? Why The Price of Gold Keeps Going Up (w/ AK)

If you want to get an argument with someone just tell them what you think about gold for some reason gold inspires a passion That’s usually reserved for it debates about socialism. So today, let’s have some fun and talk about gold so far It’s up 16% in the last year putting the stock market’s performance to shame But why are prices rising and how much farther isn’t gonna go? Well, that’s we’re gonna talk about on this week’s episode of real visions. The one thing What’s going on investors 8k here we’ve heard a lot about gold on real vision lately and some of that coverage was because of our recent recession watch special because of course when people talk about recessions or financial crises they’re gonna bring up gold dan tam Piero of gold bullion international explained why that is my only point is that Gold. It’s a it’s a hedge in the traditional system, you know for the traditional system stocks And most people who are along stocks and bonds You know gold is a good hedge It’s that simple when stocks and bonds go down people expect gold to rise or at least maintain its value Luc Roman explains that phenomenon what I think gold is is is really useless for about 99 percent of the long economic cycle and Then in the 1% of the economic cycle the long economic cycle which tends to correlate correlate or coincide with Sovereign debt bubbles globally, it’s critical to own Luke isn’t alone in that line of thinking either Here’s what Rob Paul said about gold in his piece kicking off recession watch gold is an option on the endgame So if we are going to go to extreme monetary policy, which looks like I’ve walked you through a set of pretty easy probabilities that that could happen in the next 18 months Well, then gold has to go higher now sure if the dollar goes higher Gold’s gonna come back a bit But over time I think the dollar on gold go higher and gold goes a lot higher over the longer run and it’s now acting as that probability on this end game now when you’re talking about a strengthening dollar you’re talking about a dollar that’s gaining value against other currencies Well gold can gain value even faster in that scenario gold can keep rising even as the dollar rises to Greg Weldon discuss the dynamic around the world where countries are trying to create an inflation and growth by devaluing their currencies and as he explains that Could be a dream scenario for gold. What did it make sense? That gold is kind of appreciating in oil paper currencies because essentially what you really have going on here at the end of the day the most base case at the Instinctive level is a growing uncertainty fear and even mistrust around all paper They’re just gonna keep printing more and more paper. Every time there’s an issue around dis inflation deflation Well, you know at some point there is a level of uncertainty in tidy around all that paper and it is io u–‘s currencies sovereign Debt, it’s all the same It’s an IOU and you know It’s kind of cliche but it is powerful and it’s true the dynamic around gold Being kind of an offset to all of this paper that they just keep printing Christoffel re is also looking at extreme central bank actions to boost gold. I am mr. Bleekham inside. I never been as bullish as In the past on God, I was bullish when we met in March and God was 21300 it I still believe that the old yields will go further lower and And I still believe that because you can have so much cash injection plus a currency war between all the central bank’s trying to To put cash on their respective currencies. So you have a risk of debasement of the official currencies I think the gold is a God desire He has got a girdle mix in front of it and most of the target are you looking for a man? I? remember my first target was 1500 and so I will keep it like that for everyone But I think you are young. So how you play it if you agree with Christophe, you can’t go wrong buying physical gold Well, there’s always gold contracts like the GLD ETF and there’s gold miner ETFs to like GDX but if you’re trying to hedge against the financial apocalypse Then those aren’t necessarily gonna help But at least they keep you from having to carry around your fortune in your mouth Steve Strasse talks about the gold miners ETF and a recent trade idea settlement if you’re gonna hold on Long term and all the risk appetite Indicators that were talking about and silver and the dollar rolls over and everything Kind of plays out the way we want it to I think yeah, you can continue buying weakness all the way back to all-time highs And that could be a while there’s other more tactical ways to play it if you want to wait for prices to potentially retrace back to our risk level closer to 25 25 25 50 and you can get long there again and play a tactical trade just back up to 2016 size and then we also have a 62% Fibonacci retracement, which I have on the GDX chart you could also use that as a price target so there’s a couple different ways that you could play this but I think the bottom line is that this is a brand-new secular bull market It’s gonna take some time to play out there’s gonna be some backing and filling and we could be buying weakness and betting a much higher prices over the long term if we’re Patient Greg Walden also likes the GDX chart thirty years in doing this I’m telling you It’s one of the most reliable patterns when you in a Long-term trend breakout and it kind of seems like it’s running out of steam and it comes down He might even make a lower low, but it holds above the violated trendline That’s huge that retest on the back side particularly when it lays out right in the zone between the 50 and 61% Fibonacci retracements in the meantime you get back over the two-year moving average Which is now accelerating the upside and making a new high in line with price a very bullish dynamic and this is long-term stuff Man here look at the 52 week and the 2 year moving averages crossing over here as well. Very bullish The GDX would be the trade here You know in the in terms of what trade we’re putting on here one of them GTX would be a would be an option and frankly you just plow right in here because the risk reward is still quite favorable of course Even if you don’t know which way gold is gonna go next there might still be reason to get in just ask Rick rule I own gold personally For reasons of fear not greed simon, Mikhaylovich puts a more optimistic spin on it Remember how we talked about gold maintaining its value and everything else is falling That means that those who hold gold might be able to jump on opportunities that arise later I see gold not only is a as a panic type thing where they Armageddon I see it as a Strategic liquidity reserve that can a help you survive? But it can also make you much wealthier than you are by giving you options and opportunities when other people have no options and no opportunities and a force down the path of Selling off what they have just to meet their obligations So there you have it gold can work in a recession an apocalypse or even a central bank money printing Palooza No wonder people have been piling into it this year if you want some more ammo for your gold debates then consider subscribing your real Vision you could watch all these interviews and they’re full there. I’ll talk to you next week You You

