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Fallacies in your video. First of all the risk one in your investor capital might be at risk don’t trade with money You cannot afford to lose and this video some investor devices So this video will be another deep explanation video. This video will be about binary options strategy with chemistry psychology and price action patterns and candlestick mass We will cover this and you will see that this what we are going to talk about this chart with light chart Which I have forgotten made a story process but last week I have forgotten to show you the screenshot I got over 100 emails of those one who want to see the live chat This this today, I will try to put it and at the end of the video, you know, we have weekend Markets are closed. I am a European traders and I do not have the OTC market anymore available on up IQ option So I’m doing this kind of deep explanation video and I have also to say that I’m so busy I’m busy with bot mentorship program I’m busy with new projects, which I’m standing this week Which is coming as you will get some new video series as a new playlist Which will give you access to my instant core knowledge much more in details and you could expect ever I’m giving away all my knowledge and so that you can get profitable in the market and You can be really curious about that. What I will perform this weekend so this video about binary option strategy price action with chemist exert ecology price action patterns and Fantastic mass will be the topic of this video and I have prepared already live chart, which I have traded yesterday Not just this Friday morning at the nine nine o’clock nine and a half of an hour. Yes The market was before a little bit Chubby, so I traded at a half an hour after the opening of the London session and I will show you Those kind of trades which I have performed there in more detail and showing you what kind of correlated concepts Can be seen with this kind of trades which I have done to give you more the insight because I see this also I do This not only for my audience I do this especially for my bot mentorship program students which are having difficulty on Understanding the good right a training opportunity Instead of those one which are tricky and I will show you this in detail. So let me show you something here So what do we have here on this kind of charges? That is a Friday evening of the market the closing of the market we have here a nice uptrend To see here a boiling up break out. Yes You see here how we got into some kind of ranging market? The inmates are getting flat as the 20 is a little bit step, but in general it’s not a lot here we got the crossings that is means almost that we get here some kind of Reversal pullback. Yes. We also pull back or at continuation and Yes, what can I say? We are here far away from the to deviation boiling apparent Yes, that is already a first signal that there will be now a reversal coming The second one is we have here a reversal pattern a hanging man after consolidation area This week is showing selling pressure here Looks like we get here some kind of double top forming our field after freedom uptrend So the next candle will be most probably Bearish candle with a probability that it will be a weak bullish candle Why will it be a bullish candle because we have ranging market? Yes. We have a flat 200ma this flat 200 ma is the Reason why we get to this kind of consolidation areas in between here Yes, this this this this yes And also this one you see it’s a reason price what happens here price we traced back to the 200 ma I see so many of my students doing this again and again wrong and How you have to trade discs up coming to attended and I will explain you this now in detail so you wait on the next candles that price because Knowing that you have to do a put as is one thing but doing the put the right way. Yes It’s another thing that is what I have explained in my ebooks when I’m talking about the entry points It’s look it sounds like something really easy something what nobody should care about as an entry point But I tell you from my experience the entry point makes more than 75% of your winners who says yes Because what kind of the entry point should you should trade after? doji after doji Your entry point should be always above or below The previous candle closing prices and previous candle closing price of a doji. Yes It’s almost earth the same like the opening price So you have to try to get after the doji Into a trade above or below the closing price and you will see what I means is in detail Yes, because it’s important that you understand. So for example, we have it here Yes here we have a doji as we have here doji and this doji after the story Your entry point should be below the closing price of the previous candle obviously in this case It was understood here above the closing price because we have to pull back. Yes It’s important that you understand is a pullback in this consolidation area between the 20 and 250 Yes And that makes a really big part that you understand the minute ranges If you don’t understand German and the major trend, please avoid to under to do technical analysis It doesn’t mean anything as if you are doing the technical analysis and that all without understanding threat So I will bring this in the short face to you. So we have here an uptrend This is a minute uptrend here. We have a minute downtrend with the tradesmen in between here We have a pullback from the 200 EMA here. We have the first test of this round number Yes The 1 point 1 2 1 2 and here we have the second test observe One wrong number 1 2 1 2 and then in confluence with the reversal pattern engulfing candle Yes And this lower shadow with tail call It like you want which is a sign that there will be a big selling pressure Yes, that will be cyclical process The only problem like I have explained before is that price which raced back to the killer and that? Means that this candle will go up to this and will most be probably also closing above it That means that you need some kind of rejection from the one deviation boiling event That would be like a jackpot. Yes, or you get a rejection from this level here Yes Where you see the body reversal of the scanner because this candle yes was a retracement Price tried to push up was not able to push up more Yes, because it was the secondary test got back to this level Yes And that was already the sign that we have now selling pressure on the next candle price who goes down Guns up. Yes, and because we have here that misses It was a closing price and it closed above you got to get up. You got to get up yet. It was another tentative Get through this brother it was not able it’s gone down and at the end it’s gone up and that is the reason why there will be Most probably on the next gather a small retracement in form of a weak bullish candle which will Be the next