? The 1 Bitcoin Show- Libra strengthens BTC & revamps the global monetary system! ETH developers?

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some time for questions today okay now now back to normal this tweet by pump
very inspirational the best bitcoin investors are really good at doing
nothing for long periods of time calm at like button may be saying what i
basically say strong hand do nothing do nothing with your Bitcoin don’t
complicate matters you don’t need to invest in your friends business in
Africa it’s gonna go belly-up after two days no you do nothing with your Bitcoin
those are the best Bitcoin investors the holders think long term set a date for
in the future and don’t be impulsive and thank you for that reminder I’ve
retweeted that a pop of course so during Friday’s show Chris Black who
people were hating on he said he’s a good guy he’s a good guy
he obviously likes etherium and he said there are more aetherium developers than
Bitcoin developers and I said now they’re not yeah how do how do we find
out if there are or not because the other guests weren’t exactly sure someone said they went to a serum event
and there were a lot of etherium it was very crowded with developers um I mean
I’m willing to consider that there might be a lot of etherium developers there
are a lot of etherium developers and i’d be willing to consider that there may be
or more than bitcoin developers how about that so again it is clearly a top
tier all coin I know a lot of people been hating on aetherium lately I really
don’t give a darn because hi hold Bitcoin so it’s just a movie to me
seeing what’s going on in in aetherium but III again this was a big moist place
so compete don’t complain if you want to develop on aetherium I guess go build
things on a theory on my if you want to do that but to me bitcoin is the rock
bitcoin is the next Bitcoin aetherium is not trying to be Bitcoin and I believe
aetherium is the next aetherium because some people like well egos could take
over at the end come on if indeed if indeed aetherium has as many developers
as Bitcoin does and no no yose isn’t taking over this place so I would love
to know a way to figure out if there are more guys working on a theorem than on
Bitcoin do they have a census no III really
can’t think of a way we’re just you know taking people’s opinions here but it is
it is something interesting to consider I hadn’t obviously not considered it
before if you were this is a Roman queue he says if you were taking a wild guess
how many years do you think it will take for the total market cap a Bitcoin in
gold to reach pet you know someone asked me that before and I again I don’t know
I don’t know I it was now but I can remember going through the process in my
head is is big Gold is a seven trillion dollar market uh he says drop gold yeah
I agree just drop gold don’t worry when it’s
gonna happen dude there’s no there’s no point if you’re making your decision or
when gold and Bitcoin are gonna be worth to sit there market caps are gonna be
worth the same then you’re not that’s not a good decision yeah that’s not a
good qualification right there okay it clearly bitcoin is the future when
that future event will happen I don’t know I I really don’t know seven
trillion dollar I let’s take it one step at a time let Bitcoin get to a one
trillion dollar market cap okay so a Bitcoin to be a one trillion market
dollar market cap that it would be worth $60,000 one Bitcoin would be worth
$60,000 so what 7 trillion it would be worth four hundred twenty thousand
dollars come on let’s take it one step at a time here so when will it be one
true how do when will it be a one trillion dollar market cap I after 2021
I guess at some point after I don’t think he’ll be I don’t think it’ll be in
2020 that Bitcoin will be worth was the number that sixty thousand dollars now I
don’t think it but hey I would love to be surprised pound that like button
but again feet don’t be Fiat freaked your Fiat freaking it too much when
you’re when you’re trying to make a Fiat predictions about the future in terms of
Bitcoin all right let’s get to uh let’s get to
Bitcoin dominance real quick okay you know there’s still this people saying
all coin season is just around the corner and now we’re at Bitcoin 63.4%
dominance now again I remember when Bitcoin was in 85
dominance so I saw a come down I saw it get to 63.4% I saw geta whatever it was
30-some percent uh its I do say everything is cyclical I believe some
all coins will pump again but man I there definitely are some that will
never retain their value in terms of Bitcoin most of them but because there’s
so many of them out there so many lower tier ones will never get to their
all-time highs again in Bitcoin and that’s why you should have been holding
Bitcoin and not gambling all these 50 or ones because most likely you picked the
wrong one now of course there there is a chance I mean I mean the wait you know
we’ve got this new player this Facebook coin these corporate coins are coming on
board now this could really change the whole ecosystem where maybe all of these
alt coins will all of them will never reach their highs in terms of Bitcoin
again this could be a factor that I couldn’t didn’t predict back in the day
that’s the magic of crypto you get new things like this to happen and it could
break the cycle it really could break that altcoins season cycle these these
corporate coins but again it to me it’s not worth the gamble I do find it
interesting though that you know Bitcoin is pumping its this end and it’s a 63.4%
dominance I mentioned this on this week and Bitcoin shows before that perhaps a
lot of alt corners are just throwing in the towel and turning it in a Bitcoin
and that’s helping the Bitcoin price and it if the more they throw in the towel
on their all coin the more Bitcoin pumps the more likely others will be able to