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  1. Gold is a store of value. One ounce bought a toga, a night at an inn and a good meal in Rome. Now you can buy a good suit, a night at a hotel and a diner at a good restaurant. Once once of gold in 1971 had a set price of $35 fixed by the US fed you could not have bought the three items I mentioned. That is why Nixon left the gold standard because the value of gold was set too low and by 1982 the price of gold was USD 800.

  2. Long term, gold is a hedge…it’s not an investment. Gold has less value now than it did back in January of 1980.

    From January 1975 when Americans could legally own gold, the return on gold adjusted for inflation is approximately .8%.

    The same timeframe, the S&P has returned 4.9% and 7.9% dividends reinvested.

    Where would you want the bulk of your money?

    I own physical gold and I trade gold related options…it helps to balance the portfolio.

  3. The media hype machine back at it again. Time to pick a commodity, pump it up. Was wondering when this was going to happen.

  4. II love gold! My Broker Jordan Arnold made $7,400 in one week trading GOLD Using Price Action Chart Analysis in my investment account with him.

  5. Because it can only be made in exploding super-novae – not mathed into existence in some glorified database like shit-coin or other corrupto-currencies


  7. I'll take it from here. Gold is going up because countries are moving away from the US dollar for trade. 83 percent of the trade market is in US dollars. With the US handing out sanctions to countries that aren't doing what they want, it leaves that country broke. Because it isn't money in a warehouse. Their trade money, is in our central bank in New York. US freezes that account, so Iran can't do trade. They can't get food. Medicine. What the US hopes, is enough citizens die from starvation and no medicine, and rebel to overthrow their government. Like Syria. Its why Hillary armed Syrian rebels. To overthrow Assad. The sanctioned worked. It was a cheaper alternative to dropping bombs. But it's economic warfare and war crimes to treat citizens in such manner. So the swift system, (us banking syetem for trade) is dying. Countries are looking for an alternative monetary system for trade, to eliminate the US sanctions. In the meantime, countries are gobbling up gold until that new syetem is put in place. Basically, once other countries don't need the US dollar for trade, the dollar dies. The death of the dollar is what's happening. The fed dropped rates to try and flood the market with money. It won't work. It's just an attempt to hold the roof up for a little while longer until it does collapse.

  8. Gold has always been used in trade and for collateral during all times of the year especially between nations, banks, and big business. The idea that gold is only important in 1% of the long economic cycle is a lie and fake information. Gold is the supreme currency of the world according to Greenspan. It becomes more important all of the time as fiat paper is weaponized debt and long time theft of public wealth. That damage to wealth and huge threat to the world financial well being is what is important about the constitutionally illegal fiat paper currency made up out of nothing without oversight or restraint. Wake up to what the central banks colluding with corrupt government have done to you in the dark!

  9. I have recently bought physical gold as a hedge on my 401k, personal stocks, and CDs. I view it similar to car insurance.

  10. Gold should be at least 5k to 10k by now dumb question why shouldnt it be going up. Look at the toilet paper Fiat Petro crap dolla. Should be worth squat!

  11. For those looking to own physical gold karatbars international is the best place for diverse option in gold. Www.therealmoney.online/goldismoney911

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