42 thoughts on “?BITCOIN and LITECOIN BREAKOUT COMING!!!? bitcoin litecoin price prediction, news, trading”

  1. Lets support Savy and help him get a new computer for live streams! He helps us with his videos and this is something we can do to give back to him.

  2. I watch you and crypto tv everyday man and both of you are like fucking gurus. Been subscribed for a while now. Keep it up my dude

  3. I love the videos and I am a fan of all the angles you tackle the analysis from.
    But, in all honesty, the intro music still needs work, it doesn’t sound complete… it’s kinda disjointed.

  4. Hey Savy, any reason why you’re not using the original channel LTC had been moving in back in Feb and Mar? Price action is still respecting those trend lines. As always thanks for the uploads homie!

  5. Hi thank you for the research shared with us. I enjoyed the show very much and hope to be so lucky to win a T-Shirt from you CRYPTO SAVY.

  6. Thanks for your time too share your view on the markets. I have learned so much watching your channel of great content.
    Have a great weekend, Cheers!

  7. Im liking the new brave mobile browser, i can conment and still watch now 🙂
    Appreciate the efforts you put in man! Much love 🙂

  8. Stoich RSI is under 20 on Litecoin and is about to cross over. Very strong support at $98-$100. It's going to be a nice pump

  9. Good morning, CS. Last time I was on your channel, you barely had 500 subs. Congrats and thanks for all you do!

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