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I was going guys this is CB here in the house talking a little bit about the upcoming trade wars and for those guys who have not watched the other video it was talking a little bit about the trade wars and you know some of the interesting that things are happening right now on the how's it going guys on the geopolitical map with crypto specifically how's everybody guys Mitch how's it going and so you know if you haven't watched that video go ahead and do that because what I do there is I kind of break down the bull case for crypto and more importantly pick up the goat trying to grow the the beard here more importantly I'm trying to figure out if the relationship between trade wars and crypto is going to potentially set up the catalyst for the upcoming move so that's gonna be something that I'm gonna take a look at so alright guys we're gonna be talking a little bit more about how this is gonna play out the different parts in crypto and specifically about the stock market so I'm gonna try to see I can cross between both worlds here to see where that it's at and so you have comments here see you guys here okay welcome everybody to a really great Sunday for those of you guys who are in here we're just kind of discussing a little bit about the financial markets and how specifically they're gonna be translating in a crypto and more importantly is is this a good time and I'm hearing people here talking about the buy points specifically with with the market and and how it's kind of fluctuating here at these 6,000 levels so I think we're at a critical juncture right now how's it going and what's kind of probably gonna happen here is we're gonna be trading around this very narrow band there were a couple of times when everybody was was very bullish actually a couple of weeks ago when they I'm kind of going back down again and so now we're we're kind of stuck in this what I call no-man's land here that's the six thousand six thousand six thousand five hundred range if you want to draw it back down to about five thousand eight hundred you're looking at around that that buffer zone so what you want to do is really kind of put those stops around that area and pretty much what's gonna happen is if it does go down lower than six thousand or probably going into five thousand eight hundred you're probably looking into a possibility going back to four now I personally think that the risk to reward ratio on this is much better going to let's say eight thousand around there and that eight nine thousand versus going back to the other direction now obviously you're looking at probabilities here alright so the probability of actually going higher in my opinion is better than the other way now if you want to short this this market and pretty much what you can do is place the shorts possibly somewhere in the six thousand nine hundred seven thousand range and then begin to ride the coin down to potentially low five five thousand range and that should give you a good enough good enough buffer right there so that's what I'm kind of doing right now a lot of people are asking me about you know the short positions you know where to go from that where the zones are for these short positions I do feel a little that it's pretty much to a little bit too late too short at this point just because we really haven't had the momentum moving to the downside in fact it's just been kind of sliding all right all right guys post those questions below here I want to see what you guys are thinking today happy Sunday for those guys were quickly joining in I wanted to kind of update everybody on the technical picture and specifically on whether Bitcoin is is is kind of kind of going down here the tubes I also want to mention that on a lot of different areas I've also picked up that people are getting very very negative in terms of cryptocurrencies over overall if you kind of go into the Google search trends people have been asking me about shorting people have been asking me about that you know they want to get out of crypto we've had some negativity on Twitter also on YouTube there's been a lot of negativity as well Peters actually one video that people have been posting about Bitcoin go to zero there there's actually I do feel there's that phase where we're heading into right now of final depression slash capitulation and I do think that we that capitulation phase probably happened a couple of weeks ago but now we're getting to that like anger depression phase where everything is getting called out for and so that's gonna be something to really watch how force I would I would ask you guys about specifically you know looking towards changing sentiment that's probably gonna happen soon and that's gonna be a while I think that as the crypto market begins to bottom out you're gonna get people who have been frustrated people who have lost a lot a lot of money and they're pretty much right now trying to do the blame game and so I think that's probably what's gonna happen and as you guys are or taking a look at these you know there's gonna be accusations thrown around for whatnot and you know you want to think about it as in terms of a market cycle the market cycles usually and being a bowl of things number one is you have the emotional aspect of it and you also have the technical aspect of it and that's why I think that's it what's your thought aunt aunts I think had a great main net run I think I was a very bullish about going into the main it did have a nice little run I do feel that here's a question here I mean let me go back to these questions here and I'll go ahead and answer you guys alright so other question on on I really still like LAN for the long term although short term there's a little bit of a price weakness on it so in terms of the technical picture for on I probably would say that I would probably hold off on it if it breaks a certain keys poor level but obviously for the long term it can accumulate as much as you want I personally think that it was a buy the rumor sell the news type of thing with the main it the Ong gas generation is running at about sixteen percent right now so there's a good amount that's beginning paid off but would you want to wait till it goes down under for probably I mean I've been selling been trading it in and out of that because it's pretty much in there and so I think that's something to really consider as far as some of these specific positions and obviously if I'm looking at Bitcoin specifically guys because again at six K down the line it doesn't really matter what coin you're in all of them are gonna go down at some point and so you will to pick them up cheaper price let's take a look at some other