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  2. Awesome video man that sums up the real reasons we need crypto.

    An eye opener about the Fed is the fact that fractional reserve banking implies the money supply increases each time a loan is taken out – at any bank.

  3. great show last week with bit coin ben i havent been getting and notafacation with most of the people i follow i checked and i found that i am still subscribed to all but the bell has been turned off i think this is one way we cant catch live vids

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  5. Great content. I hope you have all your videos backed up somewhere in case you tube pulls some sketchy shit with your channel.

  6. Seems like an extension of the convo we were in on Twitter earlier yesterday, cool to see you expand

  7. Omar & Elle, I would like to have your T-shirt sizes.(Both of you) I have something cool to send you. You'll love it

  8. I see when people try to make the argument for crypto, they refer back to btc. I know you're invested in eth and probably have trouble being unbiased, but I've been hearing a lot of how it is centralized and any private company can reproduce their project even better making the token redundantly useless. If you believe so much in decentralization, why support centralized projects?

  9. My question is.. when you put money into a coin, where does that money go?
    Does it go directly to the company? And if it does, where is the money coming from when you sell out back to the exchange?

  10. Thanks for this video Omar. I suggest that you review Neblio in the coming videos, as they have their own Blockchain solution

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  12. Bank wire Transfer of $1000 cost me $30 and $25 to the receiving bank and took 3 days to SETTLE…
    https://t.co/ZyqiqqJwCX TechCrunch Founder: Sending $50 Million in @Ripple’s $XRP Took 3 Seconds, Cost 30 Cents … #bitcoin #ethereum #litecoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain

  13. Ever since I was around 18 years old , now Im 26 , I will always be thinking about a fair world a place where no country had to suffer. Like Cuba where Im from or Africa , why do years keep passing by and nothing changes? We have so many resources in the world and yet we are so divided that only the rich will get this resources. I think bitcoin and cryptpcurrency is a way to start all over. To reset the world we live in , is not about me getting rich but about the world improving, no more control, no more manipulation, no more suffering. And retail investors need to stop with all the FOMO and make the instutional investors have the Fomo because we are here to stay and they better get in now or they will get left behind

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