"??ALL TEXTING SIMULATOR PODS UPDATE CODES 2019!!" Texting Simulator ? [NEW ?Pods!] (Roblox)

ladies and gentlemen there is a new update on texting similar yes you guys heard this right there is a new update of course it the previous videos on this game so you guys probably know this game for my channel or if you guys are new to a channel of course make sure to turn on that notification well I of course upload daily and again make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter first two links in the description down below if you guys want to win 10,000 robots now we have some new code for you guys yes you guys are all here for the codes I get it you know Sonny hurry up with the codes et cetera I know you what you guys are saying in the comments right now but right now guys I'm gonna show you guys all the codes the newest code of course is of course 100k type this in 100k and you get a gift I don't know what you get but let's check this out boom it's just what all right let's try this one I don't know if this one still works but let's try Happy Easter it's probably not gonna work I guess is the latest code no it's not gonna work anymore a lot of codes just got you know outdated I'm guessing so that kind of sucks but again we of course have the older code and we also have a game page this is I think the newer code is well camp agency on this one even works oh yes it does work okay so this one works finally we have a code that works let's okay so right now this is the new earbuds et cetera pretty cool stuff right here guys like vitter there's so much stuff you could actually buy now and you guys gotta get the bit own eum's through that I haven't pretty much a newb right now I haven't really done anything in this game so far I mean I did in the beginning but I just got really tiring and boring at that point so I was like you know I'm not playing this game as much but right now because also type in love lovely hearts I don't know if this one still works hearts hearts boom I don't think this one works no it's guys again these codes are probably most of these are outdated sore thumbs I don't know if this one works let's see okay this one already redeemed so you guys should be able to redeem it yourselves grinning emoji this one should work yes texting a lord boom so that's another code for you guys and of course texture is another code for yeah these are like older codes the newest coding gets this game page but again I was expecting some of the new update codes etc but again they didn't really add it behind eyes become a master hacker by slicing the new terminals across map complete the quest no complete the sequence and get rewarded with rare virtual currency bits own iam I've guess that's how you say it pitoni amuse petroleum supply by rare bowls and accessories and you like air pods it's basically a process you guys have to admit its ear pods but yeah you guys did by ear pods etc and this is super stoked super cool update and yeah guys this is a whole new update hopefully got to check out this update you guys click on this right now you guys could find a lot of cool stuff again I'm not gonna be able to even get any of these plutonium's etc but maybe if I get a bit more Opie maybe if you guys could you know I don't think you guys gonna be up with anything out to be honest but I don't know I don't know if you could trade phones I don't think you can no I don't think you can trade phones or anything like that so yeah you guys get really hooked me up with anything maybe if the developers watch kicking me can give me like a pretty Opie coat or something I don't know but yeah hopefully you guys important didn't enjoy this video if you guys accorded hit that like but of course subscribe and as well as turn on the notification I really greatly appreciative you guys of course do that and also make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you guys won 110 thousand roubles you guys heard properly yes ten thousand roll bucks there you guys go as well as if you guys want me to edit my skin like so whatever you guys want tell me some suggestions some links down below and in the comment section or something for me to buy because it's gonna have like four thousand robots just chill it on my account and I've spent like over six thousand I'm just game past etc and I kind of want to spend it on more of like skins etc customization because it looks cooler and yeah I really didn't care about in the beginning but now I really do because a lot of people are actually buying the skins etc so I was like you know what let me just do it let me make a cool skin for this YouTube channel so there you guys go make sure to comment some suggestions down below peace out ladies and gentleman boys girls moms dads and who's ever watching and provide that space

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