20 thoughts on “? CRYPTO TRADING DAY #13? Official Free Bitcoin Price Trading Best Cryptocurrency News Ripple XRP”

  1. So I have been torn between my alts and BTC dropping and what to do, son't know how to figure out myself the orange and green lines..still trying to learn that.. so in the meantime after watching you live, I just exchanged 50% of my portfolio for XRP so I don't have to ditch the alts I love. As BTC goes down, XRP goes up.. I stay Level during this period. Then once BTC starts to Moon once again.. I sell my XRP before it trades places and watch my portfolio increase. Thats my thought.. reasonable thinking or don't know what the hell I'm doing? lol what are your thoughts?

  2. Thanks again BK. I would be doing the same. Studying now getting up to speed on coins. i will be all in here in the near future and hook up with u.i would edge ripple and dash. Too keeping my eye on omg and neo . Man exciting times i will claw my money back a day at a time. .greatfully andy

  3. Man oh man. Finally got my power/cell phone back up after hurricane irma now I'm 5 days behind and down 30% because I couldn't sell btc/bch fast enough! Well I know BK got me so time to grind and make my money back and then some! #bingewatchingBK to catch up ?

  4. BAAAAMMMM!! ooouuhh i love that sound, thanks so much for all this free usefull info.. im addicted to your channel, keep up the great work boss !

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