one and after this you will get your bearish candle if you have some patience Yes and wait for the next candle. Okay, so that is this one why because we are a ranging market That is not a training market. This is a ranging market. You see the EMAs are getting flex the 200 ma There’s 20 the 200 wait is flat the 20 Ema20 SMA which is nothing else in the middle balling a bank and that Is a sign that there will be now coming up some kind of trend reversal. Yes or a pullback Yes, and that is what we expect here price is doing here Also, the putting event are doing the squeeze which will be a consolidation area So that is only that what I have understood from the chart here To make some things to do more clear and you will see how I traded the same scenario which we have here on Friday Morning yes, you have only to understand the concept and then you will make it so okay – but first of all I have to cover, you know the ebooks Yes that we talked about this because I get so many questions The price action guides 7 Edition is the same like this one first edition Like the first edition of the what price action Bible because I got almost a question What is a bit which is better, which is better The price action guide was a price action balance and I can say to you only the price action Bible is better Yes Why it’s better because the price action Bible has each and everything Explained that means we have here text where I explain exactly how you have to treat thread trade not treat trade every each and every candlestick pattern each and every chart pattern and each and every What is the last one concept yes price actually concept everything is explained in detail You can copy and paste if you are English, not your mother language like for me you can take this text copy it into the translator of the google translator and he will Translate it. The English is really easy. There is nothing you should not understand if I’m talking about the evening stuff It’s still in the evening stuff. Yes, you should know this Yes, you should understand that if I’m talking about a trend you should know what a trend is Yes So but it doesn’t mean anything that you understood you trade without understanding trend and without understanding chemistry patterns We have here in the price action Bible 207 270 pages yes there are so many and important stuff is that you have to distinguish the real pattern a real chemist ik pattern from an Unrealistic pattern that is what I have quality criterias yes, you have to understand that cons the context in which the Candlestick patterns appear there as Akrotiri. Yes, that will show losses Then we have the pattern psychology that what I have shown you here on this. Yes that Price tried to go up was not able to go up close below the one deviation boiling event this week here is showing selling pressure because we touched the key level and so the next candle will most probably a bearish one and That was an English one. Yes So that is the statistic psychology and that is explained in the price section Bible Also in detail then the support and resistance where they should be what they can use how they Words in relation to the chart pattern and the candlestick pattern is this kind of support and resistance and attentional uses here Here, we have a support and resistance level which is in form of around number Yes and that chart pattern here this double top is Showing exactly this kind of strong resistance level because we have one four three five Five touches six touches of this level. Yes and on the fifth touch price Started to reverse the same is valid here The 200ma is also strong support and resistance level and here like I have explained before here We have the retracement back to key levels at what I have explained So often this also here somebody who was doing a put after this one s is Doing the put on the same like the closing price of the previous. Can this is not a trader a trainer should wait for rejection not from this level from this level here from this level from the one deviation having a rejection from the one Deviation is giving you the up from the rod number is giving you a hint that your entry point is almost good Yes, and that means you have to have patience. That’s that you cannot rate each and every candlestick pattern because This kind of red EMA is telling you that there will be retracements and they will hit you Yeah will hit you because you see here. It’s tricky. Sometimes you have your shop movement upwards This those weeks are showing you sharp movements, which where price goes up Yes, and you entering into a call here and price which respects in the expiration time below your entry point And that’s the reason why you got out of the monkey. So okay the price action viable Obviously my friends my suggestion to you, too instead of surprise section Bible if you are coming with my videos if you know my videos and to Understand what I have to say in my videos You can also get surprised actually guide that is okay because the price action guide has all the illustrations are same content Like the price action Bible. The only difference is no explanations only illustrations all the no rejection trading setups But you have to get the information out of the video and putting them together for yourself. Yes That is what I have done for the price action model because so many students so many my of my us Users who are using my but you tube channel. Ah What Roberto betrayed our YouTube channel? Ah? now asked me to do this kind of Bible with explanation and that is why this get out of this we are working on translation like I have talked about but first of all, I have to get rid a lot of Copy and paste mistakes, which are not really mistakes in concept. Yes, because for those one Who understand how to trade which I have shown before? Understand to some sometimes it’s only a word form instead of a put it should be a call or something like this Yes, but it’s not that are not so deep mistakes, but I have fixed already so many and soon will be published a new edition of the Bible obviously as also one who Got some that will get this for free And yes, let me get more details other topics Which I get and then we are going to start about talking about the chart last week I didn’t show you that the chart because I have forgotten this it was a little bit stressed and A time pressure not stressed and the time pressure so I didn’t got this at the end I forgot it and I got so many emails about this if you want a life chart of this video Of this trades. You need to set me as create an email with with Subject chat 11 yes, or you can get the screenshot from my Instagram account You find a link in the description all you can see this kind of chart at the end of the video I think that this time I will not forget. It depends how long this video will be Yes, but that is where you get this the same is valid also for the pot price actually, right? Yes