📚 Price Action: How to predict next candlestick direction, next candlestick psychology revealed

Risk Warning: Your invested capital may be at risk.
This video is not an investment advice. Okay, hi traders yes in your video first of all who is calling your investor capital might be a twist Don’t wait with money. You cannot afford to lose and this video is not an investment advice So this video is another deep explanation video and this time I will show you Again, how I do my analysis? I show you the way into my second protest process when I’m doing those kind of trace so and And I want to show you become before I do this I want to show you something so we have here this kind of chart. Yes Look at this So and I would like to make your sauce. Yes about what will be happening next Yes on this kind of chart and I can show you here on this chart immediately guess that those one who will drink the next candle as are those one who are gonna probably Losing their trade. Yes, because we are getting here. And so this what what is important to understand we have here an uptrend yes, it’s a major uptrend who sees in two hundreds of 150 and 220 but we have what exactly a Consultation area between and 20 and the 50 we are getting they are coming from an uptrend. Yes We are getting here to a downtrend We got his retouches of the 220 email so you do not trade. Yes, you do not wait Until this kind of 20 M 8 is broken in this kind of area you do all the puts Yes, but in this case it’s not anymore the case to do bullshit because you have already so he touches yes And it’s going to do a case to do a call because we are exactly on the level of this 20 mas That is also we are so and we are the uptrend that means you wait till this candle dia one next candle will break through the 20 ma and Then you decide what’s happening or less. You wait 10 a better position and price will touch or get close to this level here and then you do a call because there is them against Again into the direction of some major trend so set is only one example. Yes how you can Train yourself by doing this kind of things by hiding the charge he has a path chart and doing this kind of analysis on your own and trying to Understand what’s going on on the track. Yes, so I would never trade in this kind of condition Yeah, because this is looking like a trap That means this we weeks here are showing me that’s a twenty If a is my small most probably to be broken, yes But because we are in a consultation area and in ranging mode lets you see here one deviation one deviation I would never enter into a trade in this kind of condition. I will I would rate that price will break loses Support and resistance and 20ma and then I will trade the next can if it will get a rejection from it So and today I’m gonna show you how to predict the next can distance direction the next fantastic kana, yes, it’s a Continuation of that kind of video which I have done that last week yes, I have to say that is my opinion in this because You have provided me and I have to show you this because that makes me really proud yesterday. I have released again the wave of Mentorship program program students. Yes So if you want to get your feet into the but leadership program I can show you this here again, wait one second I want to show you today Much more in detail everything so that you understand what kind of concepts are important to understand those kind of thinking when I’m doing my trace and yes the what mentorship program so You know the what mentorship program is the process here. It’s a process It’s a four-week crash course this poor we crash course is a bulletproof trading approach as I have already released more than fifty students yes, and They got all successful profitable because because if they are not successful profitable, I will not release them Yes, they are really Really happy and I have to say that I’m really proud of them So this is a four week approach this what mentorship program is still available for you? Yes, you can still apply It was a what meditation program to apply for them what leadership program you have to do? Nothing else and sending me an email with the subject but mentorship program and then you enroll the one Application what mentorship program application process this is for free. Yes It doesn’t cost you anything and you will also understand and learn what you need Yes, what you need to get successful profitable test those kind of concepts, which I have explained in my ebook self so but and it almost often the question how much this is a fee for the bot mentorship program and I can say only one saying again and again and I don’t know why and so many ask me missus. Yes. The fee was about mentorship program is not the fixed fee I can say this almost over and over again. Zip fee of somewhat mentorship program depends mostly From this type of application process. Yes Where you have to pass through those eight steps and then up eight steps one more one less I don’t know. It says eight steps less than this eight steps you have almost It’s almost possible that you get rejected for me. Yes, if I see that you are not even or not ready for it Yes, and I will reject you and I’m sending you again. Thank you practicing That’s all you join. All users, and then you are Approved like you can join the board mentorship program and how do pass through these steps here. Yes Yes because at the end I will do the review and when I have tons of review I will decide if you are