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okay so 2018 was a big year for all of us so this video is going to take you back through my predictions for 2018 that are made in 2017 and to see what came true it's going to get very interesting so make sure you stick around to the end to find out what 2018 revealed for us all hi I'm Julie Mackenzie I'm a psychic medium writer and spiritual lifestyle and my channel is all about helping you to master your life and embrace your future I cover everything from mind body and soul and I love to help you to understand life and beyond and I also love to give strategy and tips on how to embrace your life to live your best life so that's what it's all about on this channel it's evolving all the time so please make sure you do subscribe so that you can get updates at any time so that you live a more authentic and abundant life okay great so we're ready to start talking about predictions I have my little sheet here so we'll go through that because there were so many predictions from last year and I want to go through it step-by-step with you for you to understand what I had predicted in December in 2017 and for 2018 and there was a lot of content in there if you want to see the original video please have a look in the reflection notes below and you will find them there also too you will also find the 2019 new predictions as well that's listed in the reflection notes below but let's get straight into it to see what's happened here now at any point like I said if you want to please you know subscribe make sure you go down to those reflection notes and go through it because I will actually put all the links to what I had said but then also to where the news articles are as well okay so let's get straight into it let's talk natural disasters last year I am well in 2017 when I did these original predictions for 2018 I talked about a natural disaster and that Italy was volcanoes stone and possibly even Mount Vesuvius which is a little bit of a scary one because it is a very big supervolcano however it hasn't started stirring as yet but capsule agree which is or I'm not sure how I said I'm sorry if I said that incorrect that has started to stir and has been stirring for a few years but is really getting to a boiling point now so it's a bit scary because Naples is underneath it and again I said that when these earthquakes went sorry when these volcanoes would go it would start a stirring of a few of them okay so this that I think is still to happen but let's hope I'm wrong in that one but anyway let's go into New Zealand I talked about natural disasters and I said about how that there would be a part between Wellington and Christchurch that will eventually become uninhabitable but something was happening to the land at that stage now there is a article that I've attached here and at New Zealand at Kate Campbell they have just actually figured out from an earthquake I think it was a few years ago created on the fault line there but they've actually realized this year that that land has moved a lot in some places it's like risen above as 8 metres but it's actually coming in which means it has a possibility of sort of breaking off so keep your feet up in the iron that one for people in New Zealand let's go to Serbia and Russia I did talk about there was gonna be big weather there and I also said there out earthquakes and possibly like ice quakes but definitely big weather that was going to be happening in Serbia Russia well in February we had the Siberian beast from the east now a lot of people in Europe they know all about that one and it was so cold it was crazy that the temperatures but again that's coming through there and of course we had a lot of earthquakes in and around Russia as well so that was quite quite prominent ok so going into world events now and talk a little bit about Italy and terrorism now it have been saying this one for a few years and I had the pinnacle that it was going to be happening in 2018 now and I had a look here I had actually had talked about an attempted attack at Rome and that it would be going against the Vatican as such in particular its in and around East I think I said in that particular part in March there was a warning that was put out that they were on high alert for terrorism and then in March they then found this group of people that had all plans to hit the Vatican so that did come true thank goodness they boiled that plot North Korea and South Korea again we've been going through this for a few years but I talked about how tensions would build between Russia and China North Korea and USA of course we had all of that happen and you know China was telling Trump to sit back in his box and same with North Korea as well and you know we were having troubles with trades and everything else there too but what happened was I said it was going to hit a tipping point but not tip over and not go to like a a war or anything like that again a lot of people thought there's no way we could come back from that and for the first time ever I Kim jong-un had actually created and laid down his weapons as such and they had the agreement handshake agreement to to work together to be able to find something of peace as such so that was happening in June and the handshake agreement at the summit there again we're still going to have more tensions with that but again check out the video in 2019 to tell you all about what I see happening there okay the one thing I did didn't come true in here see is the Kim jong-un that he would disappear or something would happen to him like like that it was like as if he had died however that has not happened quite a little bit funny cuz he did go missing there for a while but