? Price Action: How to read upper shadow and lower wick, tail, all about wicks, shadows, tails

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22 thoughts on “? Price Action: How to read upper shadow and lower wick, tail, all about wicks, shadows, tails”

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  2. Hello ben, Can you explain what did you mean when you explained the example of bearish hammer?
    You considered that case as
    1) No upper wick
    2)Lower wick greater then upper wick
    3)Lower wick greater then body too
    After that you said it will go down but how?

  3. Does wick means buyers or seller are in that area and they are not yet entering and wick is a sign of reversal soon?

  4. wonderful amazing teaching sir,can yu also explain when you say in live trading when for example we have extra larger wick and small body say in down trend you place a call saying that pressure is most likely come from below in next candle.I cant link it with knowlegde you gave us in this video.Thank you .

  5. I don't very much understand this video but I look forward to seeing this explained in live videos. I don't know if it's a language issue. I find it a bit difficult to follow your videos where you explain using the e-book generally speaking.

  6. Hi BO TURBO TRADER, I'm a big fan of yours – just started watching your Prc Action videos.  I cant download your PDF – this link only points to more videos??  BO Turbo Trader Price Action Guide for Binary Options Trader PDF

  7. lot of thanks Sir – its very important and informative video for me — please next time make a video how to calculate past 2 or 3 candlestick calculate and predict next candle with candle position.

  8. i really love this teacher. I got alot of knowledge from him about trading , and then i got into some trading academy which is very affordable and now iam doing better than yesterday .

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