🔥Earn $65 Every 30 Minutes Watching Videos Worldwide! (Make PayPal Money Online!)

Earn $65 every 30 minutes that’s a hundred and thirty dollars an hour This is a whole new strategy. I’ve never gone over on my channel before I’m excited about it You can guys need to stand by for this incredible video Hey guys, welcome back to the channel of Victor Potter this here And as you can see, I am an affiliate marketer and my youtube channel is all about making money online You can see all the videos I’ve done Tips and tricks affiliate marketing mindset and motivation if that’s what you’re looking for Hit that subscribe button right now that just popped up on your screen. So you don’t miss any of the magic All right in today’s video. I’m gonna show you exactly how are you gonna make sixty five dollars every 30 minutes by simply watching Videos now, I want to thank digital millionaire who inspired me to do this video. He did his own version of it I’m gonna do my version of it. Thank you so much. I want to give him props I’ve been following him for a while. If you’re looking to learn how to make money online Check out his channel. He’s got lots of value lots of golden nuggets in there. Check it out and you’ll learn a lot So the great thing about this strategy is that it’s worldwide. If you’re gonna you’re gonna go to a website called coinbase Now coinbase is like a huge website. Like it’s the huge a wallet that exchanges cryptocurrency You can buy you can sell on this platform it’s got three or four different varieties of Cryptocurrency that you can actually trade for dollars right into your PayPal account But you can see that it is available worldwide that’s available in 100 plus countries all around the world and you can check out this website to make sure that your country is listed as one of the countries that Can use this strategy and you can see this. I mean it’s like Sweden Switzerland turkey, San Marino Serbia, Slovakia I mean United Kingdom, of course the United States So you can check that out and make sure your country is on that list, but you’re gonna go to a website called coinbase Calm okay, and like I said coinbase calm is a website where it’s like a huge wallet a wallet That exchanges cryptocurrency You can buy you can sell you can trade all these things really really cool I’ve had a coin base account for over two years now. I was really into cryptocurrency about two years ago and Made some really good money with like a theory in Bitcoin that type of stuff I’m not in it anymore. But that’s not the point of this video. You’re gonna obviously have to create a free account with coinbase Okay All you’re gonna do is fill in your information and you’re going to create a free account with coinbase Really easy to do but when you do that when you’re done setting it up What I want you to do is go to products right here If you click on private, you just kind of highlight products. You’re gonna see where it says earn I want you to click on earn right here when you click on earn you’re gonna see that it actually is going to pay you the Cryptocurrency to learn about that actual coin for instance the die coin Okay die is a stable coin that aims to be worth exactly one u.s. Dollar learn how it works and you’ll earn die So we’re gonna go ahead and click on start course when you click on that It’s gonna take you to this page once you arrive at the page. You can want to scroll down There’s there are lessons lesson one. You’re gonna earn two dollars in die by watching a quick two-minute video Do you go to lesson number two or you gonna earn two? More dollars and die by watching another video and they’re gonna earn another two dollars but wasn’t in the two minute video Then if you go down to lesson four generate die with maker, okay? You’re gonna earn $14 in die coin by watching this ten minute tutorial Okay, really really cool way to start making money really easy then make it really simple you if you go back So we hit the back button you go to EOS which is Yoshio is a protocol design for fast and free blockchain apps learn how it works and you vos you can earn up to $50 watching their courses. That’s all you got to do guys You’re gonna watch videos learning about the actual coin about the actual cryptocurrency you’re gonna take some quick little tests and They will put that money in that particular coin in your e-wallet Within the coin based app and then you can actually sell the coin for dollars go right to your PayPal account Really easy really cool to do so. You can go to lesson number one. You can earn $2 for watching this video It’s a three minute video you go to lesson two you’re in $2 three-minute video Lesson number three $2 and so on and so on as you can see It’s really easy to do and anybody can do this really simple All right If you guys are enjoying this video and the content in this video so far Then smash that like button and give me a big thumbs up and also down below in the comment section Tell me what country you’re from So that I can do more content and more videos on how to make money online that actually work in your area All right. Let’s get back to the video You can also go to stellar lumens, which is xlm, which is the sign you go to start course. What is stellar? You’re gonna learn to xlm two minute video two for a three-minute video two dollars two minute video and So forth here’s that here’s the coolest part Give her friends a gift of Stella lumens invite up to four friends to earn xlm to they can be new or existing coinbase users You’ll earn $10 in Excel m for each eligible friend who completes a lesson you can ascend up to 4 people and earn $40 in Excel M cryptocurrency Ok, this is real money guys these they’re painting they’re paying it to you for learning about their coin. I mean, it’s really impressive Ok, so we just talked about that You talk we have Z cash. Well, they don’t actually pay you for that. But then you have basic attention token They actually pay you ten dollars For to start their course as well So if you add all of this up You can earn up to a hundred and thirty dollars for about an hour of work Which is about sixty five dollars for every 30 minutes Which is what I stated to begin with in the very opening of this video So let me give you a quick rundown of how this works out kind of a blueprint Basically you watch the videos. We’ve created educational videos to teach you about different cryptocurrencies You complete a very quick and easy quiz after each video You’ll receive a simple quiz testing what you’ve learned then you earn You’ll receive crypto in your coin base wallet for every quiz. You’ve completed you can start immediately Okay. Remember guys, this is worldwide a hundred plus countries You can do this like the easiest money you can make up to a hundred and thirty dollars in about an hour’s work Sixty five dollars for every 30 minutes. It’s impressive very very easy to do now guys. I appreciate you watching this video Give me a big thumbs up if you got some value out of it Anybody can do this right now right away in a hundred plus countries Don’t hesitate jump in get your free coin base account. I’m gonna leave a link down below. So it’s good real convenient You just click on it. You start your account It takes you straight to it easy to set up get going on it right away This is a great way to make some really good money for very quickly online but if you want to learn exactly what I’m doing to create a full time passive income online if You’re interested in learning how to make money while you’re asleep how to make money while you’re enjoying a vacation with your family how to make money while you’re at the beach enjoying the Sun and the fun and if you’re sick and tired of a nine-to-five and you feel like you’re can cuff to your job and You want to get out of it? You want some freedom of your time? It’s freedom to spend the time that you want when you want with your family and your loved ones I’m gonna leave a link down below that’s gonna take you to the exact same program that has allowed me to create a full time Passive income fully sustainable income online month after month and you can do the same click on that link if you’re interested to find that out and Remember it’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself You

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