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hello everyone and welcome back to Kryptos news I'm here to get those details what is going on in the cryptocurrency space today I got some news to wrap up your weekend I hope you've had a fantastic week in crypto Bitcoin right now right around that eight thousand dollar level insane how far we've come as I put out in Twitter I think it was yesterday ether aetherium was just around it had just crashed a bit more to $13.40 three years ago look where we are now it goes to show how hot Ling has just proven time and time especially since Bitcoin to be one of the best things you can do depending on the coin you're into you want something as decentralized so if a government agency a regulator decides to go after the company behind is the coin that you're hoping will pump to the moon right you don't want that company's that company's name being followed with a lawsuit or an investigation to affect your coin or the possibility that you know a lot of the funds that this company raised are gonna have to go into paying fees you want some that Z centralized got a lot of companies working on it and we have a few coins like that that have done well so actually some notable names include AOS up over 5% some big news is supposed to happen in June they've been super under wraps people who are hoping to launch the software block one are hoping to announce this right right around just about uh just over a week so we could get some huge news could it be a new decentralized social media platform likely it seems likely it could be a slew of things could be block one burning the huge stake of coins that they have also possible or they do something else with it major change the eos i don't know but the coin hasn't pumped that much today is up about 5% litecoin is up to $100 today so some serious resistance there we can see well we'll have to wait and see if it climbs above that level you might have also heard but if you did it mike Novogratz company galaxy digital had quite a bit of a stake in block one who produces a software for iOS and he sold something like 74 million dollars with a chair of block one that doesn't mean he's out of the game Mike Novogratz has said that that was just some profit-taking he still has plenty of shares in Els with his holding company galaxy digital so just some heads up there and I'm sure they just wanted to take advantage of some of this buy the rumor sell the news it hasn't pumped that much yet not to the extent that we've seen chain link pump to like a dollar and thirty cents rivaling almost finances frickin gains BnB coins where it's up like two hundred fifty percent to the year that is chain link they're hoping to launch at the end of the year I took some profits there kept some in there we'll see what happens after that maybe I'll buy back in Cheaper but it is a very solid project that hopes to link real world data and feed it into smart contracts super huge UK use case I can see why people are very excited about it but going on to some of the topics of the news today I was supposed one of the biggest talked about things is Facebook Facebook has finally given a real name to their project Libre which was the name for their under wraps crypto project which is trying to create a stable coin for usage on whatsapp Facebook etc so the name of this coin is going to be global coin and Marquez Zuckerberg met with many different companies and individuals many of which aren't at the leisure explodes any expose any details but what's going on with this project and grading a greater extent but it seems that global coin will be launching early next year 2020 in about a dozen different countries including in England after Mark Zuckerberg met up with a fellow mark Mark Carney of the Bank of England and had a chat with him someone else who managed I guess another couple of individuals who met up with Marky Mark Mark Zuckerberg include the Winklevoss twins it's funny I wonder how close they've been because if you guys remember that movie The Social Network kind of was a dramatisation of how Facebook was created at the Hollywood version it was a story of Facebook and these twins the Winklevoss twins who run one of the biggest crypto exchanges Gemini out of New York well they seem to have had the idea for Facebook before face before Mark Zuckerberg kind of took the idea and ran with it and they're connecting again for a possible collaboration where global coin Facebook's coin could be listed on Gemini so we'll see where this goes against a staple coin I don't expect Matt Gaines unless you're holding some Facebook or some Facebook stock which is altering what these companies are trying to do right raise the stock price for their shareholders so we'll see where that goes but you have to keep in mind that there are only about 30 million ish it's hard to say really 13 let's assume 30 million ish users in crypto and there are 2.4 billion people who apparently use Facebook actively so we could see Facebook just get all the sort of credibility from face I'm sorry cryptocurrency get all this credibility from Facebook in a new way very soon also I want to remind you guys that wallet generator dotnet seems to have some fishy P H is H Y or hacker e or malicious business going on so if you generated any private keys on this paper wallet generator which people like to keep things in a paper wallet and they put it in the in cold storage or they dig it under a tree somewhere and they forget about it because their ha blurs right and it's a good way to keep your your crypto safe if you're not trying to invest any hardware wallet well it seems after a report done by my crypto comm on medium that if you generated keys after August of 2018 the site owners of wallet generated net might have a copy of your private keys so you should go ahead immediately generate a new wallet somewhere else like an offline paper wallet generator or put it into a hardware wallet your funds that you had if you generated a wallet with this site because it seems that you know on May 22nd my crypto found some sort of code in there that showed that this website wallet generator dotnet which by the way had been sold a couple years the new owners a couple of years ago to new owners so maybe that's part of the reason for this but anyway this site was making a duplicate of the private private keys that you got which were kept by the server so basically someone might have a copy of your private keys which is an absolute no-no nobody should ever have a copy of your private keys that should be for your eyes only so you can see your funds out of there just in case so my crypto emailed wallet generator net to try to get a response and a day later was when while it generated on net said they didn't think that there was anything that was malicious about this stuff whatever and they actually had removed the code afterwards so this code could likely put be put back in there it's a possibility I should have never been there in the first place but you as a user needs to know that you need to make a new wallet if you made it with wallet generator net if you know if you don't remember if that's what you used and I would highly recommend making a new wallet anyway if you have that kind of paper wallet and moving your funds out of there just in case because it doesn't look secure since then and yeah there's all there's other news out there right now so for example Bitcoin cash comes out with there's all this news coming out it was 51% attacked when it seems that some malicious miner or miners we're creating blocks on the side that were false they were hoping to insert it take advantage of the recent upgrade for the Bitcoin cash chain which is pretty much always kind of hard fork this person was holding an undisclosed vulnerability that he hoped to do at this point of the upgrade so while they were trying to add this code in there and add these blocks actually these miners who 51% attacked the BTC top top and I forgot the name of the other one they started mining empty blocks to try to kind of void as time passed the blocks being generated by the malicious act they're in a nutshell you guys can of course read a little bit more about that but that's another thing that's going on