and let it to become the mentorship program student or not yet and We how you do this steps. He is not how fast is because it’s almost important that you understand It’s not about how fast you get to choose or step says because I have students reach me two weeks I have students which have a unit for weeks Yes And there are also students which which have needed More than to be safe because it doesn’t matter from the time which you spent it doesn’t matter. How you engage with the content with those kind of things what I’m asking you and how you are answering those kind of things and Depending on Zen it depends how if I accept you a student if you get rejected or not Yes, and second. How much will you feel and because this is there is no fixed feelings I think is over the go again But I can say much earlier you get through the application process much less Yes earlier I mean, yeah, if you would those one who applied for the application process, for example Two months ago. They paid less then those one who are Joining now to the application process because it’s obviously yes, sir. What mentorship program will not be a less sheep Yes, it will not be cheaper. It will be most expensive. Yes, because I have nearly reached my bottom enter Account, yes, that means I have already all my work mantas, which I needed so It’s obviously that I left not so much interest anymore To do this kind of work mentorship program and so it will be much more expensive for those one. Who ah, Yes, let’s write those one the early bird gets the worm. Yes, and those one who I too late I will have to pay in the sense a little bit more. Yes, because at the end I cannot do anything else because Like I total so often my time is not As precious. Yes, and I have to Dedicate my time and is really gold. Maybe no one who I Really claim so much time in their students like I do this and my students know this so okay. I have expenses. Yes and It depends from the application. Yes, how much will be the fee for the bookmaker shit problem? So if somebody Ted – yet I have paid this in this Sam. Yeah, it’s this summer. Yes it doesn’t mean that you will get the same sum because he has Another he pays through the application process different from you and second He was earlier in support what mentorship program is the application process mu and that makes in order all the difference but those and I have to say this those which God At the beginning in the bot application process and the password and got approved. Yes Those were the surprise for them will be fixed for as for the whole time That means those one who entered on the bot internship program two months ago was a specific Feed and I told totems of e they will get in the god mentorship program still versus fee. So I have to contact me Yes, and then they get to fee which they have Reached and so that is this one. Okay, that was kind of part Yes, and then you get in this kind of partnership program in this form week trading approach Yes, which has created already more than 50 students to successful profitable trader Yes, and yes, and to explain the possibility because I get almost often the question What is missing what mentorship program I had for her said to do stop sis and so on and so on Yes, and I can say yes. I will not do this forever Obviously what is under us for mi massiveness others for Mis and but I’m still here. I’m still doing this Yes, but I can say it will not be gone for long anymore. Yes We are talking here only in about a few months Yes, and so I would say if you want to get in this privilege to get be mentored by mice money Yes, then I would say it’s time to apply for the what mentorship program sending this email It’s not a great deal sending me email with the subject both mentorship program To my email address and then you are enrolled in the application process. I can say only the application process this much Yes because of Celia You can get rejected at any point. You have to dedicate your time If you are not here and willing to dedicate the first three questions are those one Yes, if you are here if you are willing to dedicate time if you are willing to dedicate money And if you are willing to dedicate to dedication, yes, and if most of them are answering all swimmers, yes But the major majority of you are not doing this because you are saying something and you are not doing something exact It’s a reality and so I can say this what position program is a declaration for me. Yes the separation for me is that I don’t waste my time with students who are not willing to learn and It’s a separation for you. Yes, they – hello. Okay, I plan poses or I cannot do this Yes, and if you are thinking if I say – I tend not to this Yes, because I had called so many students already. Then. You will not judge whose about mentorship program application process Yes, then you will be rejected but earlier but you can apply whatever you want again Yes, if you think you already because everybody can change. Yes, and it’s not a big thing So that is about what mentorship program long story. Yes long story, but I got so often desperation So then I have to cover something else which I want to discuss here Yes, and that is first of all, I have to send you all one and I have to thank you all for your support Yes, you know more some of my videos who got deleted on YouTube. Yes, and And I don’t know what what what what say six why is he eating that but it doesn’t matter Yeah I have done so many and I have also found