23 thoughts on “??NEO FUD | Buy $NEO Now | Bloody Street=Buyers Market | NEO Crypto News”

  1. Tyler, DM me your address on twitter @GingerGrylls and I'll send you a beer from this side of the Atlantic.

  2. please do me a favour and take the mic away from the keyboard. Hearing how you hit the keys is annoying as F&$%

  3. There's no blockchain that can handle 5k transaction per second?? Seriously man??
    Haven't you seen the video from Credits that they can handle 300k tps even at this alpha stage…I know it's just a erc 20 token for now, but yeah when mainnet releases it will be around 1 million tps and then going to 10

  4. Hey guys check out this daytrading signals channel. It gave some good calls lately: https://t.me/DaytradingChannel

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