right now so just wanted to make a quick video for you guys to fill you in on what's happening today there's of course all sorts of things people are talking about big Bitcoin mixer services that makes around coins a shuffle getting shut down and regulators going after them but with the fact that they want to see all this regulation they want to know who is who this is something we should have expected unless we have truly decentralized hosting services for things like dark mixers and and also for decentralized exchanges you can pretty much expect that regulators are going to try to seize these domains and all of that so yeah I'm not gonna ask people to let me know your favorite mixing services because honestly there's a lot of shady ones out there be very careful or you are gonna be trying to use trying to use a bitcoin mixing service because some of these can be malicious they might never send you your Bitcoin back because the idea is you send your Bitcoin to one of these mixing services and you say I want my Bitcoin back in a week you don't want to say immediately because let's say the government agencies are saying that you you transferred twelve point five six nine seven to Bitcoin at this time right on this date and this address received that amount and it's linked to that mixing service they could be able to technically track who you are especially about mixing service eventually spits spits it back out almost immediately by mixing other users funds together and then it spits out that X exact same amount minus whatever fee I suppose they charge to your address so basically be able to track things so people say you know like keep it for like a week spit it out in certain amounts over time so I can get that back and that way they can keep it safe but right now it's getting harder and harder to find safe mixing services so be careful out there if you're just trying to you know be quick about Google searching the stuff because you care about privacy one good way to circumvent that if you do just not want to have to worry about that is a lot of people send money to an exchange and then spit it back out of the exchange but I know with like by Nance it doesn't really work really well for example with aetherium I know that my finance account uses the same aetherium address for all my aetherium based tokens and eath tokens so it'd be really easy to figure that stuff out so maybe not the best way but there are other exchanges that do HD highroad deterministic wallet structures that change the address every single time you deposit or withdraw out of that address so that might be more useful than perhaps using by NASA at least with the theorem that's my experience so just want to share a little bit of heads up there it was a blast defeating some of you guys at the meet up yesterday meetup.com / blockchain plus there's gonna be another meetup here well actually close to here in Long Beach California next month before the crypto big bus we're gonna take a bus from LA to San Francisco and then back to join the Bitcoin 2019 conference I'm super excited about that because there's gonna be some great speakers out there and I'm always trying to learn a little bit more about Bitcoin and surround myself with brilliant people like yourselves even in person because this stuff is infectious and many people have found crypto early on tend to be very smart pioneering individuals that you want to surround yourself with so it's always nice with tennies kind of NSYNC person and you really I don't go in there expecting anything when I go to these kind of meetups or or conferences in a big way it's kind of like let's see what's happening what kind of new doors open up that I may choose to open and walk that path you know but it's always nice to have options and see where life takes you and that's often if you're feeling in a rut in crypto a good way to get out of it so I think that the website if you guys do want to join us on that bus it might I don't know I don't even know I think there are some tickets left head to crypto bit bus comm and I hope you have an amazing weekend it's a really an honor and a pleasure and I can't express how grateful I am to you guys for joining me here on these live streams all the time and you that individual on PayPal you man who I don't want to put your name on blast cuz sometimes I feel like you know free out of your privacy I don't know whether I should or not but I want to give you a super huge shout out for the very generous donation you sent me about I think it was three days ago on PayPal thank you so kindly I don't know how to say a man I'm sorry I've neglected to mention in the last two days but I do want to give you a shout-out and a thank you at least in that regard for what you've done to help support this channel everybody else who does it via like subscriptions sharing this channel patreon YouTube or whatever else so take care guys I'll catch you over the weekend if anything crazy happens we'll see we could see some huge ups very soon and I'll just finish with a quote here that I heard at a it's not really a quote but it's it's an interesting way of looking at where what you're involved in right now with crypto especially as an investor because already really if you think about it we're part of something so unique and special a big topic at the meetup yesterday that Adam Meister brought up was like Adam the bitcoinmeister mentioned and we just did it like a quick short interview that I uploaded so thanks guys for leaving comment down below that Adam said you know he witnessed the birth of the Internet as many of us have and he kind of missed the ability invest and get involved with that and he's not gonna miss it again how often do you get the opportunity to invest in such a revolutionary piece of technology in your life right how often have humans had that ability and the way I tact that on and then tying that into a crystal rose when she said in a meet-up is like so we moved from we moved from analog telephones dial-up telephones to cell phones to digital from analog to digital we've moved from snail mail to email and you guys get to witness the move from paper fiat money to digital currency which banks are realizing more and more central banks like the Bank of England like Mark Carney who has been told that you know central banks could be deemed very irrelevant soon as we move into the digital currency age which is part of the reason they even bothered to talk to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook you guys get to be part of that move and how amazing how exciting that you guys are here so remember to share that I think you're blessed and privileged and you should be humble to know about this stay involved but be smart don't get hacked stay alert you need to follow this day in and day out which is why I provide news about like what happened right now oh I forgot to mention one last bit of news so remember crypto Pia that exchange speaking of hacks that uh that apparently got hacked and they had to shut down it was New Zealand's biggest exchange and around mid-january dinner fifteenth I think they had to shut down their doors finally they shut down the doors actually pretty recently completely but it looks like the founder Adam Clarke I believe is his name is opening up a new exchange apparently as a start-up he sold the company back I think at the end of 2017 might have been 2019 and and he didn't like the direction that the company was going which is why he left so he's starting a new exchange called a Sita lien or asset asset to lien so I wanted to give you the heads up there let me know guys would you guys guys use another exchange that was created by this individual even if maybe it's true that the company kind of ran itself into the ground security was and otherwise did that happen because of Adam Clark and then he sell early because he knew it was it was already screwed crypto Pia I never really enjoyed a lot of the fees and the minimums that have it on that exchange ever or do you think he has the ability to make something that you would use right now I don't know but I do want to just bring that up as one of the trending topics to get today so take care guys much love have an amazing weekend of C cryptic these