another solution. I uploading some to vimeo if For those one who understood search for vimeo Vimeo.com smash Bhutto betrayal is there you find the videos which I got to lead it Yes, and yes, and I have to say thank you to all of you because of this video Yeah, that is one of my last videos Yes, and you see here, and that is what makes me really happy We got here nearly 3,000 views. Yes 3000 people watch this video and then you see here 110 light yes thumbs up and zero thumbs down Yes your subs down and I have to say yeah, that makes me really happy. That is why I Really motivated. I don’t know where my haters is that are obviously my friend guys. I love you all. Yes, and Those one are my subscribers. I love you, too. Yes, because But that one here that I got here zero-sum sounds it is nearly impossible for me. Yes. It makes me so much work So so proud after 3,000 views not even one has done is some stuff. I’m a little bit Disappointed yes, because I Believe that we still my haters Yes, which we like my videos, but I have to say maybe I have converted them to yes. I understood that I’m doing a great job. Yes that I’m trying to provide knowledge to all those kind of traders out there Yes to make them financial free. Yes, and obviously successful profitable. Yes That is what I want to show you which I want to share you with you because there are things which motivates me also Today to do this amazing video because today I’m doing another Amazing video and where I’m gonna show you how I’m doing my saving process what kind of traits I do? Yes and I do this on the live chat and a much more in detail and based on those kind of concepts and now we are coming to the next point which I want to talk because I got See this question often and often it off me. Yes, that is yes those concepts which I had explained in the e-book So we have here the price action guide. Yes. This is a black one The black one is the price actually got this price action guide is the fundament. That means the fundament of Price action all concepts which are explained in this price action guide. Yes. It’s a nearly 120 pages as you see here are some some of students who have Printed 80s which have yes, which I printed it. They have some icons of mine that are concepts that are Illustrations. Yes, you find here illustration pictures. Yes. Nobody else has done something similar. Yes Nobody else has brought this to the point like me. Yes I have done this in this price action guide But you have to understand that the price action guide is only a little illustration of those concepts Which I have explained in my videos It’s an initiative Foundation you can watch those things which I have explained there Yes, and then you have to watch the videos to understand those kind of concepts because I get so many questions why the arrows this? Exhausted illustration and you have to watch the video to understand what I had explained if you are not able all you have not some time To watch and you know, maybe you don’t understand what I’m telling because my English is not so good. Yes, and There are also some students and some Subscribers who? more Subscribe us would do not like that I’m saying yes as if you don’t try to what I don’t want to have to say you Can get my price action Bible. Yes, that is the price action Bible. That is a bright white one yes, so I want to surprise action Bible and it says price action Bible of 270 pages yes where everything is explained in detail. I have done some videos where I let explain the difference Exactly that is called price action guide versus price action Bible That’s where I have explained the difference in detail, and I will show you today That exactly difference between the price action guide and the price action Bible on the live chat When I’m doing this video that when I’m doing the how to trade the Chemex Candice big Direction the next candlestick color. Yes and yes, and that will be for those one who still today do not know the difference between the price action guide and the Price action Bible. So then we are getting here to the bottom initial program Oh, no, what matters the search study modules? Yes, there are four pegs. Yes. Those four pegs are Almost I can show you this And there are almost four pegs, yes quite one is for the beginners peg two is for the average Yes, the peg three is for the advanced Yes and the platform is for those one who are nearly process that makes Represents the four steps of the bot mentorship program that are a lot of videos Yes where I explain everything and indeed tale what has gone wrong? What has gone good. What was good and what? Is based and all those kind of content based on those things, which I have explained in Ebooks. Yes, you see Everything what I’m telling is fundament. Yes fundament other ebooks because there is explained everything in detail How I analyze a charge what kind of price action concepts I am applying to my trading there’s everything in detail and the price action guide in illustrations and the price action Bible with text Explanations. Yes deep text explanation and that is also the reason why the price action Bible is the phone It’s a different way. Yes. It’s a given way for them for what mentorship program This is an educational material Yes which you need to understand those things which unexpect explaining in my videos and then and also in the bot mentorship program, so That is this one the video packages are almost point for dick set of data or videos