?Why Bitcoin Is The Best Investment Of The Decade! 100x [Sound Hard Money]

hello I'm Roger veer CEO of memory dealers comm recently I have noticed a lot of videos on YouTube where people are saying that bitcoins are a scam a Ponzi scheme or otherwise a bad idea I disagree so I would like to invite those people to put their money where their mouth is I'm willing to bet ten thousand US dollars or equivalent in bitcoins that over the next two years bitcoins will not only outperform the stock market gold silver and the US dollar but bitcoins will do it by more than 100 times this means that I'm willing to bet that if silver is up by 100 percent over the next two years I think Bitcoin will be up by more than ten thousand percent we can place our bet publicly on WWE on BET zorg and the money will be donated to the charity of the winners choice if you really think that bitcoins are such a bad idea please contact me so we can make our bet public I'm confident that bitcoins will change the world and I'm excited to be a part of that please leave your comments or suggestions in the comments below today is August 4th 2011 and bitcoins are about ten dollars thank you all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space don't you wish somebody would have came up to you ten years ago and said hey you need to look into bitcoin Ian you need to check it out don't you wish they would have shook your shoulders and said hey just look into it trust me just just look into it for a little bit hey did you look into it are you accumulating Bitcoin did you even buy a Bitcoin yet you even know what bitcoin is it could have been life-changing right well where is Bitcoin now what happened to it it crashed right it got pumped up then it crashed and now it's gone maybe did you know that since bitcoins creation it has pumped and it has corrected and it has pumped and it has corrected and it has pumped and it has corrected countless times before each time accumulating at a higher price point than before you know the market goes in cycles right you know every market goes in cycles and you know it's better to invest down here than it is to invest up here right now Bitcoin is down here maybe this will help you see it better this is Bitcoin since 2011 you can see it pump and correct and pump and correct and pump and now we're in a correction you know it's possible that one day we see a fifty thousand dollar Bitcoin it's possible we see a one hundred thousand dollar Bitcoin it's even possible that one day we see a 1 million dollar Bitcoin but do you know why what is Bitcoin do you even know do you even know what bitcoin is if you say Bitcoin is digital cash then you don't know Bitcoin now if you don't know what makes Bitcoin special then how can you know what makes Bitcoin valuable let's break it down bitcoin is money for the entire planet that gives power back to the individual let's start off simple there are certain characteristics that all money needs to possess to be successful now anything that has been used for money since the since the dawn of man has had these traits that has allowed it to survive and it's allowed it to thrive now the higher and asset scores on these traits the greater chance it has to be used in the greater chance it has to achieve longevity now until this point in time gold or government-issued fiat currency has scored the highest on all of these traits but now we have Bitcoin Bitcoin is the next level for us and it has vastly superior traits than its predecessors check it out bitcoin is verifiable that means it's impossible to counterfeit because it's verified with absolute mathematical certainty bitcoin is fungible that means all bitcoin is treated equally so the $100 a bitcoin that you own it's not really any different from the $100 a Bitcoin than some guy in China owns your Bitcoin is treated equally bitcoin is portable Bitcoin in fact it's the most portable store value that man has ever used a single USB can carry a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin it can be carried anywhere it can be transacted near instantly you can't do that with gold Gold is hard to carry places fiat currency is portable yes fiat is also digital currency however government's and third parties can control the flow of your fiat currency we'll get to that later bitcoin is durable now up until this point gold has been of durability Golda was around 200 years ago still around today Golda was around 500 years ago still around today and all this gold will probably continue to be around in the future now we have Bitcoin on the other hand which is only ten years old still in its infancy so it really is too early to draw strong conclusions about its durability however it has the potential to have high durability think about it since anybody can run a node on the entire planet it would seem the only way that you could kill this thing is if you could kill the Internet but keep in mind the Internet is just a means for which Bitcoin is transferred if the internet were to die globally tomorrow we'd still be able to trade Bitcoin via satellite Bitcoin is divisible so while fiat currency can be divided down to pocket change and gold can be divided down to something between a gram and powder Bitcoin can be divided down to 100 millionth of a Bitcoin Inc it can be transferred as such Bitcoin is scarce although gold is an element which is also scarce gold is not immune to increased supply if there were ever a case where there's a new method of mining or acquiring gold where it became economically feasible the supply of gold could drastically increase you know maybe we go deep diving for gold on the on the seafloor or maybe we do asteroid mining Bitcoin on the other hand has a fixed supply only 21 million 21 million bitcoins will ever be created established history ok this one we don't score too well on but I mean a bitcoin is only 10 years old it's a brand-new asset class and if you consider how far we've come in the last ten years increasing usership increasing network effect increasing price we've come a long way consider this the median age of a human is about thirty years old which means Bitcoin has been around nearly 33.3% of the average human life if Bitcoin exists for another ten years there will be near Universal confidence that it will be available forever much the same way that people believe the Internet is a permanent fixture of the modern world now at this point you might be thinking to yourself whoa maybe cryptocurrency really is this brand new asset class what if we're in the early days what if this is 1994 the internet I need to get involved wait a second bitcoins price is already thousands of dollars well hey what about these other crypto currencies what about these shiny new alt coins they're cheaper