📈Crypto Outside The Lines🖍 #Podcast – Episode 2 ” Got #Masternodes “

what is up crypto fambam
it is crypto momboss because welcome to the crypto Familia that’s right what do
I have in store for you today on a Sunday is that starting a little project
it is a side project a scientist all that will become my main hustle and it
is that was that lit up the day Oh Oh what is that it’s not a tattoo our mom’s
even allowed to have tattoos this mom is because this is not your mom’s YouTube
channel I am NOT going to be telling you how you can I don’t know use some q-tips
to recycle your bathroom and save $3 I’m going to tell you how you can take three
dollars invested in some altcoins some cryptic coins and make yourself a fat
chick because that’s what we do in crypto we break next cash checks just
kidding I’m not a financial adviser I am NOT I am NOT someone that you should
take advice from this is me documenting my journey and letting you be a part of
it and letting you join the crypto Familia the fan band while you’re at it
so let’s get into today’s topic it’s the weekend it’s the end of the weekend
tomorrow is Monday and if you’re not in crypto you’re probably heading back to a
job that you really don’t like you probably dare I even say hate it and if
you do hate your job you need to get learnt up about crypto because it will
permit you the freedom to pursue the things that you want you know because a
side hustle and a main hustle is a lot like a side chick anime
is that the side hustle or the side chick is what you really want to do and
then you have the main chick or the main hustle that you got to do and the best
of both worlds in this lifetime is if you can combined and make the side chick
your main chick or you can make your main hustle or your side hustle your
main hustle on or vice versa is that you take the main chick or main hustle that
you have and transform that and add a little bit of that special spice that
you love about that side hustle that side chicken and you mix it into one
because that’s really what the goal is is to do what you want
and to be where you want to be and to have what you want
pursue what you want be what you want did I say that already
maybe it’s Sunday um so yeah and you’re probably like whoa this like this
channel this girl’s name is Krypto mom boss like where does she get off talking
about side chick side hustles mane chicks mane hustles like this girl
doesn’t know anything about anything and I’ve been like a heck to the yeah don’t
let it don’t let the name fool you because just because it says crypto mom
boss is that this isn’t not my first crypto rodeo and this podcast which is
the second podcast of crypto outside the lines I had less than 24 hours to think
about it and this podcast to this this channel isn’t just gonna be for females
hello not just for the simple fact that I
checked my analytics and 90% of the people who follow me are actually males
actually males um and yeah so for that reason and not only for that reason
because I don’t like to exclude people but I’m like trying to find my voice
just like you I’m trying to find my place in crypto and that’s come to my
knowledge that I don’t think I am tribe worthy I just don’t think I have it in
me I think I am a wanderer I think that I need to I’m like
a kind of like chameleon like I absorb where I’m at and then when I absorb and
I kind of see and do the different things I’m like oh well hey what are you
guys doing over there and hey what are you guys doing over there and I want to
like know and and and dabble and put my crypto hands and everything because you
know we only have this one life so you know more power to everybody who just
has one thing in their life that there can be consumed by and and that lights
your fire and that gets you fired up every single day but me what gets me
fired up is knowledge and you know my only thing with tribes right is that you
know at one point in whatever tribe whether it’s in crypto or in real life
is that when you start to try to you know learn different things sometimes
things conflict and when you’re not able to you know adjust your ideas or
question ideas or talk about different ideas and it’s a little better than
that’s like not fun so with all that said where am I going with this
I’m going to the moon and the way that I’m going to get there because I dabbled
in the beat the BTC tribe I dabbled in the XRP tribe and I will let you know
that I think both of those tribes will be successful obviously um but I’m on to
other things and the other things that I’m on to is masternodes because this
girl right here likes to be in control just in case you never noticed I do I
don’t like to have to rely on anybody else that’s why I am a I am a coder
because I didn’t want to be at the at the fate of somebody else charging me
astronomical fees to produce websites I wanted to be in control so I went out
and I learned that skill I’m not just a coder web designer programmer I also do
like advertising because also getting out content I don’t want some market
trying to pitch me thousands and hundreds of dollars or whatever to get
my content out I like to be able to know what are the different tactics to do so
myself to save money and to what do we say be in control I’m also a video
editor like this video and I’m the intro to this video I edit it so you know I
again don’t like to have to rely on anybody but myself in this life
apparently this is from years and years and years of trying to to different
things but always ending up finding that I got to do stuff myself you know gotta
break those task ceilings by muscle but not to say that I do not like other
people or being in groups but I’ve come to realize that I’m like an introvert
