11 thoughts on “?BITCOIN and LITECOIN STILL BULLISH??litecoin bitcoin price projection, news, trading”

  1. The 20 wma will most likely provide support during this bull market the next couple of years just like the last bull market. Over and over again it provided support.

  2. Hi folks all 2600 of ye… In case any of you didnt know about it there is a fund me page that someone over at the discord started to raise some money to get savy a new computer so he can put up some live vids as his one lags.
    If youre here you know how much good info he put up here and the time he gives to us for free so I think its only right we all show some LOVE back.
    heres the link


    even if everybody threw in 1 dollar/euro/pound whatever we would get there quick style
    so get to it folks
    One Love, One World

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