throw in the towel so it might be a vicious a vicious cycle for the up coin
holders out there are the altcoin gamblers the bag holders oh man alright
so but again if you are interested in all coins just hold Bitcoin just hold
Bitcoin because you’ll get all coins crypto dividends member wendel coins
coming out on the 19th excuse me the last day to register for it is on the
19th please big mistake there I apologize but yeah there’s crypto
dividends you get their coins at fork a Bitcoin their coins an airdrop to
Bitcoin holders you get to get why pay for all coins when you get in for free
by getting crypto dividends with your Bitcoin alright so yeah good luck to
those ones that we get for free that’s what I always say because I don’t mean
in the long run we get more Bitcoin but again why people still give up their
precious Bitcoin for these all coins we get for free Wow unbelievable stuff what
a wacky wild world that we live in alright and now it’s time to talk about
Andreas Antonopoulos this video that I watched today that was about Libra
Facebook’s coin and I have to say you know there are a lot of people who like
to paint the Libra picture to be totally negative for Bitcoin totally negative
for the space and I’ve been saying that you know it’s it’s good to get new
people into it and andreas heats it to a whole new level in terms of positivity
okay I mean his take on this is so positive and at the same time he does
bring up negative aspects because 80 percenters can get messed up by this
Libra thing okay but if you take the bigger picture view here if you’re a 20%
this is something this is really a positive development okay so first of
all if you guys don’t like banks and you don’t like central bank’s you should be
cheering on Libra okay this is totally revamping the global global monetary
system if Libra is able to launch okay that that isn’t if also okay but I
believe that Libra will be the first of these corporate coins so the video is
linked to below so you gotta watch it but it is a new I you know yesterday’s
video I mentioned how a coin desk said this is a new asset class and I said
yesterday that is a virtual nation’s currency he calls it corporate digital
currencies and he says all the fangs are gonna have their own corporate digital
currencies Amazon Apple and he says even a goober which is not a thing but it’s
also a major new new company will have its own digital currency one day and we
are in this situation now it used we were talking about Bitcoin versus
national fiat currencies well this is a whole third player into the
game and it’s just the game too I don’t say it’s a war it’s a third player
that’s gonna mix it up so the nation states who were worried about Bitcoin
are now going to have to focus worried about Bitcoin and they’re gonna have to
worry about these corporate coins too and there’s gonna be a balancing act and
it takes pressure off a Bitcoin it’s great
it takes attention away for a day or and her her ELQ over there what’s her face
from California came the Whig Papa what’s her name though she’s got a nice
wig time that like button for the woman I can’t remember her name from countless
Southern California anyway uh it’s great I can’t think of her name anyway okay
but moving on moving on here uh yes and I say and so yeah address says more
corporate corporate coins are coming on I say bring it on baby bring it on let
there be more distractions out there and again we we don’t just because they
exist doesn’t mean we have to we have to buy them and we won’t buy them and he
said we just went post national central bank control of monetary policy just
ended pound that light button he’s right he’s right if this thing
really happens I mean people will be able to opt out of
their worthless currencies in Eastern Europe and Africa and South America and
get into something that is harder it is a harder money than some of these monies
that are out there okay it is more stable it is more respectable Facebook
coin or Libre coin whatever you want to call it then then some of these uh
developing world currencies so the the whole system is revamped if this happens
which is great and again if you’re not bullish about Bitcoin after you know
hearing what he said about the the would face what Libra how is gonna shake up
the banks and shake up the system I mean I I don’t understand how you can’t be
bullish after watching this video about Bitcoin not about Libra about Bitcoin
because this is this this is how Bitcoin in many ways in terms of
onboarding people but in terms of shaking up in shaking disrupting the
system yes so he said Libra is harder than the a hundred fiat currencies on
the where he got the number from but you get the point
new the new money created in this new paradigm in this post national system
that of corporate digital currencies that it will dwarf the GDP of many
governments on this planet so I mean that that’s really putting it into terms
that are overwhelming invariance in very Inspira inspiring for this new digital
age that we are it’s starting right now and again corporate money corporate
coins yeah I mentioned it will distract it but 80 percenters are still going to
get if if what could happen which which isn’t good you know some of these people
like well I’m living in this country I’m on Facebook my my fiat currency in my
country is horrible I’m just going to do all my financial transactions through
Facebook with Libra and I’m not going to use my Libra to buy Bitcoin and further
get myself out of this they are going to be monitored day and they might become
addicted to this Libra and then they could get shut off by Libra and that’s
not good you do not want to become dependent on Libra coin and many people
will and so another thing he said is like Libra is like AOL it’s it’s the
wrong AOL was a way onto the Internet it was an Internet should we say it was
the wrong Internet and so it was not the best version of the Internet so Libra is
