📊Crypto Weekly News Review 📊 7/29/18 – Live Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

📊Crypto Weekly News Review 📊 7/29/18 – Live Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News happy Sunday everybody welcome to the
stream we’re gonna talk about the crypto weekly news review all right
today is July 29th we’re gonna talk about everything that happened this week
there’s been tons of great news crazy news bad news awesome news lots of news
alright so yeah I’d like to start off by first saying I hope you haven’t a you’re
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what’s going on d marchello good morning good morning or good afternoon or
evening wherever it is for you so yeah we’re just gonna go over what is going
on quick we’ll take a look at Bitcoin real quick
it’s been an interesting week for sure alright so we started the week off with
a nice well actually it continued to run up alright we’ve seen a three percent
rise I’d say somewhere around there and then it died it basically plummeted for
it for a quick minute and yeah it was about a 3% drop and then we had a nice
run up for a about a day and a half or so yeah about a day and a half of 9.7%
before it relaxed and kind of went sideways for a few hours and then we’ve
seen a really nice run up of about 2% and then that’s where it kind of topped
off at around the $8,500 mark after that we’ve seen another drop of two a little
over to 2% and then the big scare came where we had
thought that you know was gonna I know a lot of people thought I was going to
drop even more but I believe this was the ETF I think people might have
panicked I think that was the ETF denial from the Winklevoss twins and so after
that we did see a nice rebound of almost 6% and that’s pretty much gone sideways
since then up and down fluctuating about a hundred to two hundred dollars three
hundred dollars now as far as the Bitcoin dominance we have seen a nice
rise in the Bitcoin dominance so that has been very you know nice and exciting
to see unfortunately that means that all coins have died down okay you can look
here is other which covers pretty much everything else other than what you see
here on this list alright but yeah you know the rest of the alt coins have
taken a hit there has been a small increase but at the same time overall
Bitcoin dominance is still at a high you know that equals back to somewhere
around the December area so good to see for the big Bitcoin maximalist not so
great for the all corners I’m coming in the middle somewhere so you know it does
hurt to see my alt coins you know take a toll take a hit that’s it’s not too it’s
not too too good but what can you do you know other than that some of the mid cap
winners a below billion dollar market cap we have chain-link at 53 percent
mithril at 28 by box token at 24 Bitcoin gold did really nice
we have iOS T which heads up I Westie was a pretty simple airdrop just
so you know like it was I literally got those coins for free 68 of them I
believe it was so keep an eye on those air drops you know especially if you’re
not a Bitcoin millionaire if you’re just a regular guy you know take a look at
those you know and if you have the time take a look at those air drops because
what I what I got equal to like a hundred forty dollars worth of free with
the free cryptocurrency from iOS t now obviously some of them aren’t going to
be all that great but some of them hey you never know right just huddle says
marchello just title I like it so we got crypto next we got Z cash at 11 so the
last seven days have been very good to some coins and then let’s take a look at
some of the losers for the last seven days
we got Bitcoin diamond Wan chain mo AK Power ledger GX chain not doing so great
auger down 10% in the last seven days and then let’s see if we can get the big
caps to show up yeah so for the big cap that means a billion dollar market cap
and over we got V chain coming in crushing it at
43% one of my viewers actually told me about it too so and I didn’t go in but
it’s okay you know that sometimes you can make move sometimes you can’t I
don’t have a massive amount of crypto I can throw around to dump into different
programs right now although I did go in on some tron I’m mocking Ally I’m not
gonna talk too much about Tron but what I’m saying right now is I have the same
feeling about Tron and the same intuition and the same amount of
research that I had at AO s when I bought in at 60 cents so that feeling
that I had I couldn’t turn it down you know it was just a feeling of this is
gonna be big I believe in it and I think that this is
gonna take the world by storm to a certain degree so I bought Tron
anyways moving on other than that let’s talk about some of the new
that you might have missed now if you’ve been up on the news all the time some of
this is gonna be old news right but coinbase okay so coinbase concluded
there was no insider trading they it was a voluntary you know voluntary
investigation okay there was no outside sources involved no third parties but
yeah so they reportedly concluded that no insider trading of Bitcoin cash took
place I don’t believe it it seemed really messy maybe they did maybe they
didn’t this says we would not hesitate to terminate employee or contractor
and/or take appropriate legal action if evidence showed our policies were
violated we can report that the voluntary independent internal
investigation has come to a close and we have determined to take no disciplinary
action disciplinary actions yeah about that
moving on gibraltar stock exchange platform opens this is pretty