I’m an introvert extrovert so I don’t know if I’m an me dextrous divert but
yeah so when I went through Bitcoin in that tribe what I really appreciated and
what I really loved about Bitcoin is that they offer mining you know because
that gives power to the people and the reason why I Kissed hire two people is
because they can have power over a passive income you know with the mining
equipment yes mining equipment is very expensive
and tedious and and not good for the environment but the proof of work proof
of stake all this different stuff it’s good for making passive income being in
control of the network for the most part unless it gets manipulated by the hash
wars or different things like this with the 51% attacks but for the most part is
that the good thing about Bitcoin is it offers mining passive income now flip
over to x RP + x RP is amazing and x RP is going to replace and be the bridge to
connect all cryptocurrencies and I do believe that that Bitcoin will not be
the only cryptocurrency XRP will be the bridge but there will be
many and many many many other altcoins that thrive because we are going back
you know if you want to know where you’re going in the future you don’t
have to know where you’ve been in the past and in the past the way that
everything started off is that people mined actual gold from the hills like in
the old days they went out to the mountains they took their actual like
mining forks or pick pick sports or whatever they’re called and they
chiseled away at those mountains until they found gold and then they brought
those huge bags of gold back to their little camp and they were like oh we’re
rich just like we’re doing right now like woohoo we got crypto we’re like the
first ones to settle in the mountains or the digital mountains and you know they
started off with those huge chunks of gold then they got chiseled down to
little coins and then those little coins you know when people want to go buy
stuff there was no Amazon back in the day if you wanted to buy something you
went to the you know the market or whatever and each person was an
independent independent vendor and you know so if you wanted eggs you went to
one person for eggs if you wanted milk you went to the expert and you just got
one thing of milk and if you wanted meet you went to the meet person you know
because there was no Amazon there was no conglomerates they were just doing it as
they went along it was the like Wild West and that’s exactly what’s gonna
happen right now when we transfer over into the new system the new system I
mean think about it there’s seven billion people on the planet and like
I’m I’m checking the stats for the masternodes and III and whoever is
watching this who is also invested we’re like part of the point zero zero zero
zero zero one percent that is invested right now in masternodes and that’s
going to be huge that’s gonna be huge so you know in order to get to the
Amazon of crypto you know there’s gonna be a lot of different other independent
coins that are going to bring that into full force for people to trust the
blockchain for people to invest in it it’s going to be a lot of
little little little little you know efforts and motions that is going to
create the wave just like with XRP you know it’s going to be all the little
drops of utility that accumulate and become a tsunami you know a tsunami
doesn’t just happen no it has to build very slowly and you know all the little
particles so rewinding again is that so we went from gold in the mountains
chiseled down to coins we use those coins put them in bags carry them to the
bidet go the market whatever you want to call and after that is that people got
tired of carrying those bags of gold so then they made io u–‘s and instead of
carrying them to the person every single day that would just be like what once a
week and then you know those IOU papers turned into paper money which was backed
by gold and then somewhere in the 1930s is that you know the banks got bought
out they were no longer backed by it wasn’t as backed by gold as it was when
they went through the recession with FDR gold was made illegal and then the
government bought all the gold up and then sold it back to the people and then
after that it was credit cards to compensate for the people who were in
debt and trying to get out of it and I think the exact same thing is gonna
happen in crypto I think that the only way we truly can go to the moon is for
fiat to crash and burn and this is not to scare you this is not to
conspiratorial ooh say anything it’s just logic okay because we all know that
the government and the and all this different things is a business and when
you are in debt as a business you need to set your things to zero before you
can you can go on and and flourish and prosper and different things like this
just like if you were to own a house and if you were back on your payments on the
house you have two options you know you can
either continue being back on your payments or you can file for bankruptcy
and if you file for bankruptcy you know this is just a random thought but if
you’re a homeowner right now and you can barely afford to live at the home that
you’re living and you’re holding crypto like you are going to clear the debt
with your house before you start touching your crypto you’re gonna be
like bankrupt next question so I think that in the coming months and years with
the regulation and with the mass adoption is that USD is going to have to
crash and just like if we look at the paper it’s been kind of forewarn for
told you know what the rising phoenix just look at what the rising phoenix
stands for from the ashes i will rise you can’t rise without the ashes without
