12 thoughts on “? CRYPTO TRADING DAY #11? Official Free Bitcoin Price Trading Best Cryptocurrency News BTC BCH USD”

  1. Can you please check upload quality?
    I wonder why I am getting only BK channel vids at 360 p max and any other vid at 1080 p or 720p by default. …..

    Is anyone else facing the same problem?

  2. BK, just got my tradingview pro up and going with the boss mode 7, 21, 77, 231 with 343 candles. Gonna try to predict what coin you are giving out next on the 100 day! I do have a question, you say to buy when the 7 crosses the 77, got that, but what tells you when to sell? When the green comes back to meet the orange it isn't always higher, is this something where you just play the percentages or is there something else. Thanks man, I love learning this stuff.

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