significant because Gibraltar has a lot of pull out there all right so UK
overseas territory of Gibraltar listed launched a Gibraltar black chain
exchange gvx on July 23rd press release confirmed opening cryptocurrency trading
right now they have btc-e theorem and its own R K T token so we’ll see what
happens with that I’ll be staying up to date on that to find out how that
exchange is doing next up the bat article stating US investors not biting
on Bitcoin but many intrigued I call BS there have been shown a influx of US
investors biting like volume record on the Bitcoin futures as one example but
yeah so you know what I do find interest thing about this is they’re stating 2%
of the investor population keyword investor population so this is a poll
done a Gallup poll okay so I remember last year lots of numbers coming out
saying only 1% of something along the lines of 1% of the United States is
investing in cryptocurrencies something like that but now they’re talking about
2% of investors and in the poll they asked people who had I believe it was
one thousand or ten thousand dollars or more invested in any market so
interesting numbers you know it’s in my opinion that’s significant and 26
percent say they are intrigued we also have Google getting involved in
blockchain okay it was released this week that Google is getting involved
with digital asset and the Google cloud is they’re going to be providing tools
and services for solution architects Aleutians architects wanting to develop
blockchain applications without having to code them from scratch so the big
behemoth is getting involved and wants in other than that each theorem is
testing for their hard fork so I don’t know all there is to know about this I
looked into it a little bit to be honest I I’m not that interested now I will be
as time progresses but you know hopefully there’s some good updates you
know aetherium does need we all know anybody in crypto space knows aetherium
is a is a big boy it’s a monster it’s you know it’s been around for a while
it’s done some amazing things but it has serious it has serious issues with
scalability next Google yanked meta mask from the
chrome store and a phishing scam was there in its place now I’m not saying
they added the phishing scam but it was there and that was the only thing there
so it was not a good situation you know a lot of people were very upset about
this they didn’t have access to their metamath all of a sudden and if you
don’t know it meta mask is it’s somewhat of a you know a wallet that can linked
aetherium accounts but yeah yeah it was not a good situation the team received
no explanation for Google’s action according to Serrano and the extension
was restored about five hours later so not a good situation other than that we
have a individual or individuals who were invested in uber and etrade okay
they are setting they’re setting their exchange up a No Fee exchange so this is
going to be in competition with what Robin Hood the Robin Hood app so that’s
interesting you know there’s so many exchanges coming out it’s it’s pretty
nutty to be honest there’s there’s tons there’s so many it’s nuts
Marcello’s said he has also Tron a lapped he says that’s awesome man I’ll
be Honnold and I’ll be making more videos about it too because you know
there’s so much awesome news coming out about Tron so I will be talking more
about Tron but yeah so SEC has the lead decisions
on Bitcoin ETFs okay not the CBOE one not the big one not the one a lot of
people are expecting to get past but yeah they they basically put five on
hold I believe it was five and stated that they basically need a you know
appropriate time you know they need more time to do more
research and and come to conclusions let’s see what else we have there’s been
so much news dap radar oh yeah so we have for the highest ranking gaps we
have p o w 3d we have ID x which is an exchange and then we have FOMO 3d they
have the most volume right now and over the last seven days yeah they’ve had the
most volume 60,000 eath and the PIO w3d contract and idec’s 46,000 FOMO 21,000
and yeah lots of gambling going on on those on those gaps
I noticed Singapore Airlines launches a blockchain base cryptocurrency loyalty
wallet so this is pretty awesome you’re gonna be able to use your crypto
currency or so you’re gonna be use your your your airline points and you’re
gonna be able to redeem them for a crypto currency so pretty neat you know
it’s and this is from the Toshi times from ivan on tech i think that’s pretty
good you know I mean uh airline air lungs and traveling is a big industry
coinbase has released crypto gift card a service for customers in Europe and
Australia I like this but I don’t like the fact that it’s only in Europe and
Australia I’m hoping to see something like this in the United States even
though I’m not a user of coinbase I would like to see this implemented for
the US residents there is a lot of that going on there’s a lot of gift cards and
payment processors linking up with corporations Vietnam on some not so good
news State Securities Commission bans firms from cryptocurrency activity the
last months have seen seven well Asian countries ease their
cryptocurrency regulations with south south south korea regulating
cryptocurrency exchanges as commercial banks and the chinese president
endorsing blockchain technology as a technology revolution earlier this week
vietnam state securities commission of vietnam is to have announced that firms
are forbidded exchanges with any sort of cryptocurrency activity hopefully that’s
just a temporary deal kind of like what’s going on in India
I do believe India will come around.