the sacrifice without the pain without the fire and all these different things
and that’s exactly what’s gonna happen I believe like I said I’m not a
financial adviser and this is just my thoughts on a Sunday you should see them
during the week from Monday to Friday I’m just kidding y’all um and I’m not
even from Alabama but I just enjoy saying y’all because I just feel like
it’s la familia I feel like I’m a I I think if I could I love Italian family
I’ve been like obsessed with kind of all these difference
la familia since I was young and I just really you know if you strip away all
these movies that I love you may have seen them you know like Goodfellas
what else is there Donnie Brasco went some others The Godfather is basically
if you – all the killing and the drugs and all this different stuff right is
that the Mafia a basic basic basic principle of it is standing for family
is standing for honor for trust for all these different things that are good you
know and I’m not talking about the Mafia nowadays which it’s all like flashy and
showy and I’m talking about the movies in the 90s where there was class and
there was you know there was order and rules and people just were more low-key
and took pride in being low-key and yeah so why am I talking about this is that
basically what I think is that people in crypto right now we are blazing a bubble
blazing the path for future generations so we kind of got to take the good from
the past so you know take the good from Goodfellas you know family honor trust
respect and merge it with the new the new being you know doing things more
efficiently more faster with computers and all this different stuff and to me
this is what masternodes is going to be and is it’s going to combine the both
the best of all yes that’s my son just one second what is up guys part dur part
two I just had to take a moment and see what my son was up to because there’s
nothing in this world that is more important than him and yeah so but for
the rest of my fan belt a fan BAM and those that are still listening I where
was I going with this tangent so I was talking about I’m talking about crypto
Bitcoin mafia masternodes I’m basically talking about your
financial freedom that’s what I’m talking about and I’m talking about my
financial freedom my son’s financial freedom your kid’s financial freedom
because those who you know there’s a quote and it’s something fortune favors
the bold you know so you’ve got to get in there and you
got to be able to and I’m not giving you advice on what you to do but this is my
my thought process behind getting into master notes is that I was really
thinking about it you know because at one point I was like really obsessed
with getting a certain amount of crypto and this that and this and you know I
squared it like I just squared out the things in my head that I wanted to buy
right and like the top things say for instance the top things I wouldn’t do
obviously I want to invest money in real estate that’s number one number two I
wanted to put money away in escrow for ten years to give to my son on his his
graduation so these were the two top ones and then I definitely wanted to get
a new car and I want to get and when I say get it’s by outright not this and I
mentioned this in one of my tweets but you know right now crypto is about to
flip the influencer and Instagram entrepreneur on its ass X because all
these people on Instagram like I don’t even go on Instagram anymore it’s so
fake and it’s so you know all these people just taking put like like
spending the day posting pictures of like standing you know in front of
things that they don’t even own or renting things that they don’t own or
you know taking out taking out their their I don’t know their rent money and
flashing and be like I’m making passive income it’s amazing click the link in my
bio and you can too if you just sign up for my $1200 course meanwhile the way
that they’re actually making money is by selling you that $1200 course so you can
go after yourself not to say that I won’t be selling courses in the future
and I’m just and insert hate comments and scammer comments and going right
after this so yeah so basically what I believe masternodes is is it’s a
combination of the best of both worlds because
it combines the mining aspect that is great with Bitcoin and it also you know
combines the rank centralization of being able to verify notes and the
network and have that control in your power not just in a centralized power so
yeah so that’s what I’m doing I’m gonna create some videos in the future in the
future about what I’m investing in and not as a you must follow this but just
as a as it part of my journey what else isn’t gonna say oh yeah hit the like
button and the subscribe button if you care to if you think that I’ve given you
any value whatsoever and if you don’t think I’ve given you value then let me
know why because I would love to be able to give you value and and maybe I’ll
shout your comment it comment out in the next video um it’s Sunday guys like I’m
like oh yes I get sidetracked swirl but um so yeah so I had breaking it down
into about five things that I want to attain out of investing in crypto um and
so investing in real estate putting money away from my son and buying a car
buying a house and and I was thinking to myself you know if I was just to do
those five things with XRP how much XRP would I actually really need for me this
can be completely different for you because in the beginning you know like I
don’t know with all the BG one two three and ripple Riddler’s and and seeing
Bitcoin mood 220k like my head was like pretty put poop like a kid in a candy