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  2. https://twitter.com/GmaThandile/status/1133117198548066305    Compare these 3 Charts
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    New XRP Cycle starts around 03 June 2019. Within 10 days of new cycle XRP has consistently MOOOOONED over the last 2 Cycles. XRP to $1 by 15 June 2019.

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    Not financial advise, my humble opinions derived from info in public domain

  3. Litecoin has broken the $100 resistance and flew up to $115. Litecoin is one of my favorite projects because of how easy and fast it is to transact with. It’s what I feel most comfortable using when I need a transaction to confirm fast and cheap. (Not as comfortable though as a bitcoin transaction, but for everyday small purchases, litecoin is the way to go).

    I’m very surprised that Litecoin isn’t higher up in market cap!

  4. And one more comment from me if you allow me brother: whatever Zuck is up to is going to be evil, cause the guy is a sick psycho who loves centralization. "Global coin" (like common can you even be more explicit on your agenda giving your "crypto" a globalist name?) will almost certainly NOT BE decentralized and will be owned by Facebook, which, if successful, would make Zuckenshit the greatest central banker of the world. Not much info on his project but lots of questions, but his record is rotten and I am calling him one of the most dangerous psychos with too much power out there. Like common, the dude became a billionaire by stealing someone's idea! Then banned crypto ads then made his own, are you serious? F*ck Zuck!! . He is not going into crypto to benefit the space, he is aiming for centralization that is why central banks talk to him. This vampire's project is no good news!

  5. Great update Omar buddy! Been busy lately and super missed watching your news! Gonna catch up on what I lost now 🙂 Lovely week for us indeed!

  6. Chainlink Main Net is launching May 31st at the end of the Month not end of the year big difference haha. If you think it pumped already you have seen nothing yet with Chainlink. Chainlink can easily be a $10 + coin one day soon.

  7. Facebook global coin will run as a token on BitcoinSV BSV as they want to be legally compliant and BSV is the only law compliant blockchain. Headquarters in London next to Nchain. Insider secret info.

  8. how about trade your Bitcoin to Monero, then send from monero to your other monero address, and maybe one more time, then back to Bitcoin. that can no longer be tracked, correct?

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