I hear they're faster about these well what makes Bitcoin revolutionary isn't that it's fast or it's not because it's cheap I mean I can send fast cheap money right now with venmo what makes Bitcoin game-changing what makes Bitcoin valuable is that it is censorship resistant uncompensated permissionless see when bitcoins are transmitted on the Bitcoin network there is no human intervention deciding whether or not that transaction should go through which is unlike a lot of these altcoins a lot of them have CEOs a lot of them of offices a lot of them have multiple points of failure with Bitcoin the government cannot shut it down because there is no single point of failure unforgeable costliness okay and now Bitcoin is made popular to more important traits of money decentralization and programmability so decentralization kind of already explained programmability bitcoin is open-source its design is public it's usable by anyone anywhere anytime developers can freely program applications on top of it and they don't have to ask anybody for permission so you can see that Bitcoin matches or surpasses gold and fiat in every category and it needs to for a species of money to survive it needs to be competitive on every attribute and be exceptionally better on a few of them attributes don't sum they multiply when gold was first introduced the bead makers an example of a more primitive form of money probably tried to convince the ignorant population that gold was no substitute for beads but it turns out that gold had traits that were more advantageous so it didn't matter what anybody thought gold was destined to be a more powerful currency than shells or beads the fact that gold has remained a valuable commodity for thousands of years speaks to the importance of these specific traits in fact the combination of traits possessed by gold and other precious metals eventually provided the foundation for the next evolution in money fiat currency in money's next evolution of species fiat currency fulfilled several critical traits to an even greater degree than gold paper is more portable and could be more easily transacted that's not to say it was entirely superior in many cases fiat currencies lacked durability and as we'll see would eventually become less and less scarce due to inflation the critical flaw is supply was controlled by kings and governments increasingly used as a tool to wield power and control it seems to me that everybody I know they don't spend their Bitcoin everybody I know they either hold it or they accumulate more but they're not spending it you know how is this ever going to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system nobody spends it doesn't I mean it's gonna fail as money wrong every single type of money whether we're talking about gold or fiat or beads or shells they all follow the exact same evolution collectible store value medium of exchange then unit of accounts so first starts off as a collectible so it's accumulated by some not based on monetary value but because you know it possesses certain characteristics that are valuable to the individual Shell's beads gold all started off as collectibles before transitioning to the more familiar role of money in bitcoins case it was a collectible for nerds second store of value so once it is demanded by enough people the money will be recognized as a means of keeping and storing value over time so as Bitcoin becomes more widely recognized as a suitable store value its purchasing power will rise and correct and rise again and it will keep rising and keep accumulating at a higher level until it becomes a means of exchange so as a store of value is increasingly held and the influx of new people starts to slow down the price increase will eventually plateau and at that point you know there's not gonna be a lost opportunity when you spend it you'll finally be able to use it as a means of everyday payment without risking you know losing an investment for the future then the final step after it starts off as a collectible than a store value then a medium of exchange the final step is that goods and services will now be priced in the new money so right now we are right here when it comes to the evolution for a Bitcoin to become a money so you can see at the very bottom is digital collectible and right here is store a value so we're somewhere in between digital collectible almost store value okay million-dollar question time here is the million dollar question is it actually possible that one day in our future the norm the normal will be Bitcoin is money because to me what's normal is a green piece of paper with a dead president on it to me what's normal is what my government says is money that's what I use it's what I know it's what I've always known and always used everybody I know has used it every generation that I've ever heard of his used government money so you know it's been around forever right well if you look into it according to a study of 775 Francie's by dollar days org the average life expectancy of fiat currency is 27 years the study also indicated the most common causes of any given currencies extinction our hyperinflation monetary reform war and independence and looking towards the fittest of fiat currencies those that became reserve currencies we find that most lasts just under 100 years and you can see the chart here so the US dollar is a reserve currency and that started in 1933 when it was taken off the gold standard that means that the US dollar is 86 years old this year and it's getting created and inflated more and more every year friends this is just the tip of the iceberg imagine if somebody told you back in 1994 that everything you see I know it's clunky but everything you see is here to stay and not only that it's gonna improve it's gonna get better and that we're in the early days that we are early adopters and over the next five years this whole thing is going to explode this is a brand new industry that will revolutionize the entire world that we live in for decades to come but if somebody told you that in 1994 would you act on it if you're not already give yourself permission to be a part of this use this video as a starting off point this is the tip of the iceberg a lot of people are going to make a lot of money over the next five to ten years with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and there's really no reason why you can't be one of them to stay up to date on everything going on with Bitcoin everything going on with alt coins everything going on with the whole cryptocurrency market subscribe to our channel be a part of our team if you found value in this video and want to get this information out there to more people hit the like button share it with your friends post it wherever