store I was like oh my god xip $20,000 it’s gonna happen this Christmas and
sell the house sell the car and best everything and and what I realized after
this Christmas is that it’s gonna take time
and you know I have different plans for exit plan and cash out and all this
different stuff but basically I was thinking to myself you know Kourtney
what is it that’s gonna make you happy and I’m seeing they’re going like do I
actually really need a huge multi-million dollar house not really
do I need to parade around parties and be around people who’ve had affluence
and wealth all their life and then they look at me like oh you’re nouveau
nouveau riche you don’t fit in with our group even if you have millions you
didn’t you weren’t born with millions so you’ll never be good enough to be with
us and then be the the butt of all their jokes or the asset jokes of all their
jokes ooh no do I think that all wealthy people are like that no no but I know
that I know that there’s not a lot of things like in life right the things
that I that I know that will provide the happiness for my son and myself is
basically just having a medium sized house with a big backyard a pool a
garden and I would like to be in the country somewhere somewhere that it’s
half in the country half in in downtown so that it’s kind of like the best of
both worlds because not really people person I can and I can’t I can be around
people and kind of be extroverted but for very short periods of time and then
I’m just like oh can I go now please thank you okay bye but people that I do
get close with I could like spend so much time talking and having fun but I
just what I don’t like is just small talk I can’t smell a little I can’t
stand small talk like people who get together frequently or infrequently or
work together with people who you know it’s like have you ever been in a job
where it’s like you know kind of everybody hates each other but because
like you’re in a job setting and because there’s other customers and clients like
you have to be nice to each other so it’s like hey Deb Lak dot or if they bit
of it and whatever and then like I don’t know hey hey Susie and and you can
always tell how much a woman hates another woman or dislikes the other
women by how high-pitched the high is kind of it’s like hey girl or hey girl
or hey girl like hey it’s the higher it goes it’s the more fake it is so I just
tend to I just tend to not be around too many women
um and it’s funny because I am a woman I should just be but I’m not so I I forgot
what I was talking about but yeah so this has been a crazy journey um it’s
Sunday oh yeah I’m so sorry I keep going off of it off of the track but basically
is that I broke it down into five things and I’m just gonna get to the point
because I’m always beating around the bush but so five things I was thinking
to myself car okay so what would make me happy for a car a $20,000 car would be
awesome and I expect the bare minimum that extra
peon will hit a hundred dollars right so even if in ten years five years three
years two years whatever it goes much much higher than that I don’t care but
there’s different you know exit points so for me right I would like to get a
new car twenty thousand so twenty thousand divided by a hundred because
one hundred perhaps our pees when I would check out for that and yeah then
that would mean only putting aside two hundred dollars at two hundred XRP to
buy a new car and if I want to get a new home that’s two hundred thousand dollars
I already have the pictures and the floor plans
I plan on building it and buying the property so I would need two hundred
thousand dollars for that so two hundred thousand
by 100 prayers our PA so that would mean I would need 2,000 extra people that and
for savings I want to put away $10,000 so that would be a hundred XRP and for
my son I would also like to put away a hundred thousand dollars so that would
be a thousand xip so basically you know right now it’s not
that I’m it’s not that I’m not investing in XRP anymore is that I’m just thinking
you know strategy and investing and you know seeing the greatest return with the
least amount of effort because I try to multitask and try to do the best I can
so to me the logical next step is masternodes
and with masternodes is that you’re able to have passive incomes and depending on
which coins you take or masternode coins is that you can have a very very good
return and yeah if you would like to do some research on masternodes where I got
started is a masternodes dot online and you can literally check
out how much you will be making daily weekly and monthly so on that note folks
I hope that I gave you guys some value some entertainment some things to think
about some things to talk about and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday night
and I hope that you have a wonderful week and can’t wait to catch you guys on
the flipside Krypto love and family ciao bye

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  1. Hope everybody has a happy monday and that if you're not in crypto you get learnt up and if you are keep hodling and buyin and masternodin strong <3 – @CryptoMomboss

  2. Welcome back C! I'm looking forward to your video on staking or masternodes. I've been interested in that for a few months but haven't started yet. I go on stakingrewards.com to check what the rates of coins are currently but still researching & looking into which coin I would use.

  3. Welcome to self employment. 😊 You have learned much from this attempt and I'm certain you will implement a better strategy on your next go at it. Stay strong, resolute.and smile. Better days and successes are on the horizon.

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