we've just found out he's had like a nice fresh face so who knows what that means I'll leave that up to you okay going into chop and like I said these are every prediction I put on that video I'm going through it step-by-step Trump I talked last year about how it's wanting some way of like to try to get into the EU but he wouldn't be successful but he want to be doing some form of transaction with them or trying to do something like now this is room it so I'm not sure if it was true or not but however in August there was a talks about rumor that Trump wanted to help save Italy's crisis and so that was one of the big things there and he talked about buying you know financial Italian bonds excited cetera so we'll see well I don't really know it like I said it's a rumor on that one I said he was looking for his big move and something to do with a space mission then in August we got told the Trump is bringing out his new military space force and by 2020 and he announced that and that was to help guard our skies and there's a little bit more of this coming down the track here so just bear with me I talked about a space mission an underwater mission or a space miss if I can get a right to space mission and that would be late to the media something to do with maybe a silly lighten code name like you know spider-man operation Dumbo or something like that but it was really quite funny I didn't really actually see anything about this so if you do know anything please make sure you write down in the comment section if you know anything that this could pertain to but I couldn't find them necessarily however I did have one of my clients say well he is Donald Duck really but that was not my comment I'm just saying okay let's go to Australia really quickly and really stick with me here because we're going celebrities Royals and so much more so I'm going through this as fast as I can for you so you're not stuck on here watching forever okay medical and mining I talked about in Australia particularly that there would be a crackdown a facelift that would happen with that in August in the medical side of things in August the Medical Board do big crackdown on doctors some really well-known doctors that were with had their licenses taken away and it's really good cuz we need to do that because unfortunately we do have a lot of shin doctors not all trust me there's a lot of really wonderful ones here but there were some that we're doing it things and it was yeah it was altered in there so I'm glad they brought that one in the other one too was infirmary Lisa there was gonna be a massive shake-up of health care so the health care was gonna really change and see what was going down there okay going into the morning was a big in November this huge big changes that happen in the worker safety changes significant changes that were going to be happening there so that they're still sort of happening at month because this is December right now on December 2018 that I am going through these so we still haven't quite finished okay I also talked about brokering deals in Australia to help keep the resources in Australia that there would be talk about it in August we had a document that came out which was the resources for the 2030 task force providing prosperity for future generations in Australia so in there is actually a lot about things about keeping the resources here trying to do all that so that I knew there was going to be talk so that came out politics this is one in Australia I said there's a young person rising in politics late twenties early 30s that would come in with open eyes and new tactics now I have not seen this happening I'm not really sure exactly who this is I still haven't seen if you have any comments about that please put that envelope if you think you know who that would be rising in the stakes there is a young politician I'm looking at at the moment but I'll still wait to see a little bit more confirmed day let's get into finance okay Bitcoin I know nobody likes me Bitcoin I said it was going to fail indeed the bubble burst and when I say the bubble burst not come obviously completely we still have that but a lot of the stuff there was a that was a definitely a Bitcoin crash so in September there was a article here again all these articles are attached in this list that's in the video below so you can go check out any of them as you go through okay um so there was in September 28th in saying that Bitcoin burst cryptocurrency craze so that's coming through now I know a lot of people have been asking about the crypto that I said that there was going to be a new crypto that would come out in September that would actually do very well and what it was meant to do now I've had so many people ask me know what is it what's the name of it doesn't work like that I'm sorry you know like this is actually more of an awareness I'm not here to help you make money I'm not here to do that it's just more awareness of what's going on so you can make your best decision so I had a bit of a trouble there where I was doing radio for a while and for two three years and such I was getting all the predictions correct and we ended up having I read a post where someone was like oh just bet on whatever this girl tells you because she is always right and I was like he and he said I've made thousands and so that was like woo bang up I'm not here to do that so I actually stopped doing those types of predictions if you have been wondering for the people that know what I'm talking about okay let's go into the market crash I did say that there would be a market crash that would come in a lot obviously from the Bitcoin but there would be somewhere where there was quite a big dip that would come into the