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welcome friends welcome back to
cocktails after dark so I’ve been I’ve been looking around trying to figure out
what to do with this this dis aronia amaretto to me it is so typical 1970s
and I like the flavor but I find it overly sweet so I’ve been turning in a
bunch of cocktails to see what I like so I went out and I found this one online
it’s called dolce Amaro it is it’s on a lot of different
cocktail websites and nobody seems to give reference to where it came from so
let’s just give it a try and see what happens so 3/4 of the Amaro and then one
and a half of vermouth white vermouth dry vermouth one and a half of the
Campari and that’ll give a real bitter note to this and ice our mixing glass
and give it a stir okay so I’ve got a chilled glass here and I’ve had a lot of
comments people ask me why I put ice in the glass instead of sticking it in the
fridge well I will shoot eight or nine of these in a day and I don’t have eight
or nine of these glasses so I won’t be able to chill them down quick enough in
the fridge you can do that definitely at home if you’ve got enough glasses I
don’t so I put ice in them now I’m gonna pour this in we strain out the ice into
this Nick and Nora okay and there you have the Dolce Amaro
let’s give this a try so off the top Wow off the top that’s kind of strange off
the top I’m getting cherry right off the top it’s like a black cherry pop or
Cheerwine if you’ve been to the American South or
mid South Cheerwine smells like Cheerwine kind of strange okay no that
is not for me not for me not for me not for me at all
so on the nose I’m getting Cheerwine maybe even a super-sweet Dr Pepper smell
but in the flavor the Campari is just taking over it’s super super bitter but
it’s super bitter in a way that’s really strange because there’s still that sweet
from from the Amaro or the amaretto or the DISA Rono that stuff is just sickly
sweet and it’s it’s in there it’s cloying and then it smashes you in the
head with bitter now that’s just my opinion it’s not for me it may be for
you you may absolutely love this I mean it’s a very pretty
drink it’s nice and red but know that flavor is just not for me
so I’m gonna strike that one off the list not for me
tell me do you like this have you had this cocktail is it something that you
make at home is it something that you have had at a bar or a restaurant and
what do you do with Campari Campari is really divisive a lot of people find it
too bitter I find it too bitter in a lot of cocktails and then in other cocktails
I find it to be absolutely fantastic so thanks for stopping by see you again
soon you

23 thoughts on “? Dolce Amaro Cocktail Recipe Cocktails After Dark”

  1. OK mid afternoon for me (uk) and I am homeschooling my son… So perfect timing…. Lol. also currently have the key lime pie lemon version in the oven…. 10 minutes to go

  2. Sounds nasty(sorry). Haven't heard anything about Cheerwine since I moved from NC in '96. Hated it. Loved Sun Drop, but they ruined that when they released in nation-wide.

  3. Cocktails after dark? At 10AM for me. Well, it's dark somewhere, and if I close the curtains it is dark in my room.

  4. I feel both Camapri and Amaretto in a cocktail need a spirit to balance out the bitterness on the one side and the cloying sweetness on the other side.

  5. well the name is sweet bitter ….. so well…
    italian soda and stuff is all super sweet and bitter….. in italy i guess you grow up with these flavours

  6. Holy shit ( excuse my language) but wow I had no idea you made so many in a day. The amount of work and dedication you put into this channel is amazing and really underrated.. Also the fact that this drink wasnt for you, you still uploaded it.

  7. Maybe something like Alex Delany's Lil Ripper for the amaro? My brother and I thought it was a nice dessert drink. Or a good drink for a hot day. (granted, Delany categorizes it as an aperitivo.)

  8. Mark Falkowitz on SeriousEats has an amazing Raspberry Campari Sorbet, that's the only thing I use Campari for. The campari bitterness pairs extremely well with the acidity and sweetness from the berries.

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