💻 How to mine Ethereum Coin (For Beginners)

hello again welcome to doctor noobs
laboratory today I’m going to show you the easiest way to mine ethereum coin
now ethereum is a cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin and light coin however
it’s been in the news recently it’s still fairly easy to mine it and it’s
actually steady at about $200 per ethereum coin, so to begin you need two
things one you need an ethereum wallet and two you need some way to mine it whether
you’re mining it in a pool or you’re just minning it solo and also you need a
pretty decent video card it really does matter what kind of card you have most
people recommend using an ATI card for mining but you can’t have some mild
success with a GeForce card as well for starters we’re going to go to jaxx io j
XX io and you’re going to click on the get free and then you’re going to select
windows. Now I personally did the download the 64-bit version and since I
already have it and I don’t want to mess up my current wallet even though it
doesn’t have any coin in it I still have workers linked to my wallet so once it
is installed you can just drag it all to a folder and then you run the exe. So
right here this is the important thing this is your wallet address you can
actually just click this here to copy that we’re going to need that so hold on
to that then we’re going to go over to nano pool dot org as you can see you
have different cryptocurrencies that you can mine but we’re actually going to go
to QuickStart ethereum and then we’re going to go to download claymore dual
miner save it now I’m actually glad this
happened so depending on your browser and may see
it as a third-party software that’s unrecognizable so you do have to tell it
to actually save it I was able to do it in Firefox you can change that setting
in your Google Chrome settings and Internet Explorer etc but it is
perfectly safe so it is okay to completely download it open it and run
it. So once you have it downloaded we do need to extract it and just set up a
folder for it I’m just going to put the ECoin2 open it up, now a couple things so we
have downloaded Jaxx you need to go you need to make sure you have your wallet
set up because there’s many different wallets you can set up, so you would just
go here we’re going to check each area now you can do a ethereum classic as well
lite coin there’s a lot of different wallets here that you can actually
select from you can actually use dual miner to mine multiples if you’d like
but today we’re just focusing on ethereum so we have our ethereum
wallet which we’ve copied, so now what you want to do is find start only eth dot bat I’m going to
right-click and go to edit and it makes it pretty simple so right here we’re
going to put our wallet address, your worker that can be named whatever you
want is more used for an identifier and it also helps when they send you email
so you can link to it so I’m just going to say Thorns2 – and then your email
make sure you use a valid email because it will tell you when your minor is down
and this is the email that you can use to get contacted me if need be also so
we’re going to save that now I’m using a Geforce 1050 TI it gets about 12 mega
hash so let me run it and see if we still get that just waiting for it to connect here okay
so it gives me my video card temperature at 43 Celsius and the fan is going 30%
of its speed well that’s thinking let me show you
guys something else if your minor goes down you’ll get an email notification
and a link from nano pool so what you can do is you can click that and it will
tell you how much you’ve earned so far what was last reported how long it’s
been down etc and obviously you can see your full history of your minor okay so
it looks like it actually connected and right now we’re getting 11 which is fine
I mean I’m just running it in my spare time
now as I always do I’m going to leave all these links in the description below
but what I wanted to show you was this site because what I can do is I can take
the amount that I’ve made so far copy that go down here so I made three dollars and 37 cents on
this cryptocurrency now keep in mind right now it says it’s
at 11 but I’m also running the webcam I’m doing video capturing I’m surfing
the web so if I turned all this stuff off it usually gets about twelve and
last but not least you need to check if it’s actually worth it because it may
not be worth it on your machine or your video card depending on your
circumstance so to see if your machine is worth even mining we’re going to go
to crypto compare.com and I’ll leave the link to this
specifically in the description below you put how much hashing power your
video card is generating and you have to make a rough guesstimate of your wattage
usage and the cost of your electricity now if you’re running this if you’re in
college and you’re running this at school or you’re running one at work
obviously put zeros on there and you can see that as far as every month you can
make about 22 bucks every year you make about close to 300 etc obviously if you
have multiple cards you’re going to get a higher hash rate also depending what ATI
cards you have or what NVIDIA GeForce cards you have can also be determined so
this is just something to try out see what your video card can do see if it’s
worth it if you want to make some extra cash a lot of people still make a lot of
money by just buying the coin outright and then waiting till the price raises
and then selling it like stocks essentially now this is another thing I
forgot to mention minimum payout is point two so obviously I’m not there yet
so I haven’t gotten a payout yet hope somebody found this helpful if you
have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to post them below back
in the day I did more lite coin than this but I’m just now getting back into
this and seeing how it rolls so at great one

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