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  1. Hi, it is possible to get permission to upload this on my channel, where I can add a Dutch subtitle and create a series, so that I can teach people why they should invest in gold & silver and crypto-currencies. Here in Europe we are already starting to feel the recession, so I want to teach as many people as possible, both online and offline, what the truth is. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are not familiar with this subject. That is why I would be very grateful to you to be able to use your material on my channel, of course I will also give you credit, and place a link to your channel and / or video in my description. Best regards Wesley

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  3. I've been subscribed but somehow missed this video until now…
    Awesome stuff man!!!
    This is the type of content that needs to be shared everywhere! Concrete, investigated information, not just shilling a damn coin.
    THNX for the video, cheers from GDL México!

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  9. I stopped contributing to my 401k. Bitcoin is now my retirement savings. My 65 year old self from 2050 regretted not buying Bitcoin when it bottomed in 2025 at $100k. After that it Plutoed. It was so kind of him to go back further to 2019 when it's only $3.3k. What a good time to be alive! My life is at ease, and I don't worry about money like I used to.

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  13. Right on, that's been my argument. The rest have companies behind them. People need to realise this and remember Bitcoin is the way to go. If you're interested in cryptocurrencies.

  14. I still believe in Roger Ver he is a smart guy and a true crypto believer, He is also a advisor of BANCA the wall street on blockchain great project with high potential

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  16. Jesus one of the biggest self serving lunatics in the space. Between him and MCaffee and that lowlife scumbag Wright, you have the three worst elements of the entire ecosystem. You need to do some research before you keep pumping out these “daily” videos. Your just like the mainstream media. There just isn’t enough legitimate news out there for a “daily” video. Try weekly and maybe your content will be more noteworthy.

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