not the best version of currency that is and it’s definitely Bitcoin so again you
if you remember in the internet days when you were a little kid there were
plenty of people on AOL doing it wrong but eventually they got it right it you
know there’s some testing and there’s still some people stuck in that
mentality on the internet though that that are just dependent on all the the
big centralized corporations on like like Facebook and
YouTube etc etc so but again anyone you could be on the internet you don’t have
to D be dependent on those things but most people want that is where they get
their news from like facebooking today hey person responsibility is the new
counterculture whatever so there will always be people
80 percenters stuck on libra being monitored by libra and not knowing any
better but that’s just the way of the world we can’t worry about them we do
know that a lot of people will Libra will shake up the banking system which
is great it will it’ll also hurt some of these altcoins that market themselves as
somewhat kyc and compliant and and medium of exchanges know you you all
coins that market yourself this way Facebook already has 2 billion users and
they’ll be able to give their coin away for free and it’ll be it’ll be able to
do everything that your centralized point will do so this isn’t good for
some of those compliance altcoins out there that wouldn’t want to be compliant
so again i watch the video guys I think especially the first half hour show went
for it went 40 minutes I think the last 10 minutes he gets into some doom and
stuff but whatever he did there is some doom in this if you’re an 80 percenter
and you get stuck well Libra okay but otherwise it is very disrupting I like
it it’s foolish it is definitely bullish for Bitcoin it’s bullish for that we’re
just that people are going to understand that kursi does not have to be issued by
a nation anymore and we’re gonna have these virtual corporate nations out
there and we’re gonna have the money of the people also which is Bitcoin that
your worst enemy can have and your friend can have and no one can
confiscate it and no one can stop it so it’s a great video to watch again and I
want to say that we’ve got to tweet out here and I’ll link to it below that says
the Libre hearings start next week so there’s gonna be I didn’t know when they
were supposed to start but rumor is that the Senate and the congressional
hearings are next week so that should be it Maxine Waters I couldn’t remember her
name she’s got a nice wig that should be quite a show and it will be a show when
they start to try to Libra and bring it down and again I say
let them attack it but let them you know get bribed by Mark Zuckerberg and
everything and let him do it let Facebook coin live
let there be Google coin let there be Amazon coin this is where the big boys
play I’m not worried about it at all it is definitely competition for the banks
and a lot of banks are going down and a lot of central banks are gonna become a
lot weaker and maybe even go away and maybe some of these third-world
currencies are gonna totally disappear also in the smart people will be on
Bitcoin and the other people will be using corporate phones okay
corporate digital coins so one two three no scopez said okay so every single
person stop watching my video now watch that andreas video okay now one two
three noobs I really want you to learn one two three no and be inspired one two
three no scopez said do you think Libra or any of those other Fang coins in the
future will offer crypto dividends for Bitcoin holders either way I have a
strong hand well isn’t this a very interesting question now there’s just
two two different things that to examine here we’ll Facebook be able to give out
interest create crypto dividends off of Facebook coin maybe you know they they
own the other companies – what are the other company Instagram do they have
Instagram I don’t know family owns I forget what them but what do you know
what I’m talking about will they be able to make other coins off of Facebook only
for coins off like giveaways and and then the thing about that is the they’re
gonna try to kind of play by the rules of different company different countries
and I don’t think different I think certain countries will be it won’t be
very pleased if Facebook creates B if their coin is an interest-bearing coin
that’s that’s a whole nother level right there but your another part of your
question is will some of these maybe not the fan companies but maybe uber will
they decide you know what the way we’re gonna distribute our coin is to give it
away to all big we’re just gonna fork off a big coin
I think someone will do that one I think that would be the best thing to
do in fact for all these uh corporate coins out there I think it would be for
you know it would be best for like the second and third and fourth to your
corporate coins that join the party late it would be for them to gain advantages
over their fellow corporate coins they should fork off a Bitcoin and give it to
all pick or airdrop it to big corn holders okay that I I hope that happens
I think if they if they came to me as advisor I would say yeah that is the way
you should do it as definitely so I think it will happen I think it will
happen and it will be another reason the whole Bitcoin you’ve got one of these
corporate corporate coins for free and then all the 80 percenters want it and
you sell it to them for more bitcoins unbelievable world we live in but very
good question one two three noscope I I that that kind of stuff is very exciting
if that may it come to be very soon all right bitcoinmeister roaming true says
while Maxine and AOC are busy spending ten thousand hours investigating Libra
they won’t really be they’ll be virtually ah bitcoin will be ten
thousand hours closer it’s closer to global domination you better believe it