questions here let's take a look did you do all right guys let's take a look here okay here's go by Timothy Timothy says do you feel that most retail investors have left the market seems like trading is all about BOTS so much is being extracted from oops can't get that one in here from the market okay III think there is a little bit a little level of retail investors still in play it's not a hundred percent retail I think we have you know a chunk o m– that have exited I do things a combination of retail and BOTS the volume is being driven right now between the exchanges has been specifically dealing with BOTS because they want to keep the volume in play but at the same time understand there's a lot lot of people that exited crypto in the last couple of months and and those people are are basically going that let's see LTC has said magic unicorns are coming yeah so it's pretty much it's pretty much going to be something where you're gonna look at that and I believe there is going to be regular peepers are the regular people like you and the rest huh yeah I mean retail is gonna be us us and mostly everybody but but again there was a large piece of people that came in in January they have left and so when you're looking at those at when you're looking at those those individuals and you lift talk about ontology Chico's calling me as Shiller huh so it looks like I shall it well well let me let me let me comment Heinz here says it looks like we got some some comments looks like somebody's calling me a Schiller it doesn't it's not the first time I've been called a Schiller I suppose I personally don't worry I think everybody shows coins at some point it's just a matter of how you go about shilling it so you know they call me a show I you know it owns we talk about I personally don't really matter you know in terms of I think everybody if you talk a look at any crypto anybody who talks about and obviously we all have positions in it I think I think it's it's kind of sad you know it's kind of sad that people have to revert to name-calling for for certain for certain things I personally it doesn't really matter to me with what's what what am I called or what am i call i think people everybody calls yeah so i mean i think if you look at anybody who talks about coins there's a difference between obviously showing and kind and covering coins if you want to call me whatever name you want to call me i personally it doesn't really matter but what it is what it is is that everybody throws that name out and so I'm kind of disappointed I mean I think I know the guy I've seen them at before and I think it's kind of you know I would say it's it's a sad situation where people were to bring to throwing mud back and forth between individuals I don't think I don't think there's a need for that but if that's his he's entitled to his own opinion I personally don't really I'm not gonna be fazed by it you know and so I've you know when I started the channel since since back last year there has been a lot of people that have called me Schiller's pumping numbers they've called me I mean I can't even pronounce how many names I've been called in fact when I did the whole incident on chain coin there was a lot of people who were talking about chain coin I got I got flamed for that you know I can't win either way so it's fine and so yeah I'm just gonna let it slide it's all right I mean he Incans yeah you know I don't really bother bothered by it so anyway um you know regarding ontology I think I think it's kind of some of some of things things that you want to really talk about has to be the fact that you know you're looking at post main that now so as we're coming in and we're calling in they're going in to ontology I think what's happening here is that there is going to be a time when it needs to really prove itself as a coin so we do know that ontology has has a lot of partnerships but the question is can they live up to those now so now that they have read established at roadmap for partnerships in the next two or three months they better make sure they deliver the product now and people are going to hold them to a higher standard including myself and so what's gonna happen is you know the partnerships already in there now the second half of the year if these partnerships don't come out with something fruitful I'm gonna abandon the project specifically because it's something that needs to be completed no matter how many promises get to be made so this second half of the year it's going to be a situation where if you want to get to the billion dollar club you're going to go ahead and deliver the product so I want to be waiting and seeing ontology obviously accumulation is great I did sell a good chunk of it at 10 and so now what we're looking for is a continuation towards that move up to ten dollars but again it has to have now more more tangible items with it all right let's take a look at some of your other questions guys thank you very much for the negativity comment to put things in context let me take a look here he called his Schiller and the contact and the lawyer talking about on this point while he's so oh okay so he was calling me a Schiller because I I'm not talking about it okay well thanks I mean I I don't have anything against the guy I think I think you know we all will do good in the space I don't personally don't have anything against I'm not gonna comment anything but all I have to say respect his work and I respect what he's doing to the community so you know Chico if I did anything to you apologize for that but there was nothing I personally I don't talk about art because it's just been continually going down and so although I do like the project itself I do understand that the market is in a situation right now where people are just trying to figure out what these coins are going to deliver and that includes any coin I'm gonna hold every coin to the high standard which means they have to they have to deliver they have to be able to convince the community that they are promising my top projects are going to be this number one is obviously it's going to be Bitcoin number one obviously that's gonna be the gold standard we're still looking at a theorem as the number two and I I think there is going to be these trains they're trying to play catch-up right now and LeSean it especially at these price points and I do think that Neal although it's having a trouble getting back up to that you know that top 10 level with the rest of them it's still gonna be a good long term out of the they're gonna be a little bit of us again the market is actually adjusting here is that every single time every single time the market adjusts you have to adjust the coins that kind of go