was a black one you find a link in the description in the description? You will find a link how to focus it purchase it Yes here you see a lot of chart patterns the Pinocchio bar the shooting star Yes, and as you see here is not written what the shooting star has to look like this here I show you only the candlestick and you have to understand this on your own knowing what the shooting styles instead of In the price action bible. I show you this The price action bible You will find ok This shooting star yes, this is what the page of the price actually guide which I have shown you here look this That is the page of the price action guide and then came up those kind of pages which I have done especially for the For the price action Bible and and every of those Scenarios because of that are different scenarios with different context with different wheel body Yes of the candle and different strand strands. You see this kind of things shooting star inverted Hema Depending obviously how you see this Yes until you see the criterias in an uptrend on key level and for between the key levers Marketing strong uptrend set. It should be on the bullish if you get a bullish Shooting star you should have a mobile marketing strong uptrend. Yes much To a certain week in relation to the real body. Yes Is this real body in relation to the weak and the bullish real body swords and the broadside? pathology and here the most important part do not enter into a car trade if Price is below the halfway. And that is this one of the wheels body are breaking through the opening price That is this one has a lower part of the previous candidate. Is this one? Yes Yes, if price is going to break through the opening price do not any more card as you can do a put if price is going to break through this and doesn’t stop and doesn’t react on it you wait that it’s gonna touch this and React it would not touch. Do not any kind of God When do you have to enter into a god enter only into a contract when price moves in third case type per chest? I’m below the closing price of previous candle Yes here between this and this yes between this and this And on rejection from below that means you need a rejection from the halfway or from the opening price of the real body of previous candle in upper direction has much more clearer than this what the price action Bible is offering you as No other eBook out there. I have covered the most important candlestick patterns, which I have distinguished from 200 or 300 different Chemists ik patterns. Which exists. Yes But nobody knows reads them as you need only a few one to be profitable You need to mass the only of you want to be profitable. So in this case that is everything what you should know What is included in the word price action Bible and the what price action guide? So okay that it’s a different because I get this question often and often. It’s really often I get also the questions what’s the difference between the seven addition of the price action guide which is better the travel addition of the price action guide or the first edition of the price action Bible the Bible ends For a price action guide had the same charts. That means the same illustrations the only difference is that the price action Bible has Some more specific some more specific and detailed Illustrations on each and every candlestick pattern chart pattern and concept that means that everything is explained in detail over and over again and If you understand the concept you can get other ones easily Yes, because those concepts are explained also in my video So that is the difference and I’m working on a new ebook that will be the bought price action Ok, that will be not thought about this till I have not explained Fatalis, but I’ve never found a new ebook S. Which much more information Which will bring and step your level your training scale to another level with much more illustrations and detailed information how to handle each and every chemistry pattern chart pattern and concept I get also the question from so many of my users and my audience and Who wants to know? If yes if They need to buy both. No, you don’t need to buy post you need to buy only the price action guide or only the price action Bible and the only Difference is this if you are feeling comfortable with my videos with my 900 50-plus videos and you can into understand what I’m telling there and you can get this what you need the price action guy if you have Problems with my name English because English is not my mother language Then you need the price action Bible because the price action by when you get a text out of the Bible It’s a PDF file and to copy it into the price To translate a google translator and then you will get it. Yes. It’s really easy And the English is not difficult And there are only some some Vocabulary. Yes as some do something like Evening star morning star or something like that are things which you should know as if you don’t know what an evening star is Please do not buy the buy price action Bible that’s because you have first to learn learn the basics this price action Bible is not For the basics this price action Bible is already if you know something yes If you know what the evening stars or the shooting star is what? What doji is what power Budokan? Mystic is yes If you know this this price action Bible will put you into the next trading letter Yes, that will make you money. I have so many students so many of my facebook group, who are Profitable as who are making money and I get everyday Emails about blessings where I get blessed to have made this kind of price action Bible Available to you all as they are so thankful to people because that what that is in there. It’s a gold mine That is what so many of my students are telling me that the price action Bible is a gold mine and my new e-book Will be topping this Yes, that will top this what I have produced in the Bible obviously members of the board mentorship program will get this kind of Companions and included in the price obviously. So ok. That is what I want to tell this kind of case We said what price action Bible interpret what price action guide. Where do you find them? Because this is also one of my most of the most common questions. Where do I get the bought price action guide? where do I get the bought price action Bible you will get them in the description and those one who are not watching in the Descriptions please don’t ask me. I will not answer you because those one who not Listening to my videos. I do not understand that I’m telling this in each and every video that in the description you will find the price action guide and The price action Bible you are not smart enough to be a trader Let me be really yes because if you are not smart enough to move your SS to move your arm You are set on to try to search for it you are not even motivated to become an any day pro trader a Lot of people think that it’s