? Price Action: How to read advanced candlestick charting techniques, retracement / reversal

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23 thoughts on “? Price Action: How to read advanced candlestick charting techniques, retracement / reversal”

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  2. i would say very very nice .. it was a good complement of knowledge for me

  3. Wow Benjamin….thats so amazing you are how uh care about us and share knowledge….
    Lucky to have a mentor like you

    Uh know 1 thing? I'm really inspire by uh and feeling very dumb in front of you bcoz when uh started uh have 0 knowledge and i also have 0 knowledge but the mentality of uh shows ur attitude

    Uh learn all the thing by ur own
    Uh apply all ur blood and try n error method to be pro in trading

    I'm soo inspired by you really bcoz of winning attitude
    Attitude defines real man!

  4. Thank you very much sir.this topic is crystal clear for me.sir i dont understand about higher high,higher lows,lower high ,lower low.i can identify them but i dont understand how they form to continue trends or reverse the trend.i am sorry if my question is not clear.it would be really helpful if you could explain about it in your next videos.

  5. So if in a downtrend we encountered inverted bulish hammer, the last movement of that candle (up or down) will become the reference for the next candle? If the inverted bulish hammer was closed with an up movement, next candle has a big chance to be a green candle?

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