Some more some less Yes we really high educational and do get instant access to my core knowledge came in years of experience and I can say you that are really Good, they will sell themselves from alone. I have already so many subscribers who God says video peg says and Buying really week after week the next the next video peg Because they understood however, you may find valuable this kind of videos about. Okay, so and then obviously Again, the bottom attrition program. Yes. That is what all this kind of stuff is about if you are still struggling If you are not able to become successful profitable then join the port mentorship program Yes the program for me crash course important is you have to pass through the application process to Get this what mentorship program program. Yes You cannot replace it immediately as because I am NOT such kind of guy who? tries to Scare you or something like this Yes, if you have no knowledge if you have no understanding of the market If you don’t know at least a few concepts of the price action You will be not successful profitable and you can pay you whatever you want. You will not become successful profitable Yes, you will only lose your money and I have a good relation to my Karma. Yes I’m thinking I’m doing good things and I want to sleep at night really well And so I have to provide this application process There are so many who want to pass through it without the application process They want to get immediately in the black mentorship program – but I have to say no. Thank you Yes, I’m not willing to do this. Yes, because I’m not willing to get money and they’re not providing successful profitable Students. Yes, that is what I my goal is you are my business cut if you get out of the pot mentorship program and So it’s probably important that your success is important for me Yes, and not the money is selfish because I want to do this money I go on my mother market through the future aids and then I have this money without stress without doing anything yes, and without asking or without Dedicating my time. Yes to educate you. Yes, I’m doing this I’ve told this also often as mainly because I need both mentors who? Know the concepts which I’m teaching. Yes understand those things and who are willing to give this to the next students Yes, that is my main goal why I’m doing this I’m not doing this for the money as I’m doing this almost to educate obviously because I’m investing my time in this kind of education as I have to get the feed that is obviously yes, and but I can see my Sfe, which I’m asking is really ridiculous Confront of that what you get for this money, so okay. I have talked a lot enough about this. Yes For those one who are interested. Yes those chart which I’m Dedicating today. This is the game life chart. Yes. I will prepare this here We have it here how to predict next candle think direction. Yes Next candlestick color the catalystic psychology reveal. Yes, I will again get in deep really deep Inside in cyclist, except Allah ji. I will give you really that what you need. Yes, because I get so many questions so many traders Subscriber students are asking me this. How do you do this? Yes, please. Give also give us an insight in the city process and because you have You have provided me in the last video with all those kind of With all this kind of Sums up and all these kinds of abuses and with know Some style. Yes, which shows we said you liked? Yes, you really liked this video? yes, so I am giving you another video which is really educational yes and will Open your mind much more About this for those one who are interested in the life chart. Yes. Yeah I have done intro screenshots last time the student asked me if he could have the Life track of it you can have I have done a screenshot of this Yes And if you want I can send this to you certainly an email With the subject live chat and then you get this kind of live chat, which I’m drawing now. Yes There are all the live chat are also the EMAs and boiling events like always implemented But you don’t need this if you have a big a great understanding of the market 2k losses also without any kind of indicator and I’m trying to do this year without indicator because I want to show you That you can do this, but you have to save out of the box Okay, so we are going to start so that is the chart which we are coming from an uptrend yes, we are coming from an uptrend and The next trade the next Kendall was the threat which I have done yet because we are an uptrend we got this kind of inverted Bullish Hema. Yes engulfed in candle here inside bar, which shows me that we are still in uptrend. The next trade was caught yes and important here is I More times is called only because I waited that that price got back to this level here next to this level and on the Rejection from this level. I am entering into a coil. Yes, because that is showing me by pressure here Yes And that is a reason why I entered into a call from below in the upper direction and I will drawn or the next candle Okay, so that was the next candle. Yes. I entered into a coil on the Selection from this level. I will show you now that is based on the concept about an Anglophone candor Yes, bullish engulfing candle. Let me show you this. I will show you this now here bullish engulfing candle Yes, bullish engulfing candle Let me see if I can find it. I think it will takes too much time if I’m doing this like this let me see this system who think and Knows the