with it and so I think I think there's going to be that portion yeah um in obviously icon now obviously a conversation and with kryptos RS last time for those you guys who have not watched that I mean take a look at it and and that's something that I really kind of look at as a potential long-term play although EOS has had a lot of fun going on with it it's risen up pretty good and it still assists itself as a as a pretty good project overall despite all the all the problems that go with it so I see X is still a still keeper and those are my top I would say those are like the solid ones Cardinals still kind of kind of on the back lines right now and so there is a lot of these platform tokens that obviously I do like but I would say that right now if you were to limit me to like my top three right now it would probably be like ether Bitcoin and you know and then obviously aren't we kind of take a look of a backseat for now just because we still need to kind of get off of that portion of the mania that's not to say I'm gonna sell it I'm just gonna not you know I'm gonna be very careful at where I'm buying those coins and right now so that's gonna be another one some of the other smaller coins that I've covered in my channel in the past I mean I think they've been really good there's been a lot of coins that have been doing good however again this year is gonna be a little bit more difficult a little bit more picky with certain coins and so um a couple questions about benching and no Mesa go so then chain is actually something that has been in hibernation for a while and been chained needs to kind of swing back a little bit once the masternodes obviously gets gets put in that's another coin that I really like but across the board is very difficult right now to make a case for a lot of these all coins in fact I think that there needs to be a little bit more of I would say pouf until we kind of get that going outside my MCT arrow dropped like a mystery you know the MCT talking was great I mean I got I got quite a bit of empty talk I just never really had a use case for it yet to be a specula speculative piece of that so if he with those MCT tokens once you have to see where the market kind of demands gas I think it's gonna be a better choice at least from Tillis and CT talking gets more liquidity but that's gonna be something I definitely watch carefully but those are great I mean those are great air drops to be honest with you so I think those are cool all right post any more questions here below guys let's see that did it aside from any other news o Mesa go you know a mystical kind of a really disappointed me in many cases you know we did have a lot of nice you know a lot of talk about meas being like this Britain is payment service and after the whole thing with Thailand the Bank of Thailand it didn't really do much so that's that's one thing with the guessing is is probably not going to it's probably not going to I think it's a little bit slow right now and so with Omi's they need to regain back the traction that they had in the momentum back last year and so after ever since then it's just been kind of on the slide so all means I'm kind of holding off for now and it's just kind of waiting until some of these coins um you know okay little bit better okay 4200 is in the cards the there is still possibilities for to 200 so 4200 it's it's possibly like I said on the technical picture if you look carefully of Bitcoin on the technical picture like I said before we're kind of trailing this like area right now this triple bottom and so you know this is this is this is going to be something that I'm really really looking for Bitcoin first I'm looking for the market leaders what you don't want to do is chase a bunch of these smaller projects and find out that the market leaders are not moving the market leaders need to move first so I'm talking about Bitcoin youth areum litecoin Yas etc then you can begin to trickle down to the range and so a lot of these people what they do is they focus on the bottom ones and then they end up end up trying to chase when all the top coins are not moving yet so you want to wait your turn now until these top coins begin to move up and then once ether gives green light then I can start talking about these coins like homies we're talking about icx a little bit more on the technical picture but obviously these are all very solid coins on one chain yes card ah no ether right these are your like your top five your top ten coins and then what you do is just kind of tail back down to somewhere the more you know vulnerable power projects like even Omi's our desk right some of these coins that have have active development but they're not really great with you know pushing coins up to to them to the top part so I think there's a lot of questions about that part all right guys I'm gonna I'm gonna kind of wrap it up here in about ten more minutes and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave you guys off here just post more questions here I know some people asking me about some some random coins like did you buy I think did you buy it has been pretty cool I'm really surprised if you are in did you bite it's been basically been moving pretty good and so I think did you bite I'm gonna be watching carefully and also obviously the coins like Tron although I know tron has a very very polarizing you know coin I do think there's gonna be a lot of them mm uh neo by eighteen it doesn't it okay so Neos price is gonna really depend on bitcoins price if Bitcoin obviously runs to ten twenty K let's just put twenty eight point I think Neos gonna go back to about a hundred no I think I personally think Neil will go back to a hundred and of eighteen I personally think it will do a 3x and so pretty much I do think that once the market begins to kind of level off here which is already half and it's gonna be in there hey but any plans yeah you know I'm gonna plan on doing opening up new cities if there's a demand for it right now for the classes so if there's a city like Seattle that people want me to go just make sure you let me know and I will go ahead and start doing also doing pull rules for cities but when I can do live sessions about fundamentals technicals and whatnot obviously my strength is gonna mean the fundamentals so we're doing the LA one hey how's it going we're doing the LA one here next month and it's gonna be great I'm actually giving out some free tickets for anybody who's in the know program and also I'll be raffling out something you want some free tickets for people have been long supporters of the channel so if you are basically in town you live in LA or you're gonna fly in hit me up and I will be able to see if I can get