?Michael Dunworth, Wyre’s CEO gives us his #1 tip for cryptocurrency trading

My name is Michael Dunworth I’m the
co-founder and CEO at Wyre payments we allow companies to do cross-border
payments using the blockchain it allows businesses to transfer money faster and
more cost-effective and in a more transparent way than they could before.
What would be your first and most important tip to someone looking to get
into? Read, read, read, read, watch YouTube videos, read, like focus on the people
that are the smartest in the room that have been around the longest because
they’ve seen the ups they’ve seen the downs and odds are they’re coming from an
experienced and battle-tested point of view so if someone says hey bitcoin is
you know is good or bad because of ABC listen to them it doesn’t mean you have
to act on their on their opinion but take in the opinion and read people are
really really lazy because what happens is everyone hears about people making
money and all you need to do is read like if you read about it you will your
eyes will open wider than ever anyone any amount of money can sort of widen
them people’s attention or ears perk up because the neighbor or the friend of
theirs whose cousins personal trainer tripled his money in one week when in
reality they start thinking about that when if they read about it they’ll
realize that you know if for instance with bitcoin it is almost like a chance
but buying shares in the Internet and if you could go back in time and buy shares
in the Internet I’m pretty sure you’re gonna put every dollar you can because
you know a computer or anything without the internet now is basically a
paperweight so read don’t be lazy it’s very simple

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