inside path. You have been goofing Kenyan no evening star. So it will I will stop the video Okay, do we have to this? No falling window? Okay. Well, I will okay here Let me see imperfect ended. Yes goofy. Can you see here? Call option. Yes call option Franza here. You see the rejection from this level. Yes. So you do call but important is if this Closing price is close to the support and resistance for examples include support and resistance levels would be here Yes, then you admit we have not to use this kind of level for doing the rejection Then you need to use this support level for the rejection yet because price tries Almost to retrace back to the support and resistance level is that is what I was trying to show you. Yes. Yes That is what’s important to understand. Yes. You cannot trade this only like I have explained here You have to understand those medicines, which I’m explaining over and over again in the video So and that is the call option on the goofing candlestick Okay, the call option engulfing candlestick on the bullish engulfing candlestick Now I’m going to show you because I want to show you this today much more in detail So we have here the bullish engulfing candle and goofy and good thing Candlestick Let me see Kenda fantastic So Okay, I have things I think I have to stop the videotape, what is it go think a mistake exactly So we got here so that is the same page like on the price action guide So and then we are going here one two pages deeper Then we have some bullish engulfing candle and said is the difference between the price action guide and sir price action Like a minded as you see this a surprise actual Bible and here’s the strictly exactly what you have to do Enter only into a cult rate when price moves in Turkish time above the closing price That’s above the closing price of previous candle. Yes, and Yes, and on rejection from below above opening price of for last candlesticks that means in this kind of area Yes, if price is moving in purchase time here below. Yes below the Closing price of the previous candidate is this one and then yes in the rejection in the exploration time up So do not enter into a call if price is breaking through the price of the phone a scandal that is this one. Yeah Yes Without any side of protection if this will happen it means you have to get this kind of area Yes as support and resistance Yes That is what this is explained explaining in the e-book and is the price that you buy the next you get here the exact explanation Explanation what you have to do depending on the specific Yes, testing obviously criterias Howard tries to look like and all those kind of stuff So that is the difference between the price action guide and surprise actual Bible. Yes, and that is what I have done here So, okay. That was the first one. I will show you much more here in the upcoming because I have done much much waited where Nearly five traits in in 20 minutes. Yes. I was really conservative this time So okay set was a color bullish engulfing candle rejection from this level here Yes officer area and then I entered into a trade Continuation because we are here in an uptrend. So this is already showing me here. Yes This shows me already that we are getting here losing of momentum Yes And so I’m not entering X a moment into a trade Because this could be also some kind of hanging hanging man or something like this So I would not enter until the next way that I didn’t I took them to the next quit and the next cable was this So, ok. That was the next candle. Yes, we came in So that is already assigned that price over the trend is losing momentum You have to imagine that to have here some kind of boring event and much more price is going in this kind of direction without Big candles if the cat is again in China You have to understand that you are getting far away from the to deviation boiling event, which is here on the left Yes, and we are going into some kind of reversal area. Yes and on the next table I still didn’t enter into the next candle. That’s because I was not sure if this would be only ever tradesmen Obviously the shank says this will be a reversal is much higher in this case here But the candles were craving higher highs and higher Lows and so I didn’t end up into the next trade and on the next Kailyn happens this oh So that was the next candle. Yes and After the scandal I entered into a portrait. Yes and that Immediately. Yes, because that was a clear sign that we have no an evening star Yes, and that we are going to break this area if they are going down because we are now really fine You need to understand I do I don’t need to apply any kind of boring events or anything else. Yes This only is showing you here that we are going far away from the true deviation boiling away That means that’s a trend has lost momentum That price is doing here a reversal X’s wrong number or close to this wrong number so you don’t need Anything and so I entered on the next cabinet into a-put without any kind of projection Yes, because there is nothing what you could project the only see what you could wait for a rejection from this level Yes, but in general that is not mean it. Yes, because at the end you are here far away from this wrong number Yes And you are here in between and that is already enough to understand that price will Reverse because this Creek here is doing go high. Yes, and That is already enough in this case So I have said we are going into a reversal and so I end