like a game. You have to pull pull push up or Call button, yes, but no it’s not a game. You will be not motivated enough if you are not even able to find The link to this in the description to the ebooks if you have questions, obviously, you can ask that I try to cover on all questions all image all comments and Also the messages with two senators who Facebook obviously I’m not so at the point Facebook because I not a friend of the social media But anyway, so that is solve. There’s no difference apart from the Explanations which are in the pot price section bundle and both can be found in the description There is a link to both CSO’s and we are coming to that what I will produce this week this week. I will make some Videos, maybe it will be the first only one video to see how it will Accepted by you. I will do a video which will be like those one, which I’m Offering here was my video pets Yes And I will show you in this kind of videos my instant my core knowledge Which I get gained in years of experience and I will bring it to you much more in detail who will be really surprised how Educational this stuff which I’m giving away here, but it might be the paste Ah, you will and that is what I can promise you you will improve your training Instantly that means you watch this kind of videos. The video pack one has 104 videos watch this 104 videos and your training style will change and you will become a better trader and you Never believe that the video pack can do this video pick one is for the beginner video peg to this 4th advance What the right one? yes for the medium ones the video page 3 is for the advanced one a video paid for they are so detailed and to much more Trading training sessions they said Become pro Yes So then I will be step by step and they show you and everyone who bought a bigger pet one after one week Bought the three your pet too because this kind of knowledge, which I’m offering there in this video pets is really unique Nobody is doing this and that are not effective stuff It’s the same stuff What I’m doing here on this type of deep explanation videos only on life chart trades Which have done my bot mentorship program students those one are doing Every kind of mistake you can imagine and this will be happen So this is a super sauce and a really nice sauce for you to gain experience and knowledge from mistakes which do other With an explanation of me of the of the pro who telling what they are doing good what they are doing wrong What they could or what they could do and what they should award That is what nobody can tell you because nobody is watching about about your soda But if you see those kind of trades and I tell you there’s nothing what you need to invent you and the owners Everything is already there. And so and also one of those one I do not reinvent the wheel Yes, I’m using this what is and that is what I have done in the video packs. Yes I have done this videos for my pot metal chef program students and I’m giving that then our way and those one are really educational and each and every of my pod students and also those one who bought this video pets are so happy and they are bought by buying not only the video pack wander by two three and four and At the end I get emails about Them how successful they are and how happy they are that they have purchased purchase this kind of video pets because they will change your trading for sure as you will become a Better trader for sure because you get instant access to my corners and on the on this week I don’t know when maybe this week or next week. I will do a new video series and that will be something special I will show you what it will be and you will be surprised how educational this stuff will be but this is only to to make sure that you are aware and publishing the socket then we are getting after the bot mentorship program section in module 2 the Last part and that is support mentorship program. So and the block mentorship program I can say only one say the price of the bottom and ship program is Not a fixed price the price of the bad one what mentorship program it will be established By your work, that means how good you pass through the application process? You know that what mentorship program is a little bit more complicated. It’s not like our other crash courses or courses in general Because I meet only students who understand what they are doing when I’m talking about evening star I wanted My students know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about a moving camera. I know what I want to know Is that the student knows what the support and resistance that is when I’m talking about? a change of polarity I don’t want to explain what change of polarities when I will explain my student What price action officer on the left is I don’t want to get into this kind of detail That is what the knowledge is giving you what I’m giving you with my little videos there’s also one and I can tell you all these days those one who have watched all my 950 plus videos. Ah Really Pro traitors most of them who have watched them are pro traitors. They have maybe some problems with Psychology, yes I will get this thing More in detail as to my internet connections working better and I have some more free time and more the brain opening For the new things. Yes, because I’m a little bit stuck because of this kind of internet problems. I Got fiber optic. Yes But they are doing some problems and that don’t let me get into the working flow into the Create creative part because I’m always thinking about the internet connection, which is making problem I have to call the provider so often That makes me really angry but I have to say there was an advantage I’m able to upload much faster and that is already a good sign So the bot mentorship program again for those one joined the bot medical program. You have to send me an email with subject bot metathesis optic what mentorship program to my email address both which way that at gmail.com that is this one here as there are a lot of payment methods from squirrel Owen about about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency Perfect money work money and whatever you want to pay for is Yes, everything will be accepted important is that you cannot buy it immediately you have to go through application process and because we have already joined the half years or nearly over I Will soon stop doing this kind of stuff of the partnership program So try to get into the recipe into the store. Yes that you have me as your ass Mentor, yes that Would be for those one who wants us Yes, so try to get into the sport mentorship program as fast as possible And also them only is about mentorship program application process will take a few weeks It’s not those that do come answer seven questions and you are in the bottom inertia program because that is what I think What a lot of my audience thinks no, that will be not I’m not willing