📊Crypto Weekly News Review 📊 7/29/18 – Live Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News 572 million dollars worth of Bitcoin futures
traded by Wall Street actors on this Tuesday so this happened the other day
three days ago CME Group tweeted that Bitcoin futures had reached a record
volume this Tuesday with 12,000 contracts exchanged worth approximately
64,000 Bitcoin or a whopping 533 million worth all in all this brought the total
volume of Bitcoin futures to 71 thousand Bitcoin or around 572 million and
undoubtedly substantial amount very impressive big numbers i rand this
comes from Toshi x as well Iran is working on their cryptocurrency yeah I
mean there’s a lot of talk about about Venezuela and now Iran is is following
suit and it stated that you know it’s due to the impact of us-led sanctions so
I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the near future not just
Iran but other countries as well creating their own digital currency I
think it’s a matter of time Mike Novick Novogratz lost 134 million in q1 of 2018
digital Galaxy digital run by famous Wall Street trader
might took a hit thanks to current crypto currency markets falling in the
first quarter of the year 2018 a total of 138 million was lost with 13.5
million loss on digital assets and eighty five point million on unrealized
losses of digitalize assets unrealized okay so what that means is he did not
cash out these are unrealized so it’ll be
interesting to see what this gentlemen brings in you know next next quarter and
in the and the quarters after lat you know q3 and q4 I’d be interested to
see we do have let me check volume real quick make sure we’re good I should have
done that a while ago it looks like we’re good hope everybody’s having an
awesome Sunday by the way cuz uh looks like the weather’s awesome at least from
where I’m looking let’s see what else we have so much news so much news let’s see
what else we have hit BC hit BTC added support for euro peg stable coin you EU
RS so lots of stable coins became the beginning to come out it’s it’s gonna be
fascinating to see how many stable coins are out within the next year or two
because I’ve been seeing a fair amount of news on them kim.com
creates own cryptocurrency aimed at content creators now I don’t know too
much about where kim.com comes from or his background I have you know done a
little bit of research on them but I do enjoy this as a content creator I think
it’s positive to see this kind of material coming out and this kind of
initiative you know hopefully it’s a great project does it need to be
tokenized I don’t know the answer to that I
haven’t looked into it enough but some would say no some would say yes I am
happy though that it is is a you know an initiative to help
content creators Google bands cryptocurrency miners mining apps from
Playstore this was a few days ago actually no this was two yeah two days
ago so the great thing about this is why I’m covering this is because one of the
coins I’m in electron iam is not going to be affected by this so I’m happy
about that as an investor and ya say we don’t allow apps that mine
cryptocurrency on devices we we permit apps that remotely manage the mining of
cryptocurrency and that is what electron IAM does so good news on their part bad
news on others part another ICO hacked kick ICO losses 8 million after smart
contract breach no bueno no bueno ladies and gentlemen kick ICO an initial
coin offering ICO project launch on top of etherium blockchain protocol was
hacked on July 27 three days ago losing more than 70 million kick worth seven
point seven million dollars so no good a few hours after the incident that kick
ICO team was able to regain access to its smart contract and replace the
compromised private key with the private key and it’s cold wallet to protect the
network and remaining user funds not a good thing yeah it’s the same hack that
happened with or similar hack that happened with Bank horse so it’s not all
rainbows and butterflies ladies and gentlemen in regard to the Winklevoss
Bitcoin ETF rejection not a good thing but I do believe they will be back and
you know it led to some pretty interesting events I would like to say
and what that is is after the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF got rejected for the second
time we had quite the interesting bit of
passionate information from a woman named Hester pierce you know I just
found something interesting she removed or maybe not anyway so she came out and
publicly shared her opinions on the matter and she is a commissioner she’s
an SEC commissioner okay and she she she kind of tore into them and in the most
polite respectable professional manner I did actually I did a whole hour long
video about it you can check out the first ten or so minutes and get the
point though it was interesting you know and one thing I did notice is she jumped
from nine thousand followers on this post in July 26
so within within three days she went from nine thousand Instagram followers
to fourteen point four thousand I wish I could do that that was pretty damn
awesome so yes I commend this woman long story short I commend her a lot of
people commend her you can see why if you read the dissent letter so basically
this dissent rep letter aka disagreement leather letter she like I said tore into
them and she is a commissioner so this is from a very reputable source who has
a lot of knowledge and a lot of smarts and she said a lot of things I’m not
going to go into them because I did a whole long video about it and I don’t