market as we're sitting right now there is an article that's come out where they do believe that it might have a bit of a crash around Christmas time so that's still yet to come in this month but we'll wait and see again if you know anything about these predictions or you want to add to it please do so in the comments below I'll try to get through them I can get to them okay technology this one was all about new technology to combat climate change now they just said there was going to be talks about it so there's obviously a lot of talk about climate change but a few interesting reads there one to do with here on about the secret weapon fight climate change blockchain so that's quite a bit interesting reso make sure you have a look there and also the climate change in using to reverse climate change through the green technology so again have a look sir net ok celebrity we're nearly there so stick with me all that you talent and new music and this was quite an amazing thing so it just sort of came to me that there would be like an Elvis type person one in Australia and one in u.s. to watch and that there would be a lot about um that they would be like a young person seeing a dancer they just have that pizzazz and that they would do acting as well so when I heard a little bit look here I definitely think for Australia shortly Sivan is that person he really came out this year did a bit of acting stuff as well and he just really flow through which is really good so congratulations to him and obviously the second one for for America was a Canadian called Shawn Mendes now he actually just in this article that's here in October he actually talked about wanting to do a biopic and play Elvis so I'd say that's what that one he said okay going in unfortunately to the last part that's coming in here which was about this in the celebrities did make a prediction that there would be three deaths within three days in the later part of the year and in September we had on September fourth we had Bill Daley now he is the guy out of I Dream of Jeannie so he was 91 and he passed the second one was Burt Reynolds which was two days later and he would be at 82 and then I did also say that one of these deaths would be a bit of a shock and it would cause a lot of controversy the shopping that they think it's a suicide as such and then also saying that it would be caused quite a big controversy it's exactly what happened so we had then in September 7th so this is the three and three days from the 4th of September through to the 7th we had Mac Miller died and he was 26 years mate she was up-and-coming artist and was doing very well but also the reason why everyone knew him because he was with ariana grande for many years now it was quite hard because she broke up with him she got engaged quite quickly and then when he passed there was a lot of controversy then she came out with the songs Thank You next and as we speak now I think there's another one that's just broken or is breaking that people are talking about that being about Mac as well so she actually broke the internet we thank you next of how quickly people watched it so definitely coming down controversy there the last one I've got here was all about an abduction of somebody who is going to be young possibly a child but also to be against somebody who's young from England USA connection well in USA England connection as such in February 2018 Lana Del Rey had an attempt of a kidnap and the plane was foiled before they thank goodness for that poor girl he actually refers to the video in the video about her saying I'm off to see my queen so maybe that might be the England connection and she is definitely USA okay overall let's just talk quickly 2017 was a huge year like each year keeps getting bigger and bigger you'll notice that and 2017 was all about awareness and healing and then we came into 2018 which was all about pushing forward and and out being authentic to who we are now 2019 is coming in and it's actually a lot about mastering ourselves and you know finding that freedom within ourselves so let's get quickly into the cards here and to see what they want us to know for the year and I've just got them out of the deck here already these are my universe of prophecy cards they have been absolutely fantastic so they've gone absolutely nuts overseas which is fantastic and as an app as well so let's get into it we're just going to give a bit of a shuffle I just want to say thank you to everybody who's watched the video make sure you do go down to the reflection notes below and check out anything that is too pertaining to the 2018 predictions and the update and if there's anything you want to add in me please make sure you do go and watch of 2019 predictions that I have just made that's gonna happen for that and okay so let's get a look at and see what 2018 was actually really all about so again we know that there was there things about authenticity there so we're just gonna have a look and we're just gonna keep shuffling till they give me the right card there it is it was a journey definitely a journey in 2018 and as it says here we've come full circle we'll come back to the start means we need to start again but this time don't do it with authenticity and that's what this card means so is it really quite um quite a predominant card it says here relax take a break you are on the right path take time to rest before making any big decisions you're exactly where you're meant to be so again this is coming up very perfect card for that 2018 the reveal that it was part of journey remember 2019 is all about mastering yourself so make sure you watch that video to see what that holds for you

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