to get each and every one I’m really selective those one who got chosen by me by the application process that you you are only a handful a handful you have to understand that I have done now five months of both mentorship program and Average I had every week only 20 students 20 new students every week That means I’m so really selective. I have educated in the last five months only 100 and a few students and of those 100 and a few students 95 of them got Profitable successful profitable. This bought mentorship program is your access to a financial freedom to That an extra income has to become successful consistently profitable full-time or part-time trainer and In general I would not say this because I’m not the sky of who is doing this kind of advertising stuff Yes but I have to say if but The bot concepts which I had explained in my ebooks would not work I would have been already discredited Yes There would be I would be named as gamer over and over and over else But in general those kind of stuff which I am teaching which I’m trying to explain to my students to my audience Or my youtube channels that are real things which are working as ed. I wouldn’t not be standing behind this That is what I’m living for. Yes when I started to do my youtube channel I was this guy who want to change something in this kind of financial industry this Financial industry which is full of scammer full of liar Yes who are trying only to get the money out of your pocket? Not only the broker also those one has and I get each and every day emails from people who got scammed Yes and They are not winning anymore to invest in anything but I can say only one thing you have to invest if it’s not time It can’t be time and money And if it’s not a money, it has to be much more time But the problem is most of you do not have the time. Yes when I have started three years ago with Trading binary options. I was broke broken me as a lot of of you didn’t know this Yes, but I have talked to this or to also to my students. I had only $20 on my account Yes on my bank account I was financially broken and I wasn’t knowing what will be happy in future and I can tell you only one thing and that is something Motivationally because I’m telling you this from my life or my own life when you are at the ground when nothing looks anymore That it couldn’t be darker than this then ever something will happen if you have faith in faith in yourself and believe in the greater forces and It has not to be God. It has not to be the universe. It can’t be everything Yes And it will help you but you have to go to the ground and you have to find yourself and that is what I’m trying also to teach in my word mentorship program because a Lot of traders are doing this kind of binary option stuff to get to get rich I am not there to make you rich as that. It’s not my mission My mission is only to prevent you to be scammed. That is why I have done this kind of videos so many years ago yes, when I started doing this YouTube channel, because first of all I was once I like your option shed and I tried to do this there but the problem is obviously easy to like your option share tested our moderations who couldn’t do this that one and that the reason why I started this kind of YouTube channel to educate as much as possible as much as possible people out there to become successful traders Yes And and nobody can tell me anything but I am doing here a great work that I’m getting so much feedback which makes me every day smiling and also working right today here on On Sunday doing this kind of video. You have to believe that that is also of some kind of motivational question yes that so many do not have as Motivation is crucial and that is what the application process is about The application process is some kind of a scale to understand if you are if you are motivated enough if you have the Shall we drive to become a successful profitable trader? Then the process to become a successful profitable trader that can be teached by me Yes as me as mentor I can teach users how you can do this but you have to be they have to be the you have to have the discipline the Motivation yes, and obviously some kind of knowledge would be Good, but at the end you get the knowledge from me in the form of the videos in form of the ebooks. Yes, and obviously I know this yes, but I’m the only one who is explaining each and everything So in detail, if you’re watching as our YouTube videos, I’m not watching any more YouTube videos Yes of other traders, but if you are watching I have seen a lot of ones. Yes Because also me has wasted his time with the wrong YouTube channels. Yes I don’t wanna name somebody yes, but that is a reality and Because no one will be Because there will be shared. There are other people who believe in this. Yes, and so you get Driven by this but the flow of the other ones and you are wasting time with only demonstrations how to trade yes, but they don’t explain it nothing as Maybe they are telling there’s a bias area. There’s a lot areas and that was it but in general how the concepts are working how EMA’s how’s the balling appends are interacting with surprise and prices interacting with them? Yes, that is Mysterion mysterium for so many also good traders who are training support and resistance they do not understand how important in ace and boring apprentice because support and resistance is each and Everywhere, it’s not only so Not only the horizontal all the trend lines No It’s everywhere each and everything because the market are traded by humans and humans Understand and are able to recognize patterns they are able Recognize the relation between price and EMA. Yes, because they know okay EMA is a support and resistance levels The same is with a bowling event. Why do price reverse often? It’s a to deviation ball in a band in arranging market easily Because of the support and resistance as if there would be no support and resistance there would be no reversal So, okay. I have to stop here because ads it will be too long this video and I have to convert it So maybe I will upload it only on Monday But I will start now a minute so to become to get into the bot mentorship program You have to send me an email with the subject bot mentorship program to my email address both over twitter at gmail.com and then the application process will start it will have a lot of steps which you have to cover and Can be a reason to reject it off even you proceed and at the end you can join the bot mentorship program at the price of the bot mentorship program will be established by the Process of the application that means whether you go through the application process better you have a better understanding you have less you have to pay that and Also, the motivation makes obviously a part I have a lot of who starts the application process and who are not able to bring it to an end and that is a sign for me already why I do not accept