? NEO vs ETH? Antshares Ethereum | Free Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & Best Crypto News 2107

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22 thoughts on “? NEO vs ETH? Antshares Ethereum | Free Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & Best Crypto News 2107”

  1. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE ETHEREUM! I remember I laughed at that video when it came out. Turns out you would have saved me 10K if I would have listened to your advice. (Also didn't listen when you came out with the bitcoin one and I bought at the top like a clown lol)

  2. Thank you BK!!! your work is so very appreciated! you've helped a lot of us make money and have been an inspiration while doing it 🙂

  3. The chart shown ends in the beginning of AUG (8-4-17)…. this chart is not a recent CHART. It already broke out as you are showing it on AUG (8-4-17). ??????? Am I missing something or have the past several charts been OLD PAST CHARTS ????? The NEO chart is a recent chart.

  4. My man BK..thx for the timely analysis! Quick question, should we factor in the conditions on the ground (Neo and the situation with China) in addition to what the charts are telling us or would you say all that is sort of built in to what the charts are saying and all we need are the charts. I'm thinking about selling my ethereum and buying Neo with it, but the China thing scares me.

  5. if china bans ETH and gives NEO the ok…. wwwwwwwwoooooooowww… that will be serious rocket time… the recent event that got shut down the head of NEO backed out of a few days early… that tells me hes got friends for sure in high places that know whats going on and tipped him off not to go… time will tell

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