you guys some free ones because I do want it to be an event where people who have been long-term supporters of the channel and who have proven that they've you know we've seen I've seen you you've been active supporters of the channel it's my way of giving Stuart interested and being about five free tickets out for the March for the Los Angeles event so if you have been you can prove me that you have been watching my videos you have been doing it for the past a year since I started the channel I'll be giving those out but you got to email me at crit about that and I'll ask you a couple of questions and we're gonna raffle those questions those tickets out in the next livestream so if you're interested email me and then I will get you hooked up for that one we've got a good you guys get to get to meet me in person and we get to network with other people and we get to get you pretty much kick it out here in LA so be kind of cool so anyway that's gonna be that one so if you're interested let me know the other way to get the free take AJ be part of the noodle program on the patreon group so if you're part of that and my group I'll give you out some free tickets as well automatically alright anyway let's take a look let's take a look at don't flip-flop I'm not gonna flop on these guys remember that you know with trading right versus investing and something I really want to to think about when you're trading and you're investing there's two modes right but trading involves switching in and out positions in a very short time frame investing means that you don't really care about the fluctuations some people love to be long-term holders I actually advocate more long-term holding than trading but trading is very good because you can build a position of very very in a very short period of time and so what I usually play both sides and play the trading side and I also play the long term fundamental investing side so if you are in there if you're in there on these positions that you can go ahead and do that yeah so Joey says you said quali ought now you said tracks that's crazy so so Tron I saw I'm gonna I'm gonna address Joey's question real quick because this is a great segue and mr. founders nothing against the fundamentals but if you look at the technicals for coins like Tron coins like BCH those who are trading coins right those as a trader are very good to trade in and out when you're looking at coins like ontology or neo or some of your premier projects then you're probably talking you can still trade them in and out but obviously you want to regain some of those now obviously there's no I don't really consider it loyalty I consider it more as can you make money off of these coins in the short term bull runs that you get and if you can you're gonna use the TA to kind of capitalize on that so that's something that I really want to emphasize everybody that there's a difference between both of those some people are not really keen and they don't really care about trading all they care about is the long term fundamentals and just buying and holding which I think it's a great thing it's just that you do want to take advantage of these moves up or down so yeah – so to put to put that to perspective I don't really follow I'm not like a die-hard fan I sign from very specific projects but obviously like Bitcoin for example that's something that I do kind of do that alright guys I think we're kind of good with questions here big crypto but what's your views on AOS yeah I will definitely do a video on trading and investing I did do one already all those so if you go ahead and watch her the last couple of them I did I didn't do a trading and I did do a investing video so go ahead and check that out I'm going a little more detail about that it's something that I really want to make sure you do you always want to take profits as you go up you don't want to be sitting on a coin whether it be neo Bitcoin EOS or whatever I should go up and then not take profits I mean that's just a reality of of speculative markets like these and so that's that's gonna be something out there all right guys well I want to leave this off with you guys hopefully you guys have a great rest of the week and I think what's gonna happen here is again the question is are we bottoming out I do think that we are getting to that point right now where we're getting to the point where people are getting really angry really aggressive really let's just say giving up on crypto and this is probably the best time it's not going into August it's probably gonna be the best time to really start looking at the projects and start looking at the ones that are not going to survive and loyalties aside there is no loyalty from my end about any points if a coin does not perform number one it's gone number two if a coin does not deliver on what it was supposed to promise it's gone and number three if the coin does not maintain its active community and its communication lines with the community it promised – it's gone – and that goes with any of the sacred cows as well so any any of the coins that that basically are our sacred cows also goes out the window and so you know that's that's the hard part right it's kind of like you really want to be loyal to your projects but at the same time if the project is just not performing it's got to go there are some projects like I said are doing good like work chain I think working is gone the u.s. is gone they're gone for me and so icx you know it's gonna be low so we're looking at focusing on the projects right now they're delivering the projects that have maintenance the projects that have active founders the power of the projects that have good communication skills and also have good use cases and so those are the projects that I'm probably going to be doing average of the rest of the projects are unfortunately gonna have to go to the wayside and so let's just you know let's just kind of give it a give it and see and see what happens 250 people here yeah put you know put up the likes guys I mean puts up the likes you got you all you gotta do is click on that little up arrow and then you should be able to get the like so alright guys I really appreciate the watch period of time post-op deluxe likes up there check check the market check the videos and also I will see you guys in the next couple of weeks here in Los Angeles where we're gonna be going live and I'm gonna be talking about that so I will go ahead and again for those free tickets email me I will give out fried free tickets also if you're on at Nova you will get those free free at five free tickets as well so I will see you guys clip the butt out have a great day

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