those kind of students because I want motivated one because I’m giving everything I want that my students are giving everything to yes, because I’m doing Investing my time. There’s my precious time. I do not need to do this I can do everything else what I want at the same time But I’m giving my time and so I wanted by students. I giving everything and I if I see this as a student is not giving everything I Will reject those kind of students because I’m not winning Yes Because the money which I get from the spot mentorship program I do this was a single trait On IQ options, so that it’s not the reason why I’m doing this. Yes I’m doing this because I’m convicted from my impersonal convicted That means I want to do this because I had a mission so many years ago when I started This kind of youtube channel. Yes, and that is what is driving me every morning. That is the reason why I’m everyday Doing my job as a bot mentorship the bot mentorship program Providing my students the amount of videos and so many of my students do not even understand how I can Handle this to do so many videos every day. Yes for my students and it’s Craziest I’m a virus because at the end they have to be done and so on also But this weekend not too serious this week on on Wednesday I will do this when I have some more time and my students will not cover all my time I will do this kind of new playlist which will Give you a super insight in training My core knowledge which I am teaching you not only in the bot mentorship program person per person also in the self-study modules as which you can find in the link in the Description the same where the price action bar by the price action Bible is a fundament You should have the price action by the in combination with the video pegs one and then you will see the power which you will Which will increase your training? Dramatically and you will make money out of the market So but now we are going to start like the charge. I have prepared this already here. We have the chart and We’ll show you my trades which I have done here that were one two, three four five six traits six traits I have done six traits here and I will explain each and every trade and what kind of concepts that are Important to understand for this so we have here this kind of downtrend here We have a pin bar. This pin bar got the confirmation by this candle Yes, which is a weak candle, but the upper shadow assurance this selling pressure It got rejected from the 20 ma please at the end of the video I will show you the chart eleven and A few seconds so that you can see this but you can get it. Also if you sent me an email with shard seven on shot eleven on my year in address both over twitter at gmail.com or even if you Want on maximum account there will be published a screenshot to So that will be the rejection here from the twenty from the 20 ma The next candle was a candle which has broken support and resistance level of this round number Which goes in confluence which you cannot see with the fifty EMA and that was a reason why I entered on the next candle into a put Has on the rejection and that is important. It’s not only important that you do a put it’s important how you do the pot? Yes, because the book should be always done On a rejection. Yes, or if you are sure that you have selling pressure in On not only on the rejection If you have selling pressure, you can move the spots on the closing price or a popsicles in price So let me show you this candle Okay, so that was the next candle and I entered on the rejection from the 50 ma this candle has broken this kind of support and resistance rather on the next candle I entered in to put on the rejection Zen is Nothing special. That is what I have explained here About the entry point, obviously and about support and resistance, please watch this. It looks a little bit different. Yes I know this because I didn’t want to draw on candlesticks, but you have to see this This candle is a bullish candle breaks through the support and resistance level on them you use this level here, which was a luminous support and resistance level as The next caller gasps as a trend continuation. That is what I have done here. Let me show you this Here also again, let me show you this again So candle broke through it goes back to this level and then you have a pullback. So what happens here? let me show you this so that you understand this better because it’s only Price broke so this support and resistance level goes up to this level get a pullback and continuously down to NZ is Exactly that what happens this and that it’s what you have to trade in a major Downtrend you do put options on resistance in a downtrend rest on In an uptrend you do call options on Support it is the same thing as only the visible signs it is what I’m doing all the time There’s nothing yet if I don’t have some kind of clue what market is going to do there with the candlestick pattern I referring always to support and resistance you can Obviously not believe in support and resistance If you have a ranging market, if you have a ranging market, it’s difficult That price will reject from any kind of support and resistance level But if you get the rejection from a support and resistance level then, you know Your there is still a trend acted and in this case we had them in a downtrend and that was a clear sign for me from and you have this kind of space and that is what I’m telling so often to my students don’t Trade tiny candidates avoid tiny candidates because tiny candles will bring you in a bad position why because there is a lag between your so execution of the trade and You put in the trade and the execution of the trade, which is only a few milliseconds But this will bring you to a bad earth position because price is not moving in the direction yet. That is a Really really important to understand so the next candle happened and I didn’t trade it the next candle. Yes, because this cable was For my taste a little bit too weak you couldn’t trade this Yes, because this kena didn’t touch this wrong number and didn’t touch the 200 EMA that is also the reason why I didn’t train at the next candle because I expected some kind of rejection from the 200 Ma, which was a little bit below this one who will see this on the life chart on the next candle I didn’t read it. It was this one. Okay, that was the next candle and the important is to understand what happens this candle has broken this kind of round number and then This week is showing buying pressure. This candle was already weak here we have the 200 EMA which goes in the SNF zone of This kind of round number and on the next candle I entered into a trade So a lot of my students would have done what exactly they would try to follow the trend Yes, but no because this week is showing buying pressure. That’s an is showing buying pressure because of the long downtrend as it means I have expenses and one of the other