rob the people. That's the reason why we continue being their slaves of their system, we don't see this type of manipulation unless we seek to educate ourselves and think different. New crypto currency needs to set rules that would go against and completely prohibit private or commercial entities even trying to invest. Block them. We need a currency for the people, by the people! Thank you BK! 👍

  22. Great Video dude, you are a super intelligent dude behind that cool guy facade. Thanks for informing us; really kind of you 🙂

  23. I'm a little skeptical of this. The banks will shoot Bitcoin down to 1800? That is a big dip. Even though everyone in the crypto community hates banks, I tend to think banks are more responsible than that.

  24. in my forex experience , that is a reversal signal, and yes it will come down probably about half of that spike and then continue on it's way up, so Im not afraid of that spike, that spike is a good thing, but what i am afraid of is the fork that's supposed to happen august 1st , if it happens ,

  25. The 30 billion was already in the Market Cap at one point, it's max was around 115 Billion. The people who bailed from that point from FUD of the future of bitcoin sat on the sidelines until it was settled. We just settled it, so now all the cash is coming back into the market. Come on now man. Should go back up to the 100billion mark and sit there for a little.

  26. "That's not normal" translates to "That's is what I didn't predicted because I sold before" 🙂
    But interesting time for crypto. Let's see where it goes from here.

  27. This morning I was thinking of selling my btc I know next week price are gonna drop back to $1800 I'll buy back after the 4th GOOD LUCK EVERYONE..!!

  28. What do you think happens after they cashed out? Does the market stabilize again or can we expect a long bear run again as dec13/jan14?

  29. I agree you should cash out of most cryptos, but if you wanna make a quick buck, coin FunFair (FUN) and Statis(SNT) are going up and are receiving massive investments.

  30. A risky play would be to see the previous panic sell off as a rehearsal, wait till Ether hits 140 or so, load the truck up.. sell at 210 as BTC corrects out to 2200 or 2400… then hit BTC for the actual push over 3k.. just an idea.. risky but would of played well last time around

  31. there is almost universal hostility toward anyone questioning the over-value of bitcoin, that itself is bubble confirmation

  32. Good video! can see your point. BUT?? bitcoin is not behaving naturally compared to what, the honest Forex, cfd stock, Gold, Silver markets "please!" bitcoin is an honest system probably 95% also take in to account whats going on in the world Debt Debt Debt devalued us dollar that can only really rise with a interest rate hike that will send the stock market tumbling bitcoin is finding its true value ill see you at 6800 and then ill see you at 12000 in February march 2017 bitcoin is the future Make evil bankers part of history.

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