Alright, It’s our second day of our France! Well… here is the station on previous video, you’ve seen it the night view of this station, and this is called I heard it wasn’t like that but, They renovated this station beautifully, as you can see it behind me. So we are going to walk around inside of that station and…. we are going to head to the destination, the one we, or Grandma wanted to visit for this time. Alright, are you guys ready? In Rennes station, we found a Giratina (Darkrai) Raid so, we want to try it now! I caught one in Amsterdam, as you may have seen the photo on my twitter but, It’s our hope to get one in France, you know. And trying with all four of us. We gonna try it! Wish us luck! Why do you have mumps like that? You must be hungry, right? Shall we go for breakfast? Thanks for the beautiful meal! Alright, so…. Here let me introduce, Galette. Rennes is known as a city of Galette, something like crape. So yeah, if you have chance to visit Rennes, or northern west area of France, plz try it once. There are SWEET ones, and the one like meal, like with bacons etc. It was delicious. I tried the sweet one, but Grandma and my wife ordered the meal one, both were so yum! So we are on the bus, and it would take one hour to get to the destination. And it’s wasting my camera’s memory for taking just views for an hour so, I won’t do that this time. So we will see you when we arrived. Second thought, you will be able to see us very soon, like a second later! OK? Alright, so we are at the place about an hourly bus from Rennes. We are going to stay in this area for tonight, so we want to check in first before visiting the place, our main thing for this trip. I think you’ve already knew where we are heading to, like if you have seen my twitter or instagram but, It’s the world heritage site, in France. Let’s go! So we arrived! This is…. The world heritage site. It’s registered in 1979. It’s on the island, literally on the island. You can take a free shuttle bus to get here, over the bridge. And of course, you can take it on the way back to the closest town. And when it got dark, it will be lighted up beautifully. What do you think? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Like a Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Alright, we are going to get inside now! Alright so…. We’re on the middle….I guess? of Mont Saint-Michel. Not at the top yet. The top of it is there. Amazing! What’s the right word…. Perhaps it’s at low tide, I think. That is why we can walk on the river, I guess. And yes, I saw a Torii Gate, Japanese Temple one down there. See? I don’t know why. Anyway, stone‐paved roads….amazing. And yeah, after a little break, go up to the top. yeah? Now, we are going to get inside of Abbey at the top of Mont Saint Michel. From here, if you want to get to the top, you need to buy a ticket. We are almost there! (Did you know?) (10 years Friendship with Miyajima) So, the fact of that Torii Gate was they are celebrating 10years anniversary of their friendship with Miyajima. Interesting! Alright, I’m getting so hot so I took off the jacket. We are on the way to Abbey. How do you think, Jr2? It’s high! And very hot (by walking the stairs) Can you feel what we feel from here through my camera? It’s absolutely AMAZING. And what do you have in your hand, Jr2? A leaflet of Mont Saint Michel? Language? I chose Dutch one. They are so much familiar with Dutch now. Of course, you can choose the languages, Japanese, English, Germany, French And so on… And now, we are finally on the top of Mont Saint Michel!! From there, Took the bus, Around here? Yes, here. We got off the bus, and walked…. Ah… I can’t…..only camera is watching. I’m not seeing the camera now. I can’t see it…too scared… but we walked up all way through. Have you found them? The answer is….which one gonna come out first? Oh I found him, Jr2! Please shall out yourself! There he is! And? There we found Jr! Did you find us successfully? Spiritomb Task. Tap! Appeared! Is this your first time? My second time! First throw? Wow! Nice! What’s it’s IV? 89% And you caught it in…..? Does it say like that? Yes! Congratulations! Alright, so it is the night view of Mont Saint Michel! Well, my camera is not good enough to show how really beautiful this is but, It’s so much beautiful than what you see from my camera tho! And stars! Amazing! Yes. My face… cannot be recognizable without my iPhone’s light. Apologies that I don’t have ‘expensive’ camera. It’s so amazing! Please come if you have a chance! Until midnight 12:00, a free shuttle busses are running so, you can enjoy this beautiful view. I am speechless to explain this…. Jr: My face is strange on your camera… Well, it’s too dark here so… Alright, hope you would come to see this! And from tomorrow, Vlog will still be continuing. I’m not sure when this video is uploaded as we have so much things coming during Grandma’s stay so, So, hope you enjoyed our day, Mont Saint Michel. And see you on the next video!! In this area, Mussels are the one you should try! I heard Omlets are their food too but, I think this is steamed with White Wine Ahhh yes, I can smell Wine. Let’s dig in! Wowww! Grandma: Yum! Grandma: It’s really ‘C’est bon’! I don’t know what that French mean, but, GO CHI SO U SA MA DE SHI TA (Thank you for the meal in Japanese) Grandma’s Sprintomb try! Ready? Ohhh first throw! And then? You caught it in….. Ahhh wait, camera is not in focus… Yes! France, Mont Saint Michel! Congratulations!!!

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  1. モン・サン・ミッシェル、ステキ✨

  2. 🐽🐽さん

  3. モン・サン=ミシェル、ザキヤマ初めて見ました。というか知らなかった・・・(^_^;)

  4. 私もモンサン行きました。羊が大量に住んでるモーテルに泊まり、羊の群れとバックにモンサンの写真が撮れました。公共バスで来たので大変でしたが。。

  5. What a great video!! It makes me want to go to France 🇫🇷😎👍 Junior と Junior2 すっごい面白い〜‼️ Grandma’s “Gotcha” was ✨fabulous✨ What lovely memories you guys are making☺️💕

  6. 赤い鳥居があってびっくりしました。モンサンミシェル、また行きたいなー。ポケ活も記念になりますね!

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  8. モンサンミッシェルいいですよねー。

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