🔵 Apresentação da Cryptomoeda MarketCash

[Music] Hello guys, this is the speaker.
Wendel Canal Zcash Brazil And I bring another video for you guys.
I’ll be talking about the Market today. Cash
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thanks guys? so come on, marketcash is a Brazilian currency she entered the
market now, the currency is very recent and currency only today that we do not
We’ll be talking about her mining. later I will be doing a
video about mining this coin I’ll be introducing this at first.
website here is ok? and I’ll remind you that there is no incentive here to
I’m not encouraging here. no one to buy or invest their
money, here people invest if you want OK? so I’m making it very clear
this video is being made to educational intent
Okay, let’s go guys, so here’s the Welcome to Market Cash, the ICO that
officially already open good site is very simple I’ll show here
below for you, have this part here to buy marketcash and
marketcash distribution a little We’ll be getting into whitepapper.
to take a look. Here they are informing them that they have created a coin is
to be easy to use I read their whitepapper
I found the idea very interesting. here is an educational video is for
You can know more about the currency. here comes explaining what Marketcash is
Good, I’ll leave the link in the description so you can read
here below you can download wallet
here is the ICO of the marketcash that started yesterday at 10 o’clock in the morning her purpose
here it has 60 million market cash for sale
is that it will be divided into four steps, which is the first
stage of the first million of the Market cash and will be sold at that amount
here 0.05 cents and more here below has the other values, minimum value of
purchase they are putting here is $ 50
The coins they are by accepting these for ICO here
if you want to enter the ICO purchase you clicked here
bearing in mind that the end of the purchase of the touches at ICO will
until May 15 As soon as you click here
you will be redirected to this page here, so come on, then you have
here the distribution of marketcash use of revenues here, the graph is only
everything is on withepapper seeing here with you here has a road map of them
maybe you can follow here with the from January, February and March
practically completed In April would be the beginning of ICO
already anticipated the beginning of it is already rolling her ICO and she ends up at the
may they will also begin to include the
currency in the exchanges that is below Here I am going to show you
this is the developer team This is Rafael Nascimento who is the
founder of the currency Here are the other people
who participated in Elcio Lima, Thiago, Cezar Lincoln and Mauritius
here are the partners of Marketcash here is Selva Host has 4miner and
Airdrop Army They want to include in large
exchanges this currency here is Hitbtc, Cryptopia,
Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance and Bitfinex, are aiming for something high
Frequently asked questions have this area of frequently asked questions can read here ok
to get in touch with them there have here
the brazilian telegram is here you can inform the name of you the email send
the message was also worth passing here quickly by bitcointalk here
you also have access to other types other languages
here’s an algorithm like me I said at the beginning of the video it is mined
enm CryptoNight here is the currency symbol here
plus ICO of the currency to be made distribution of 60 million which is the
total money supply of 300 million emission factor and 23
block time every 90 seconds and today difficulty is made to each block
remembering that the initial reward of block is 25
marketcash mining must occur for more than 20
years This is the information he gave there.
here is information from ICO was spoken now on the website and here is a road map
We already saw it there on the website so here’s the coin whitepaper
ok the virtual currency for the real world This is their cover here.
here their intention will be talking about exchange and marketplace
payment getwaway and currency credit she is small has 12 pages
important is not the number of pages yes the content that is in white
because the number of pages does not Does it mean anything, okay? have here
the introduction you can go beyond ICO already has the part what they explain that is
marketcash because the idea of ​​the marketcash here has the lease
the distribution of coins that have all the information has ICO is here other
graphic also wants us to see there on the site that people will buy
there, here about the exchange area Guys, I have a comment to make.
about exchange and the marketplace I’ll be talking to you here and now that’s good
at the very beginning he has already explained why serves the efficient and
also mention problems related to them and soon shows the solution of how
it would be their attitude as you can see here in the whitepaper
as you read below he intends to have the marketcash and a market
place the currency will be used in both platforms but in a different way
exchange they will use the market cash to pay fees
and also form some currencies initials that accepted the same
exchange would be the Bitcoin the Ethereum Monero or Litecoin the marketcash
and Niobiocash well this information she comes here more
below I have to summarize the pass on to you because you have enough
here is the part of coins
so the people already here in the marketplace already put here what is the
marketplace for you to understand what it is or who comes the characteristics
I’m going to tell you the following here. in the personal marketplace however they
will use it to make purchases already people will be able to deposit is currencies
such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Niobium cash in the marketplace and then the value will be
converted to Marketcash and person can make purchases
The interesting thing is that the purchases and sales will only be made with Marketcash
you will be including another value converting it and marketcash to
to be able to make purchases and what I found also interesting is the following
Marketcash staff they are also interested in creating a
payment gateway and to serve so that traders accept neither the
writing coins and in the future intends to create an API module
so that e-commerces also accept the marketash
usually already found in the The majority of currencies are intended to
create an API to facilitate the people who have the site to buy and
sale too so the staff is worth it you give a read
in their whitepaper. It’s like me I talked about the previous live with Peterson
channel MAMMUHTE CRYPTOCURRENCY COLLECTOR I was observing some coins in the
Coinmarketcap and took some weeks to see the project of the
majority of these coins and I gave personal look at the first 100 coins
of Coinmarketcap I realized that those coins are all there
only 12 or 13 coins have managed to draw your projects from the whitepaper
in currencies that are between 100 Coinmarketcap, people who do not even have a white paper
then there among the top 100 understood the staff is negotiating and
doing the flight so you should just think a little more about making criticism of
any currency. So this is it if you liked this video of your like if you
not written on the channel sign up share with your friends, be sure to
participate in our social networks as twitter and facebook group telegram link will be
in the description as well as the channels partners, ok guys?
a big hug to everyone there and stay in peace

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