71 thoughts on “ TRADINGVIEW TUTORIAL  Bitcoin Price 2519 USD JUNE 25 | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis BTC”

  1. Hi bk im in thailand. Please i dont understand why would you not use britix or etoro when u want to go short or do you? Thanks i sent a message wanted to get a 1 to 1 with u thanks andy

  2. BK thanks for your time, vids and pma.. very informative and your always finding a way to educate us in all situations and outcomes. Much appreciated!! Keep it up man

  3. Thanks for this! One question I still have is: why the specific numbers 7,21,and 77? People were saying that you need to adjust the moving averages to better reflect the dips and rises in price. Not sure what they mean by this, do you? Cheers

  4. Thx a ton, much appreciated, the most helpful vid I saw in months! Finally I understand where the little brothers and papa bear came from.

  5. Very informative video man, thanks a lot for your time to do this. Take good care of your health because we need people like you. Blessings bro

  6. Fantastic videos. You put the Zen in Bitcoin baby! Easy to follow and understand. You're doing a great thing.

  7. BK giving away his secret MA numbers¿ That's startin' 2 b fascinating, so we all can start cooking uncle's Snoop secret sauce now))

  8. Okay so im looking at OMG/USD right now and they just came down and all are sitting in the same spot. Could you take a quick look and see if im looking at this right?

  9. Hi BK I just spent a couple hours on this video, thank you…can I send you a SIA chart so you can give me some ideas on it with the trend line? Thank you again, really good video first time I have looked at charting

  10. My trending view chart is different than what is on your video. Why? How can I follow along when their is such a difference in the charts?

  11. How do you know which moving averages to use for different time windows? Is there a specified rule? Thank you so much!

  12. What a FANTASTIC video. I can’t thank you enough. Will certainly donate – just found you 2 days ago. Indeed you’re a good man

  13. Wow, being a student of BK is like going to school but it's fkn FUN!!! Plus, is message is so positive and inspiring it's contagious! Thank BOSS BK, btw … Big Shout out to the BAY AREA!!!! OLD SCHOOL MENLO P.A. WhuddUUUP!!!

  14. Your method is cool. And I understand it to some degree. But not fully. When you set your timeframe for 7 minutes and you use the moving averages, the signals are getting picked up at a faster rate. Using the daily timeframe for the moving averages just seems more logical in some way, but I can't really wrap my head around it, if it makes sense.

  15. THANK YOU!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!! Great Crystal Clear explanation!!! Haven´t tried your system yet but I can see it works telling the story. I loved your other video "The boss method explained" gracias!!

  16. I am trying to find an app that will let me know when an indicator crosses a certain threshold, not the actual price. For example, i want to know when MFI/RSI exceeds 30/70 and then to receive the notification regardless of the price of the coin. I want this for BTC/GBP. Is this possible on this site? Have you any videos on it? Thanks.

  17. How do I get the price scale on the right axis? On the BTC / USD chart I only seem to have numbers in 10,000 increments. Have tried right clicking on settings and going through those….have also tried resetting scale…. any help most appreciated.

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