want to keep this video too long but here’s a here’s a quick tidbit by
precluding the approval of cryptocurrency based ET Pease aka ETF
for the foreseeable future the Commission is engaging in merit
regulation Bitcoin is a new phenomenon and it’s long term viability is
uncertain it may succeed it may fail the Commission however is not well
positioned not well positioned to assess the
likelihood of either outcome for Bitcoin or any other asset many investors have
expressed an interest in gaining exposure to Bitcoin and a subset of
these investors would prefer to gain exposure without owning Bitcoin directly
and ETP etes aka ETF based on Bitcoin would offer investors indirect exposure
to Bitcoin through a product that trades on a regulated securities market in a
manner that eliminates some of the frictions so basically what she’s saying
is you you know the SEC is playing gatekeeper and their decision is not
justifiable because they’re basing their approval or disapproval off of the
volatility of the market of Bitcoin and the risks of it
failing or not instead of yes et nsq is huge instead of the filing process that
the Winklevoss brothers committed to and has have done and that’s where she’s
coming from she’s saying that basically they’ve done everything they needed to
do and everything they should have do I should have done to protect you know to
protect investors and the rest is up to the people to decide whether they
approve of it or not whether they want to buy into it or not so she did a great
job in my opinion whether you like an ETF or not I know some people don’t and
I understand where they’re coming from but she did an interesting number on
them Tron has been in the news a lot lately Tron founder Justin son wins
super node election vows to donate revenue to TRX development the reason
why this some controversy I would say is because Justin’s son is the founder of
this company and you know some people are worried about it becoming more
centralized and I’ll go in a little bit as to what a super representative is so
like recently launched iOS Tron uses delegated proof of stake as a
census algorithm given the cryptocurrency more built-in scalability
than proof-of-work crypto currencies like Bitcoin and this
comes at the expense of dense decentralization to compensate for this
D POS networks like Tron and iOS require super no candidates to run as candidates
and allow users to stake their coins to vote for which one which ones will
process transactions on the network the protocol then randomly selects which
node will process each block and theory these measures will prevent malicious
node operator from attacking the network as node operators do not know which
blocks they will need they will process and users can vote out actors who do not
behave appropriately nevertheless critics assert that even these measures
do not prevent node operators from colluding together and particularly when
these entities are geographically centralized make them vulnerable to
pressure from hostile governments so it’s not all about them being bad actors
they’re worried about them you know falling under the pressure of government
so interesting stuff but here’s a list he came in number 8 we’ll find out a lot
more about that soon utorrent has now also gotten involved with Tron and
BitTorrent so very interesting stuff they are they have applied to be a super
representative and here’s a Twitter article that also talks a little bit
about how Justin son is proud to announce that BitTorrent and utorrent
now in regard to BitTorrent that was an active acquisition I believe of 150
million dollars so very good to see I like investing in companies that are
going through acquisitions with other companies for 150 million dollars in the
crypto space okay that’s a big deal to me that’s another reason why I’m really
liking token pay too kanpei’s is is having acquisitions as
well as going through them with other companies and I like that that’s a
positive sign that means they got bankroll that means they’re doing their
they’re secure enough to be forking up big money for companies that they feel
are going to benefit their company you know so and it’s also bringing in
community as well Justin son just brought in millions of
active users with this acquisition and now you torrance getting involved and
well as well so Justin Suns gonna decentralize
everything pretty much okay that’s that’s what I’m seeing here
is it just going to decentralize everything all of it everything and then
you got Tron scan org okay where you can see who has the most votes sky people
are at the top right now team Tronics and second these are going back and
forth too because sure on Team tronics had it earlier but yeah crypto girls is
holding in at fifth crypto girls I have read a little bit about that
organization pretty cool hash flare we got some crazy hash flare news people
okay so if you don’t know how flares hatch allure is a cloud mining service I
am not quite sure I am comfortable with cloud mining services
I have never invested in them I have thrown money away in two other risky
stuff but I haven’t touched the cloud service yet and I’m kind of glad I
haven’t because I feel like I got too late into the game for that but yeah so
hash Flair came out lots of promises you know Stan they’re gonna deliver this
deliver with that new new big baller in town and then next thing you know on
July 4th they say due to the fact that since the mark since the beginning of
last month hash Flair LP has been suffering losses related to maintenance