up on the next camera into a put yes And the next candle was this Okay, that was the next cannon yes that Kendall was the really nice can as this brokes this broke the Support the resistance level based on this wrong number Yes, and it was a nice victory came and after the scandal it happens this Because this week was showing already buying pressure Yes, and so but I didn’t end up on the next cable because we were too close to this support and resistance level So I waited yes To see how important it is that you do not read each and every mask and estate you have to understand What the market is going to do around the three levels? Yes in this case, I Waited for the next came because this week was showing buying pressure in this case because we didn’t probe this kind of support and resistance Level here Strongly it was almost only as week break out Yes And so I waited because this week was showing me buying pressure is in relation to this bre body of this bearish candle It’s nothing. Yes, so it could be the next caters to the bearish one Yes, but I was not convinced to do any kind of trade here. You could use this kind of support level Obviously, that’s because this cable broke it. Yes, and so you can expect that. The next candle will close below this Yes, but I was not sure what’s happening Could be also a fake breakup because of this week here. So I have avoided the next table as to trade That’s because the market is giving so many opportunities you don’t need to trade each and every chemistry You trade only those one which you are confident with? Yes. That is what I’m telling almost often. Also my students Yes, don’t trade each and every kind of thing because they trade mostly like somebody would points a gun on them yes on the head and tell you they all would have to trade so the biggest the Really worst positions the worst training set up. They are trading them It looks like they have no other chance they have to do this because somebody is pointing a gun on the head That’s because why do you trade in such kind of consultation two areas? Yes, where nobody knows what will happen you trade with all those kind of opportunities Which the market is offering in one hour? Yes, so, okay Let me see the next ten versus those that was an extended next and after this candle Exactly. I entered into a call. Yes I am that into a call because this was a clear sign that this will be a fake breakout. I have explained this already so often a fake breakout in form of a morning star Let me see if I can show you those kind of concepts here again in the e-book It’s a fake breakout in form of a morning star That is this one year something like this and then sold here are burning star here fake, but not of the morning star It’s not looking exactly like this as you can lose a week above there is all the same concept Which I have explained here on those kind of trading setups without no rejection Yes, only a little bit more than difference. Yes something like this here. Yes here is this one? Yes, you got here Bearish candle doji. Yes, fake breakouts it is what fake because I look alike. Yes, all you can do this also Here on this one. You see I have experiences often Let me see if I can show you this. Yes, huge candle doji. Yes. He has something like this He is huge candle He a Morningstar huge candle doji breakout. Yes, something like this Yes of a support and position as you see here. This Greeks are creating the support and resistance It wasn’t a point out all you can use also the weeks. Yes, which are the fake because yes, it’s doesn’t matter Is a concept which I’m talking about this you have to get your imagination you have to get ready Yes for your mind this week is showing by pressure Is that the stochastic psychology since this is buying pressure price try to propose against it. Yes we are here because we have to understand why this candidate is not going down further is Already conquered this area. It was not able to get slower than this. It’s creating higher highs Handles, yes, so there is now the thread is losing momentum We are here at the key level and so I entered on the next camera into a call that’s into a call Expecting. Yes, that would be a morning star. So Important. Yes, it’s okay. It was us. Okay. That was a next candle. Yes, and the Godman here is again that you understand nest That you understand how the support and resistance levels. Ah Interacting with surprise here. So that was the next candid. So on the next candle Why I didn’t have done a call or put in this kind of mixed candid Yeah Because a lot of traders a lot of my students a lot of subscribers a lot of those one who are watching my videos Would have done a call from the rejection from this level because I said it’s the morning star yet. It’s a morning star yes, but the problem here is and that is what I want to mention because those are to understand is I Told to we have here as a to deviation boiling event. We are going far away from the one-two deviation. Yes We are getting here already in the ranging area. So we are far away from the to deviation. What? We are here already except one day patient boiling a bed close to the test. So we have the first cop. Yes We got the top because we got you already a retracement. Yes, and now we are getting here forming. Maybe a second top. Yes This you have to get a beautiful sis, yes And so the next cannon I would not enter into a color because we are not anymore into a some kind of strong trend There’s no