? CryptalDash AMA Live – April 20 (Cryptocurrency Exchange)

okay welcome huh
welcome yeah welcome to today’s I am i yeah welcome today’s a may we’re gonna
try to answer all your questions very very very very bit of it very quickly
question one from Tim what type of government regulation has crypto – for
saying and how will the say are they taken and crippled – prepare to overcome
any anti crypto registration registration wave governments okay very
simple concept once you’re regulated somewhere you’re legal you’re starting
to be legal everywhere that means that we are regulated by the government
we’re gonna be realized by the Gibraltar government and financial authorities the
financial authorities of Gibraltar obviously have very good connections
with the English the English authorities and the British authorities so that’s a
gateway for us to get there’s no established yet regulatory framework in
England in the UK but that you know being in Gibraltar already that’s that’s
a very good point of start the best way of doing this is to get really regulated
in as many jurisdictions as possible so we’re doing regulation in Gibraltar in
Japan Gibraltar gives us access to the UK UK Jesus X to Europe and we’re doing
it just as they were doing brexit so that’s that’s still valid and therefore
Asia we’re doing Japan which is the biggest market we’re probably going to
Korea as well so the best way of the best antidote of anti crypto or hostile
laws is to get regulated in as many jurisdictions as possible number two
Larry what is the best crypto air drop and what’s your opinion on air drops I
think the air drops is a good way to get people to hold the tokens okay what’s my
opinion air drop I don’t have a particular opinion on air drop but I
think it’s a very good way to get things started
for a lot of the coins and to obey the community around it I think it’s a good
a very good Community Builder now are we gonna have a CID air drop and now okay
you have it now camera but we have CR DS you know available for in our onboarding
competition and you know we have a bunch of put you were creating a bunch of
opportunities to distribute our C IDs so follow us like us tag as subscribe stalk
some Co days exactly Cameron can you explain the fluidity of arbitrage more
in-depth hi Cameron Diaz I did not know that you were into arbitrage but hey
let’s talk about she wants to know if she can have a million tokens as well I
just started the next video short should be a provider sure I got so arbitrage
fluidity I understand basically are you saying like the you know like the
theoretical definition of arbitrage is that needs to be friction well basically
it needs to be instant profitable and costless okay I think so so this is the
three theoretical definitions of arbitrage basically fluid is going to
depend on how good the execution is so the more markets we have access to very
API is responsiveness we have the better arbitrage fluidity or execution will
have and that’s something we’re doing implemented alright question for from
Nick over in the UK can you clarify how the exchange will interact with other
exchanges is it a true one-stop-shop or where you have to add additional
functions before you can trade with another exchange for example where you
have to integrate via code with them or register on those particular accounts or
just by signing up with critical – can I go in and have the bang bang bang so two
components to that first of all as you’re gonna see we’re implemented right
now the API keys so these are API kids that you can get on the various
exchanges once you have an account so basically when you have an account at
various exchanges already well the best way of doing it is that to let no
critical – that you have these accounts and this is you know the amounts we have
etc so you don’t have to bring all your assets to critical – in order to trade
on these exchanges so that’s gonna be quite an added value so basically we’re
creating a user interface to implement your API key the other option would be
so that that will really enable it the first option would basically enable
it to become like a true and stop shop the second option as we grow and as we
strike deals with the various exchanges we’re gonna have basically kyc
integration so one account kind of serves all and the third option is the
dark pool trading funny enough our goes our well did you send me the link with
the with the dark pool remember you said to me I said oh so there is some kind of
ICO that is selling that pool trading that’s right yeah but anyways you know
not to judge anyone but in order to trade with dark pools you need to have
an exchange okay so that that’s one component of the but it’s very good I’m
very happy that I see people like really focusing on functionalities this is an
important functionality to be able to trade on dark pools we will have it okay
just a matter of time and implementation and growth what else
question number five final question tonight John how many different trading
pairs where you guys have a launch and what would I be I just had a discussion
with the tech team they’re integrating as many as possible this is also
coordination a way to do with the design do not have an ugly interface because
we’ve been having a lot of comments about that so we’ll update you very
quickly on that but we’re working on its rating as
much as possible as many pairs as possible remember one of the most that
this is how vine has succeeded they had a lot of pairs okay
and then they were able to execute and provide liquidity in all of them we will
be doing it and would be we’re working hard in order to get this executed as
you can see I’m still wearing my yesterday’s outfit so yeah this is a
24-hour operation for real there’s something important to add to the answer
of that question yes which point is gonna be live vote yeah
crypto – calm /mu – coin – listing here’s the link right here below the
video as well I basically whoever is vote at the top at the end of each month
there was about five coins or so they get listed so if you are part of a core
team you can put your coin on the on the competition if your coin is on there you
want to see Quinn bubble but basically just get involved you’ve got the power
if you want to climb to be on there but you’ve got the power
oh alright see you later

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  1. Команда Супер!!!! Вы будете лучшей биржей на рынке криптовалют,

  2. I enjoy Amin's personality and his ability to express himself. As for regulations- Malta and Gibraltar seem to be places of future. Amin, why not focus on building a core exchange rather than just a platform for all of them. Ghost nodes_ see NIX

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