videos Let me show you this that was this video where I told you where and what kind of position of the trend the tray is showing you what kind of pressure we are talking about and I don’t know which one it was. It was this one here and look at this So we have here in a downtrend this upper week Warlords in the downtrend it’s called yes And the same is also for the lower weight in a downtrend the low week at the end of a trend means that price will yes, that is what this is because at least if not reverse it will be rich race that is what is About and the second one, which is important here Is that kind of concept and I cannot tell you how often it’s important It will be in inside bad faith way doubt Yes and that’s the reason why I entered on the next candle into a Contract because this week was showing buying pressure. This candle has been broken The round number was determination This candle has not broken the 200 EMA was deputy termination the who 200 ma is flat So price will most probably reverse a ritual arranged around 200 ma And that’s the reason why I entered on the next candle into a call Okay ofcourse the next kinda important here is where should be the entry point an entry point should be Below the round number. Yes, that is what is important here Yes, if you can if you are able to get your trade below the round number It would be the good entry point. If you are don’t getting it below the round number You should try to get it below the 200 ma because price will Burglars or retrace back above says yes, that is what this is. And so your entry point should be below This is what I had explained here And I have to stop to show you all this kind of concept because the video is getting again too long Let me show you this where we have this the entry point here. Yes above and below here You see above the closing price below the closing price and if you have such support and resistance rather, yes You should try to enter here below or above or here below or above. Yes That is what I’m trying to teach and to tell you always that the problem is that a lot of traders are impatient They do not have the time or don’t want to have the time to wait for the right opportunity and entering Immediately. So the next candle was this one. I didn’t trade it. I didn’t trade it because of the flat 200ma which shows me always that is conservation area I have experiences in detail at the beginning of the video when I have shown you this chart here this kind of Consultations here are based from the 200 EMA and that’s the reason here. We have reflect one. We may you will see this on the Life chart you sent me an email with chart 11 on my boat over twitter at gmail.com Email address or my Instagram account to find something in the description you can find this image or I will show you this later So, okay. Let me do this a little bit more faster I will try to show you as a trait and the reason why I took them The next one was this what that was. The next candidate was a doji So and what I have told you before about doji’s On the doji on the next candle when you are going to enter into a trade you have to trade this Above or below the closing price because we have here a consolidation area between the 200 and the 100 to conceive this more in detail on the life chart I entered on the next candle into a port and The next candle was this so that was the next camera This would have been an out of the money if I would have entered in It’s a closing price of the previous candle, but I haven’t done this I attached on the rejection from some 100 ma Because this is the area where you have to do put in the consultation area and that is the area where you have to do Calls in the consolidation area and that is what I’m applying each and every time yes you have to understand this if you are trading in between of a conservation area and the doji in between of the conservation area is Opacity and indecision candid a pair up so long as it means says or for reasons, I told you yes So the next candle after doji, you should enter above or below the closing price. Don’t do this If you don’t do this you can lose because price will retrace and you will this straight Okay So the next candle was this one I didn’t trade this because I have done already three trades this criteria This straight and this one so I get already two or three and I was relaxed. I was waiting for a better opportunity Also, if I could have to train it this next candle, yes, because we got here pull back from this rod number Yes, but I didn’t read it because I was with it I was waiting for a better opportunity and the next Kendall was okay. That was the next camera and On the next kind of I could have done Accord because you see this camera stopped exactly on the round number a little bit Lower number but only a little bit and the lower shadow is showing buying precious for the next Kendall could have been the call I didn’t read it. But the next Kendall was this is that okay? That was the next camera and because of this Kendall I Understood that this was a fake break out of the 200 in a with a pullback from this wrong number. I entered on the next Kendall on the rejection from the wrong number into a court rate and the next Kendall was this that was the next camera and that here on the rejection from the wrong number and from the 200 ma into a call because that Was a sign that we are giving here a reversal now, it looks a little bit like a double bottom Yes, so I didn’t trade the next one because this camera was pretty much too weak to trade the second bottom of its double bottom Because there is also something what a lot of traders are doing a lot of my students are doing this as they are Trading there’s a continuation of a trend after such kind of weekend know You can do a continuation after such kind of candle. Yes that it’s the second top of a double top You can do here put this because this can show insanity pressure. But this candle here is showing nothing Yes, so don’t expect a double top or a double bottom will form. Yes. There is something like hocus-pocus Or something like gambling as you have to get evidences that there will be this So what happens next the next Kendall was this I have to bring it to an end because we have already 55 minutes okay, is that was the next candle and Yes, the next candle here. I didn’t trade it anything because it was too risky We have here a bullish candle the next candle can’t be everything. I didn’t wait I was waiting to understand if it will be a fake break out of This kind of round number and the next candle was this so that gravestone to a great dragonfly. Doji was the next candle Yes mt. A– Yes that’s important the next Kendall. I entered into a court rate on the next king. I entered into a cult rate Because this can confirm to me that we are getting now this kind of uptrend after the double bottom Because this candle has broken the round number at the 50 ma