of equipment and electricity fees we have had to make a difficult difficult
decision of stopping – services of sha-256 contracts not
massive people didn’t like it 341 people commented so anyway next thing you know
three days later they come out and state that they are gonna resume mining and
they’re happy to announce that as a result of diligent work such a solution
has been reached we’ll see how long this lasts it could be one last attempt to
bring in some dough before the exit scam or they could have gotten their act
together we’ll know in you know in the future time will tell
we’ll see what happens with that in other news this week we have couple of
predictions mr. Mike and Novogratz I mean this guy’s knee-deep in crypto so
it makes sense for him to be throwing out very high exuberant predictions but
he sees 800 billion in 12 months we’re sitting at almost 300 million now that’s
another 5 million added to the market cap and if we are in a similar situation
market cap wise Bitcoin dominant wise then we would probably see an increase
up to the $19,000 per Bitcoin range something along those lines so that
would be pretty significant that’s somewhere around 60% jump and yes I
would like that to happen yes may I have another run please that would be nice
looking forward to it tom Leiria for reaffirms his $25,000
prediction he’s talking 25,000 by the end of the year I believe so we got some
ways to go to get there no doubt about that I think we can I definitely think
we can I think it’s quite possible my guess is
in regard to what we’re gonna do where the price is going to go I am guessing
let’s see if I can find that no it’s gone I’m not here it is yeah so I think
we will be breaking through the $8500 resistance level I think we’re gonna
test resistance at 9,000 and I do think we’re going to break through 9,000 I do
think that if we happen to break through 7900 which is the bottom of the latest
major dip I do think we’ll drop down to around the seventy five hundred dollar
range let’s see what else we got almost there we have yeah so in the last
few days or so it was we have cryptocurrency enthusiasts gamblers
betting on celebrity assassinations they’re betting on all sorts of crazy
stuff where’s John McCain assassination markets are inevitable on a platform
with uncensored flexibility although not the most popular similar markets have
emerged augur users are gambling on whatever you or went whether US Senator
John McCain and actress Betty White will survive until 2019 this is terrible this
is very unethical in my opinion maybe they’re doing it for fun maybe they’re
doing it because of an addiction I don’t know but it is what it is I want no part
in that crazy stuff crazy crazy news another Bitcoin prediction at sixty
thousand dollars by Philip noon a supposed renowned ICO and cryptocurrency
expert predicted that Bitcoin will fall as low as six and rise as high as sixty
thousand dollars this prediction was initially made in January six months
later new reassured the crypto verse of his conviction that Bitcoin will sell as
high as sixty thousand dollars that puts the market cap in crazy numbers we’re
talking a market cap of somewhere around 1.1 1.2 trillion I believe so could be
you know obviously there’s a big give or take there but yeah that’s pretty wild
this is a pretty wild you know prediction you know I don’t know if he’s
got the experience to be making that prediction or not of course I would love
for that to happen as long as it doesn’t happen too abruptly because then we know
there’d be a massive drop-off after from major people taking their profits and
yeah it could be Bad News Bears next up swing by the social media drop a
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giveaways speaking of giveaways I did a giveaway last night to a gentleman by
the name of Ryan no sorry Chris yes Chris was the name so thank you Chris
for joining in yeah three point five trillion alright cool so I wasn’t that
far off Thank You Marshall I appreciate that I haven’t gone to sleep last night I’ve
been up researching what the best news is I should give for this crypto weekly
news review and I was thinking about going to sleep around 7:00 and then I
didn’t get to it and now it’s ten but I did get to the video it’s out I hope
this is helpful I hope this helps you in you know and making any decisions that
you need to make I hope this helped you catch up with the market so that way you
have kind of a pulse for what’s going on on the market because I do know it’s not
easy to keep your to keep your thumb on it you know things happen you get caught
up with other things and sitting and watching hours worth of research is not
that easy it’s just not but yeah the markets doing better for sure I mean the
proof is right here you know the markets doing nice and congrats to those who
have V chained and Finance coin looks like you’re doing good actually I have
some by Nance to and now I think about probably not much though but yeah lots
of good stuff involved absolutely and that’s about it
so thank you so much for watching I am going to get some rest and I’m gonna go
to lalala and that’s what I’m about to do so please click like subscribe thumbs
up share post notifications all that good stuff is very much appreciated I
hope you have an awesome Sunday or Monday if you’re closer to the Monday
and ya swing by anytime ask any questions it’s always appreciated and
have a great day everybody take care.
📊Crypto Weekly News Review 📊 7/29/18 – Live Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

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