among 20 percenters it’ll have global domination it will never have global
domination among I don’t think about a hundred percent of the globe because
this is the free market is where the big boys play they’re always going to meet
other people making up new new coins of all sorts whether they be fiat coins
corporate coins or crypto currencies you know it’ll never be a hundred percent
but the 20 percenters should know better and should be very inspired by by that
video of Andreas okay let’s let’s move on here we talked about oh you know
people who for all you flippers of a Bitcoin out there who like to flip you
guys I’ll give you some of you the benefit of the doubt maybe you came from
the stock world where once your asset goes up in value you flip it or you’re
you were a day trader and you’re used to just constantly flipping constantly
flipping counselee flipping but outside is stocks as an access class what other
asset of yours do you just sell the moment it goes up do you sell your
house the moment it goes up 1% about a value in value or 10 percent value do
you sell your house even your rental property do you sell your proper into a
property then when it goes 10 up 10 percent value you’ve got to think for
those of you new to the Bitcoin game and you and you’re still in a classic
financial mentality financial asset mentality you guys think a Bitcoin as a
house you got you got to think of it as a real estate okay you can’t just sell
it right away just like a house you don’t sell you’re just like your land in
Idaho or whatever just because it went up in temporary notes you don’t sell it
it’s a long-term thing so for those new to the game think of Bitcoin more like
real estate than like the stock market because if you start treating it like
the stock market you’re gonna flip flip flip and lose lose lose and pay all
sorts of short-term capital gains tax because you bought it through coinbase
all right and they will report you immediately that’s part of the game
panel that like button and what is this okay finally and this is kind of a this
is a little bit beyond Bitcoin so this is kind of a plug for my Saturday show
Vinny lingham retweeted this you know personally partially he’s virtually
signalling and he’s complaining I think that people rip on him too much through
retweeting this maybe I’m reading his mind a little bit too much on this one
but all right and I just want to remind everyone on Saturday’s show I said one
third of the people that you meet in life will hate you okay so if you can
get over that if you can be cool with that you’re gonna be successful in life
but here’s the tweet that Vinny retweeted and I’ll give my opinion in a
second some of the smartest people I know have been so harassed by haters on
Twitter that it has impacted their decision-making in life take a moment to
think about that the most talented people in the world changing their
behavior based on what a bunch of mentally ill haters think now dudes
they might be the most talented people in the world okay
but they don’t have a conviction they don’t have the conviction they don’t
have the self-confidence if they let mentally ill people because he’s right
there’s our mentally ill people that go out of their way just to hate all day on
Twitter yeah but you have to understand that one third of the people that you
mean life are gonna hate you and many more and they all flock to Twitter so um
you you can’t let it affect you and this is a message to everyone out there even
those of you who aren’t creators and just read Twitter and just reach whitter
you don’t even ever tweet anything on Twitter don’t let those mentally ill
people influence what you think of Bitcoin okay this is what can find you
out it can bring you down if this is what he’s saying you know that that
really smart people have been so trauma trauma ties by haters that their
decision-making is messed up well surely it could mess up the decision maker the
the decision making process of people reading this stuff that is is ripping on
all these decision makers so everyone again get to the base of the problem
here one third of the people that you meet in life will hate you if you can
get over that if you can get over that if you not given a flying
darn about that that’s it so don’t give a flying darn about the haters if you’re
a god I mean that is that’s disturbing if it is really true that these smart
people have like gone into a cave and stopped being productive because of what
people have said about them on Twitter come on guys conviction strong hand
those hangers are nothing you’ve got to have the self-confidence to everyone out
there I’m leaving you with that positive note today even though it sounds
negative that one-third of the people you meet in life are gonna hate you
so let them be envious that means you’re awesome okay they they want something
that you have and they don’t so you gotta be proud of that you guys gotta
turn it on turn it on and just not give a darn about the one third out there
that are gonna hate a 33% I know it sounds like a lot it is a lot but don’t
give a darn about them be in motion and that’s who I bring on for this show the
people that are in motion and I talk about jobs that are
there and people that are doing good things whether it be little things just
dues making their first videos or people making t-shirts that’s an emotion that’s
positive and don’t do little thing they are doing positive things they are not
dooming and they are not ripping on people and they’re not 33% haters so
pound that like button on and there’s the people I like those are people you
want around you also just keep it positive and not give a darn about the
33% I’m an emotion become my shit is from my Stern
remember to subscribe this channel access where you share this video check
out the links below pound that like button bang that Bell button I will see
you in the chat right now click on the squares bye

