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  1. Never keep ALL of your coins in a web wallet (Coinbase/Bitstamp) or exchange. Buy a hardware wallet for much more solid protection, such as a Ledger Nano S.

  2. Great message brother! You have my full support even if my trading methods vary from yours. I still watch! Keep it up… Let's all do this together!

  3. I've been trying to start a coinbase account for a few days and it took forever just to verify my bank account and email,

    – too many tries, try again in 24 hours, after only messing up once. It's ridiculous. Customer support was no help either.

  4. zero issues for me with coinbase and i transfer large quantities. try getting highest level verified.

  5. I got a new rule based on this video Brandon, anything web page that has to do with money and social stuff that is in Blue and White…, I don't F# Wiff, reminds me of da boys in Blue!!! Or Men in Blk

  6. All servers of exchanges shut down to mine coins during volatility. If you have tons of money you can't get it out. Gemini is the best one for customers service but as a longer verification service. The best thing if you are on an exchange, is to transfer it to your wallet like Exodus software on your computer, USB's like Ledger S Nano, Trezor etc.All of em lie to you because they shut down to make them money.They use all kind of error codes, difficulty, site down for maintenance etc.

  7. Most people don't know you are required by the IRS to report your profits. All exchanges keep track of your accounts. They are just like E-Trade with bad service though.

  8. I've used coinmamma several times, it's great! I've also used https://wesellcrypto.com/ (they are down at the moment). Unfortunately, CB was my gateway to move my BTC/ETH to my bank account or into my Paypal account. I know people are hate'n on CB…even Poloniex. Oh how quickly we forget that they did fight to not release their customer base listings to the IRS. Not that we got anything to hide.

  9. RIPPLE is the openly Bank version. Seems the old banking system are trying other methods to damage its competitors. Discredit bitcoin products, by buying them, then closing or defaming the competitors to the old traditions. Perhaps it is another Russian plot, led by Donald Duck?

  10. Coinbase always shuts down during the price corrections so that they are the only ones that can buy the coins at a sale price.

  11. just checked 2620 mama coinbase 2454
    put in your buy orders very low on gdax ..this is nothing new,got millions of people trying to buy in an hour.

  12. Thanks BK. Never used Coin base, I use a local company called Luno and then trade of Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex and a Japanese exchange called Quoine. Looking forward to your next video.

  13. bk thanks again i trade as i said before and am locked in 2 trades but once im out im all in crypto. im in thailand at the mo.but from england. so now i need to get ready . u see i made a million from tradeing but lost it back to.so its all about taking profit. you are doing a outdtanding job my man and im greatful. as i no clue about crypto but understand charts.so count me in please on any groups live webeners.etc.. thank you brother..we all get a window a time when we can do little wrong and i feel thats jr time now. god bless

  14. why are u not uding etorro. its a cfd but givre leavrage if wanted.and when it peaks u cash out .and in they only cover the two main coins .?am i missing someting.thanks

  15. It took me forever to set up an account with coinbase. Always some errors, and I had to figure out what was wrong myself. When I was finally verified and ready, I got kicked out after watching the market for 2 days, and was ready to buy. I am actually very skeptical now about the whole crypto currency thing. I am sure many will feel the same, and thus I am less bullish about the cryptos

  16. Why don't you have a discord server to discuss things and share news?
    It is open for all to create a server and it can be setup in such a way that if someone joins, they will need to be approved to see rest of the chat server

  17. it went down when i need to stock up more yesterday when BTC was rock bottom at 2000+; so i shifted all my coins out of this exchange immediately after the site is up. Adieou

  18. Thats right! Defund Coinbase!!! Immediately!!! Thank you for all you do @Brandonkelly!!! Unfortunately Coinmama did not work in WA st. What is going on with WA St?!?

  19. Just one problem, cant sale bitcoins, anyone knows of an exchange you can buy and sale bitcoins? oh yeah CANADA.

  20. I can't buy or sell at coinbase because I am having trouble taking photos of my Drivers Lic. The App does not allow my rear camera on my Samsung Note 5 to work. I have to use the front camera which blurs. So I thought I missed out on the trades. But then I see they locked everyone out.

  21. Totally agree. Every time theres a price jump, Coinbase can't/won't handle the traffic. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's lost out on a decent amount of money because of their crappy service.

  22. #Okcoin a Taiwanese based exchange WARNING! My money is on HOLD and still not refunded. It started more than one month ago (15th of May 2017), I have transferred US$ to my OKcoin account, after a few days the money is still not credited to my OKcoin account, I asked support desk to trace my money and they told me:" Due to reason of new AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirement in Taiwan, USD deposit is temporarily not accepted at present." they promised me a full refund immediately. Two weeks after contacting OKcoin support desk, they still cannot send me the refund certificate! OKcoin doesn't mention about this AML on their website, deposit info and bankaccount is still active, they should have put a warning “Do NOT transfer US$” or “We cannot accept US$”. DON'T SEND US$ to OKcoin!!

    Finally after three weeks I received a pdf which should confirm the refund. In this PDF a money transfer is made (NOT the full amount) on the 15th of May, but on JULY 16th, one month later the money has not returned to my bank! They told me to be patient!!

  23. I have started My own exchange. It's called coinnigga.. don't get locked out. We all know how whitey locks out th Botha's. Coinbase landed on Plymouth Rock not in me.

  24. Warning coinmama NOT better! Way higher fees and their spread greater than coinbase, which means you pay more for btc when you buy and receive less when sell vs coinbase. LTC currently best purchase value on coinbase but not coinmama. coinmama pays greater bonuses that's it. Their servers get overwhelmed too so not going to change anything.

  25. They shut down my account a few days ago out of the blue for whatever reason. fuck em tho gemini is alot cheaper. Bitstamp is descent too. They cant stop the crypto revolution

  26. f coinbase.
    I'm using Kraken andI think that's pretty cool.
    Also used Cex because is not Us based.

  27. I am glad sharing this great news, Mr Joseph Ryan has helped me trade my tbc for btc with his upgrade admin broker

  28. f coinbase , and there is a new government bill, it goes like this.
    1.when traveling to other countries you must declare that you have digital, electronic, and/or coin currency
    2. you dont know this law exists and thats not a legal defense, your guilty ,give me your bitcoins

  29. CoinMama has a C+ rating. Slamming Coinbase is not the answer!
    Best exchange rating page https://www.bestbitcoinexchange.io/

  30. totally justified coinbase are playing with peoples money and i actually think they are breaking consumer law, and also they could be inside trader becaouse everytime theres a crash in price, there website is on dam maintanence, sick and tired of coinbase charging massive fees and giving a total messed up service back.

  31. Fuck coinbase. For some reason they tell me that my identity does not match and it's been over a month and still nothing

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