this candle retraced back to the 50 ma and the round number and On the next candle you can expect that price will continue doing the MENA uptrend what I have explained in my videos about a double top double bottom and In so many other videos there’s a trend continuation after a doji So let me show you the next candle which I had entered into a trade. So that was so that was the next candle and Okay on the next candle. I didn’t enter into a trade because I had done already here not opt wait I had done only one twig at the end and Let me show you this it was this trade here Then I am talking to this kind of reversal trade a fake record inside fake wake up to two hundred in a Then the pulled net I creates a bull neck above the closing price of the previous candle then I entered on this candle here which was assigned for me that we got a second retest of this support level, which is a wrong number and Then I entered on this candle here After the doji after the doji, so we got here one, two, three, four five trades Yes, and then I waited to get the last opportunity And that was this one daughter goes missing That one the next killing was this so and after this because this can touch the one Deviation bowling event in and now we’re going into a ranging market Is important that you can see on the life charge a search at 11 you will see Why the next candle was? this kind of touch sir that what one deviation boiling event and that was already a sign that they’re Coming up some kind of reversal because the trend was already pretty long We have you’re ready to reach the profit target because you see here one One of this distance is the same like the distance one. We got you the top profit target So the next candle would be a most probably a bearish one So the next Kendall was this so the next one boss sends this oh And after this I have to give a little bit more speed the next candle was this so see we’re getting here now a pullback that what I have explained in the video about the last case and The pullback as a retracement After dark cloud kaabah because of the flat 200 ma that retracement here is based because of the fled 200 me about the ranging marketers and Because price is going here. You will see this on the live charge that we have flat Bollinger Bands We have floppy a flat image. That is the retracement of the flat image But we still have a minute downtrend because we got here this kind of dark cloud cover Yes on the next camera because this so see the down trend will continue yes, and The next candle world would have been a no rejection trading set up. Yes because you haven’t made that downtrend. Yes We have 2 minute downtrend and you are following the trend and so on the next candle. I didn’t enter into the straight Yes, because I didn’t follow to enter because we were too close to the 50 ma I was not true it we are going to break through it And the next candle was this that was the next candle and after this Kendall Came up this candle and that wasn’t the reason I entered on the next candid. So let me show you this Oh, that was the next candle Yes And then I entered obviously in the next candle into a car trade Expecting a faith break out of the 20 and the 50 ma who can see this on the live chart You see how often the concepts are the same and oh and also when I show you this one here. Yes the highest probability Trading setups something like this Here you see it’s looking the same as down to an uptrend downtrend Uptrend and the same is here. Yes downtrend uptrend downtrend uptrend so and on the next Kendall I Entered into a chord and that was this what so and the last one you see I entered below the closing price of the previous candle all the rejection from this letter here Yes into a call expecting a fake breakout. It was a paper cut because it broke through the 50 and to 20 ma Yes, and the next cable was then in this one So that was the next candle and here you can expect obviously knowledge a who patent has and the price will continue to going up Okay, so that was this one. Let me show you Xen sirs chart Which I have given you some insight and how I treated that as a basic concepts Which I’m expecting for each of every of my students that they understand what I have done here. You see here That was at the end to pull back. It has the pull back of this neckline off this double bottom Yes, which I have traded I didn’t train it before I waited to get this pullback and then on the rejection I Entered into a corner here again. Don’t trade two tiny candles in no-man’s land Yes And don’t wait after doji at closing price of the doji that will hit will giving you Often a bad trade. So okay. Then this candle I traded this can I traded this candle? I traded this candle. I traded this candle this candle Yes, and then I waited here 500 six minutes and actuated to pull back from the neckline of this double bottom. Yes We’re here. I heard further had done that already. It’s weight off the neckline and here does a trade off the neckline really nice So, okay. Let me show you now. It’s a Screen shot so that you don’t need to download it or email me one second. Okay Okay, one second. Okay, that was a chart and you see here and you see here that Candle was a trade which I had to pull back Break out of the 50 ma in a minute downtrend. Yes Rejection from the 50 ma and from the round number and I entered into a portrait here We got the fake break out of this wrong number in combination with the conference with the 200 ma Which is flat I have done here the fake break out offices because this week was showing buying pressure Then I entered into this portrait because I’m expecting a pullback From the 50 ma in the concert there 100 ma in the constructor I come to a conference with the conservation area between the 100 and 200 EMA Yes, then I entered here on the second retest on after this candle has touched the bowling event into a cadre because this candle broken has done a fake break out of the 200 ma on the rejection from the round number important and through the 200 ma I entered into a call then you see he has a Bullish candle which has broken this kind of 100 ma the on the next candle I entered into a trend continuation on the rejection Yes, because this kind of two candles confirmed the break out of the 100 ma And then I have done his six minute. Nothing waiting the price corner Reverse pull back from the neck line, which is in this case. Also the 100ma enter round number Yes, and then on the next can I am Satya on this candle into a chord? I could have done also this one but after I have done the sixth rate I have finished my sessions and my training session and so I stopped Okay, that was it already If you liked this video do like if it didn’t subscribe subscribe to my channel and if you have something to say drop me a line in the comment section and I would say in this case they say and bye-bye

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