8 thoughts on “? The 1 Bitcoin Show- Libra strengthens BTC & revamps the global monetary system! ETH developers?”

  1. Ack! Libra is so vile. A horrible idea. But then, I have always opted out of fake book, fake news, fake life, fake crap, fake money, fake people…..BTC is real.

  2. Holy crap I'm selling. I don't want to have blood on my hands. I don’t want to pay mining fees to China!

    Unless you are a criminal or just have no morals you have to no reason to touch crypto. Reasons why you should avoid at all costs:

    1 The majority of crypto thought leaders and founders have criminal records and extreme views.

    2 The founder of bitcoin had some crazy views too and was too ashamed to even reveal himself. What if that means he was an employee of a rogue regime, or a programmer for a terrorist group, or had a long list of criminal records?

    3 A massive majority of the supply is owned by a tiny number of wallets with no known ownership. They could be a rogue regime, a terrorist group, child traffickers, a mafia, stinking rich people who want to be even more stinking rich, or all the above. In fact, we have quite a lot of evidence that the ‘all the above’ option is correct.

    4 Because the prices are clearly artificial with fake volume and very thin liquidity behind them.

    5 Because it isn’t a store of value or even useful unless you have power in this game.

    6 Because a portion of every transaction goes into the pockets of the Chinese regime who control most of the hash power. You should not be paying a transaction tax to that regime. It’s bad enough our consumer products are made there. It is highly likely that Bitmain and Binance are fronts for raising and laundering money for the Red Army.

    7 Because sites like Bellingcat have shown us terrorist, Nazis and Russian intel wallets. Why should I buy in and make these early holders wealthier? You should not be financing people who kill and oppress people. It’s bad enough we fund our own military complex, why should we fund other militaries, fanatics and spy agencies?

    8 Because they pump and dump on everyone who buys into a bull run. The only real winners are the criminals listed above. They may let a few normies win but in the long run when you give such monstrous people more wealth and power they will crush you sooner or later.


    9 All the cryptos put together added two whole countries worth of carbon footprint to the planet in the last decade. We are hitting record temperatures and this level of global warming is a threat to us all.


  3. Wow just watched Andreas video. Awesome as always, but very deep and powerful message!! BITCOIN is the next Bitcoin!!!!!

  4. ? “The Wig” – Maxine Waters! Lolololololol!

    Also, I like that you said Ethereum is the next Ethereum. I own ETH. I know how you feel about altcoins and I respect your opinion. Because of you, I get mad at even the thought of anyone using BTC to buy altcoins. I got rid of a lot of altcoins a long time ago for Bitcoin, but ETH was wasn’t one of them. I will go back and listen to the Friday show…would love to hear your guest analysis on Ethereum.

    Thank you Adam!

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