strong winner uptrend because we are far away and we have got already the reversal here. Yes We are following from the – deviation Yes, and so you can expect here that the next candle will not be a trend continuation It will be mostly trap you that price would go down Yes And then it would go down much more and that is how they trap you here because then also this concept which I have explained Here didn’t work out. Yes, because you have to imagine already that the right direction here is this one? Yes, you have to imagine the right direction. Yes to understand. So let me see that book this one Yeah, first it goes down and then it goes up But this works only if you don’t direction of the trend, yes angel. Let me see Yeah in this case I didn’t enter into a trend Continuation because I understood that we are far away from the – deviation boil in a peg we have here the second top and I will explain I should explain this again and again and again the importance here is If you got the first top, yes, you don’t have to trait Not the call Till the price is breaking screws and stop Yes, all you put on to a put till you have some kind of evidences of a reversal. So this is the Evidence of the robber said no, so you do not put a call here. Yes. You don’t know – a call. I don’t nothing I waited for the next candidate Okay, so that was the next camera yes and after this candidate I am that into a pot Let me draw this a little bit, correct and it’s truly correct. So, okay that was this cannon Yes, and yes, after this candle. What I have done is I entered into portrait Yes because it was clear for me that the next candle will be a bearish one because this Yes was a reversal pattern which I was waiting for after the second top Yes, the next candle didn’t broke this level. This next level was the reversal pattern. You see here. We have a resistance ladder yes, and so I entered on the next trade into a put Expecting a bearish candle a red candle yes, or exactly one also a black candle Prevents for home use and and yes, and that was a big strength, which I have done. So one second So that was the next kind of gas And after this I have again avoided any kind of trade why? Because if you get after that cloud cover yes with this lower shadow, which is showing selling pressure this kind of big candle Which is creating a higher ILO. Yes, then you have to imagine that there could be something Strange she is because we are far away. You have to understand sin to relation to the market edge where you are We are far away from the true deviation We are here in between the one deviation up a bank into one deviation lower bank was a little boring a bank I don’t know. Yes, something like this and in this kind of area Yes this ranging market So you have to avoid and you have to be careful because here price can be traced back here and doing here reversal Like I have explained before you have to wait If you have a bottom here, we have a bottleneck that the price will break through it Yes, or showing you some kind of reversal signal. Yes, and this doji is not enough horrible signal So I waited for the next candle. That’s because I was not sure what’s happening here Okay, that was a next candle Yes and on the next Kendall I didn’t trade and Also not yes because it was not sure what will happening And so I avoided the next way to a lot of would have done they put here I have done not a put because it was not clear for me because we have here some kind of what a resistance level Yes, we have price action on the left is right. Yes But anyway this break he has losses wrong number was not enough for me to get into a portrait So I avoided yes because I was mature and the next Kendall was this so that was annexed candid Yes, and on the next render I entered again into a call. Yes I entered again into a call because that was the clear sign for me said twice will continue to going up Because we we’re in an uptrend here happens something what looks like a pullback here We have a double bottom this candle brokes this support and resistance level Yes, really huge this week is showing that the conquer already their previous as a higher the higher territory Yes And so I entered into a trend continuation after this double bottom this week here showing buying pressure after this I understood this. Yes, because I saw this week in this kid. Yes. Yeah, in this case. It was looking like selling pressure Yes, but we are too close to the support and resistance level. It was only a fake breakout Yes, and after this I entered into and called. Yes and the next obviously I didn’t use Blows closing price of the previous candidate on this level here of this week’s. Yes So on the rejection from this week’s I entered into a call. So as the next can was this Okay, so then I I waited I have done already one, two three four four traits Yes, five traits. I have done already five traits. Yes, so I was waiting for them a better opportunity right So I didn’t take any kind of wait Till the next and I will draw now one after one the next candidate which I have waited I swear I didn’t trade it and then on the last straight I will stop the video again Yes, and then I will show you why I trade and what I have done say, okay Okay, the next one comes now Okay. Now comes the next one. So you see here how the Elimination is working here. Yes, here we got another Tender which took not a political innovation Hope this quick he is showing buying pleasure why we are close to the support and