🔥 Why the BIG MONEY is in Cryptocurrencies.

how do you make big money overall in crypto there's literally couple of ways one is you can always find the next 10x return coin another way is you can look at charts all day and try to buy low and sell high the reality is you cannot do what everyone is doing all right looking at the same coins following the same strategies and the outcome and expect a different outcome than everybody else it's very difficult to do to make money in any business if you are trying to to go out with the herd this is something that has been played time and time again in all markets that doing the opposite of what the masses do is in many cases much better now the reason why this comes up a lot is because this market is what I call it has an asymmetric return right now we are in what I called price discovery phase a lot of the financial assets like for example real estate gold stock market bonds any of these businesses that people invest money in they usually already have some sort of metric for valuation everybody kind of agrees on it although people don't really use technical analysis for example for real estate or any of the other financial instruments what they usually do is look for price appreciation assets that have very low risk and very high return now this market is extremely volatile which allows for that price discovery and what we're seeing right now in the in the bear market is the ability for these valuations to really come back down to where they're supposed to be now whether they get overshot to the bottom or they get overshot to the top like we saw this past year the reality is that in order to make big big money in this market you have to be able to get in early enough so that when the herd comes in you are not the only one you're not the one holding the bag now we saw that a lot in the last couple of months right the sell offs that we've been seeing have not been have been actually coordinated and and they have been to a certain point accelerating to the point where people are looking at these projects and thinking to themselves how is it possible that these projects are trading at such low valuation and again it all has to do with the idea of these valuation curves now crypto is a very unique asset class I think comparing it to some of the other ones like gold like stocks bonds etc is that number one is very very brand new or seeing a lot of money flowing in from the venture capitalists we're seeing the development of the infrastructures from the existing financial institutions and very similar to real estate where they do have leverage products and also the stock market crypto is in such a great area right now that I think the potential are just going to be great now the other thing I also want to say is whenever you're starting a business or let's say you are trying to make a certain amount of money for yourself a life changing money you do have to be in the riskier assets all right going into like something like the stocks and barky are great because that gives you a long-term perspective but unfortunately because it is a crowded trade a lot of the people who've already entered into these markets have already made most of the money and they're the ones keeping most of the money so crypto has I think evolved in such a way that it allows people to with very small amounts of money to make very large amounts of money and this has not changed I don't think it will change but people have to identify different strategies on how to get to that point now you are in a very lucky position because perhaps maybe you got in in crypto this January which unfortunately probably the worst time to get it or maybe you got in last year but the fact that you know about crypto right now allows you to be one step ahead of the game when this entire piece gets gets finalized and formalized in there so the big takeaway for this is this making money in crypto you got to do the opposite of what the her does right now the herd is selling a couple months ago the herd was buying and now we have to figure out where those entry points are how long do we have to wait how far how much to put in what exactly is your risk tolerance I mean there's a lot of questions that go about that not just in buying a project and not just investing or trading or whatnot there's also long term potential for the technology and these questions are not easy the answer because it all depends on the individual but all I can say is I'm not I am more excited now than ever before now the crypto prices have come down and although it is painful from our portfolio the fact of the matter is it's important to begin looking at it from a business perspective one of these projects doing to make money not necessarily just for technology because at the end of the day these projects will run out of money and they will need additional funds and so they cannot monetize or commercialize this product and this product is probably not going to be sustainable alright guys thank you very much for listening good butt up

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  1. i doubt everything in this world, but when somebody trash talks about crypto as an investment i am giggling af inside

  2. Hey guys, sorry for the plug Crypto Bud, but I have little outlets to share: I started a new crypto news group on facebook where I post daily. It's called "Nick's Crypto Fix" – appreciate all the joins! Keep up the good work as per usual

  3. Well said sir, the music worked perfectly. Been watching since you started and could not agree more. More excited than ever regardless of current valuations

  4. CB, one of your better videos. Bitcoin still going to 3k, so the bear will wind people down, but good video on perspective

  5. Funny,, I just finished explaining about discovery to a friend and then I played your video. you repeated exactly what I said.

  6. Rational positionsize in 10-25 (potential) use cases. Sit through the volatility and wait for Institutional money to come into the market.

  7. When do we stop using the world "cryptocurrency"?

    A cryptocurrency is a digital currency created using cryptography. Bitcoin tries to be that. Think of the biggest projects, are they creating currencies or something else? Is Ethereum creating a currency or something else?

    The education system and entertainment industry have corrupted our language. For example, apparently we have "white/black people" yet I have never seen them in my life. Everyone is a shade of brown.

    We use the words that are given to us. Some people go through life pretending that the thoughts they have are their own..

    They turned us into followers.. waiting to receive new instructions..

    We are in a perfect state, ready to be enslaved for eternity.. and blockchain technology will only help.

    This is why Ripple/XRP is a great investment.. because everyone is so asleep.. the people in control of our world will never lose that control.. any project that is against the banks will fail.. XRP will survive.

    And for that reason I sold my soul.

  8. Good info well presented, thank you. I find it hard tho to absorb info when there is background music.

  9. Dude, what a great job and good word right now. I'm a January child. I got spanked! Lol Your insight and perspective reaffirms my belief in this market. It reaffirms that we are at a Great time historically as prices are discounted! I've dollar cost averaged my way down. I've studied the space. I'm confident this is a paradigm shift across multiple sectors. I'm diversified. I'm in the continual improvement mode. Keep up your important work and know that we all are thankful.

  10. Hell yeah CB love your channel man. You are fearless, but more importantly, you see the forest through the trees.

  11. Great view points. The "name of the game" for the next couple of months is going to be to try and discover good price entry levels (not easy!). At least for the high market cap coins. Mid and small size altcoins might have much more downside and take longer time to find a bottom. Mind you that many may not recover at all….. This bear market storm will be a shake out.

  12. Great advice, short and sweet! This market and the blockchain I firmly believe will be life changing in the coming years!!

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  14. "We will regulate, make bitcoin not wild, nor wilder. We'll tame it into a regular type instrument of trade with rules." -Leo Melamed (CME) What more do you need to know? CME wrecks/regulates/manipulates/ every market it involves itself in.
    Moon dreams are dead.

  15. Great video. I am showing this to everyone that I know that's whinging about crypto. Please get rid of that background music. It really takes away from your excellent points.

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  17. Such simple and common advice, yet still profound because the newbies in the crypto space need to hear it. These blockchains are further along than ever before, and the regulatory agencies have been giving them the green light, yet the prices are lower than they were almost a year ago in many cases

  18. I get your point CryptoBud, but the problem with cryptos is that it's either all red or all green, there's no distinction among them yet, which makes it tough to invest.

  19. Hey, Cryptobud great vid. So ,refer to what you said, Where is your entry level? I mean for bitcoin, even if you don't buy it, because bitcoin sets the course for the whole market. I would like to hear your opinion

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