resistance Level this support and resistance whether this roll number is pulling the price Important is that it’s not an effective charge piktochart. This is a recharge. I have to charge here the screenshot yet So you claim again it if you want. Yes, and I will show you this after this straight after this Video I use this for Seconds, I knew with the bonds is I can say I chose this. So ok Let me see I have to bring it to an end because this takes a lot of time he again And I need to convert this video and that takes a man of six hours If I don’t stop it ear me, so I have to go the next one So and you see how price is moving here around his support and resistance level here? We got the retracement of this evening star after this a bearish candle, but this was really short. Yes You see really small we needs wiki here You cannot trade and that was a reason why I stayed also kind of place because we are here far away from the truth Deviation boiling a bandwidth always helps us in mind. We have to support and resistance level Yes, so I avoided any kind of trick and I will draw the next candle Okay, the next candle is coming. Okay, so the next one? So I hope I will achieve it says this level Yeah, and because I have to draw some more candles to show you the last weight Which I’ve done you see I have done a pause here from this level on Yes, where I have times this trait of this candle. I didn’t trade anymore. One, two, three, four five six minutes already yes, and there will come another four minutes till I didn’t wait and After this I traded again. So let me see where the next panel. Okay, the next candle is coming Ok So the next time to see how the consultation area around says wrong numbers are getting his consultation area Consultation here. We are. Yes, really tricky to tiny candles don’t trade on those kind of tiny cameras They are really risky because you will not get a good entry point. Don’t trade if you don’t know the direction what’s happening? Yes and all also on Don’t trade if you don’t forget good movement says because you see that our really tricky ones here you get all those CSV you can almost lose only that’s because it’s really tricky. So let me show you the next cabin Okay, you’ll see here this week. He is already showing again buying pressure. Yes, and After this reversal, yes here. We have a nice reversal here. We have a break out of this box. Wait This is not the so strong one because this week is showing by push again and now is coming the next candidate So in the next candle was this one So it on the next candle and that was the last weight, which I have done. Yes You see I have waited here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Candles and 12 minutes before I was trading every 3 or 4 candles. Yes, because it was clear. What happened in here Here we got a.com cava. Yes here. We got evening star the twenty confirmation of an evening star far away from the truth deviation What in a bank here? We’ve got a trend continuation of an uptrend here. We got consolidation. So I stayed away. Yes I have understood this because price was moving here xst level of surround number then. We got here another conservation I I stayed away till I understood what’s happening. So after We graded here another table. He has the first table then we got here a pullback from somewhere Yes And then we created he another top there thicknesses reversal signal and because this cannons here I’m not breaking through this area here I didn’t enter into a trend Continuation and because it was the second top it was lower than the first top and this wasn’t good and God saw come again Yes, I entered the next candidate far away from the to deviation boiling a bank into a-put expecting Yes an extended and the next king was them systems at was the last rate Okay so that was the last candle yet and then all of the money so and then where all the traits which I have done I Will do and that’s much more Explanation Lena on this on this image. Yes, and No, I gotta show you the image which yes, I show use the chart which I have traded So you see here that the euro USD chart. Yes. It was on Yesterday morning. Yes at 11 o’clock when I had some time. So and then I traded this kind of chart here You see it’s exactly the same chart here who is balling a bank and with Eve ace but you don’t need them I have shown you this Yes that you can understand the distance to the boiling a bank also only from the naked shot Yes, obviously if you have the indicator on it, you see it’s much more clear Yes, where consolidation area is about here. We have the concentration. Here. We are here we have the consolidation area Yes, and here you could also you see the type of kebab ropes or one deviation So it was much more searched or yes here We got the trend continued Asian because we register the parcel to a deviation Yes, and here you see the reversal there as on the one deviation because this title stop. It’s a one-day nation You see how the indicators are helping you, but you don’t need them Yes, you can do this also, but you have to this to an axis view. Yes. It’s exactly the same chart I have done this yes there item of socials and trade I will do some Explanation more in the detail when I have finished this video So if you like this video to align if you didn’t subscribe Subscribe to my channel and if you have something to say drop me a line is a comic section So I would say stay say and bye

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