✅Learning Simple TECHNICAL ANALYSIS of Cryptocurrency | 💹[20 & 200 moving average strategy]

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is to kind of help everybody gaining a correct perspective on this now I’m not
saying my perspective has been right this whole you know throughout the year
you know I mean but it’s it’s corrected now and I’m game making games and it’s
not based on the things that I thought were important when I first started
trading cryptocurrency you know I thought there was many differences
between a stock market and cryptocurrency there’s not many
differences in the cotton and when it comes down to trading technical analysis
you know things of the sort so you know it’s really in the way that you look at
things prospectively because that’s how day traders swing traders and
professional core traders and macro traders this is how they all look at the
market and I’m trying to give you a little you know insight of how they’re
prospectively looking at things so let’s get right into it here right 201 billion
right now 54.1% kane went up point 2 percent since yesterday
62 97 so while volume went down a little bit to 4 billion so everything is kind
of colorful right now in the market digit X’s are you know 24-hour changer
up bat token loom Network good to see dogecoin you know kernel fun fair that
seemed to be a good one when that first came out so that’s good to see so let’s
move forward in technical analysis and kind of some things I want to touch on
in this video let me get my big head out of the way on here so everybody looks at
these wedges right I mean at I had a buddy come over last night and
we were talking about you know technical analysis and how a lot of people don’t
use technical analysis or they don’t put a big percentage on the technical
analysis which I’m guilty of that too in the past and now learning things and I
even talked to my mentor that’s got me into stock trading and so and so forth
and the first thing he asked me was because he doesn’t nearly know much
about cryptocurrency he’s in the stock market he’s a million areas which
retired at 40 years old and he basically said well if this crypto have in
exchange is it is it a market and I said yes there candles and buy cells and
points and stop losses and you know so so far music well then use the twenty
and main the 200ma if there’s nothing different as far as the market as an
exchange your buying and selling and trading and sound of shorting and
longing it’s gonna work the same way as any other market out there you pendulum
matter if it’s the stock market it doesn’t matter if it’s crypto market it
doesn’t matter what kind of market is you know but as the same it has the same
properties as a stock market right and on this technical analysis so why not
use it roughly the same way if not exactly the same way if you can so I’ve
been using the 20 and the 200 ma and I’m trying to show everybody in these videos
how powerful the 220 ma is and where you need to start putting your you know you
know all these indicators you know everybody keeps telling you that oh you
know you want to put more indicated the more indicators the better not
necessarily it’s the ones that are showing you the most information it’s
not just every I mean I’ve used waves that you’ve used Bollinger Bands &
propulsions and all this stuff there’s not a lot of percentage of that helping
you in your decision making and these wedges are not something that you first
go off of this is an accentuation of what you’re seeing on the 20 and the 200
ma they work but they’re just showing you possibilities and that these are all
50/50 pilots possibility just because it’s wedging down doesn’t mean it’s
gonna break up doesn’t mean it’s gonna break down out of this wedge until it’s
forced to because the wedge is coming to an end so you know it all year we’ve
been everybody’s been putting wedges and I’ve been putting wedges in you know
this is a year chart going all the way back to our big boom in the beginning of
2018 in the 2017 and it’s just a huge wedge I mean every time we put a wedge
in here in the short-term it’s always a downtrend wedge and it always look like
it’s gonna break the wedge and it never does and it goes back down I mean if it
does break the wedge it doesn’t break it from very long cuz again it’s forced to
break the wedge because it’s coming to an end so you know a lot of the
technical analysis that I see people you know you know telling people about and
people are actually you know taking this information in in thinking that this is
where you need to start is incorrect in a traders mind in really any technical
analysis that you look it’s the way that you’re doing these things so first thing
I’m gonna show you know I’ll tell you kind of how the way I do things so you
guys can kind of see this the first thing I do is look at the 20 and a 200ma
okay this wedge here means nothing to me if the tortilla man had 200 or telling
me that it’s on a downtrend and that’s all going down here okay you can say
well it’s not gonna break it right now well of course it’s not gonna break it
right now but of course your indicators are telling you other things so it’s
it’s it’s the way that you have to start weighing your technical analysis and
what you’re using and I’ve used many many different methods this year and
based on this downtrend market it’s not because of the downtrend it’s because of
the method you can make money in a downtrend market right make money in an
uptrend market you make money on a sideways market but everybody’s looking
for big games and instant gratification and that’s not how traders work they
don’t work for instant gratification they try to get it at the statistical
advantage or statistical edge on it on their on their trades so they can do 10
trades a day they want to have at least seven to eight trades as wins they know
they’re gonna have some losses because the probability is you know you’re
obviously gonna have some losses but you have more wins than losses when it comes
down to it then you win then you made money that day or that
week or that month or that year right so it doesn’t really matter this is a
4-hour chart because I wanted to show you on a macro point of view that
everybody seems to be putting these wedges
here and and then going off of the wedge saying it’s gonna break out to a new
high it’s gonna what new high are really are you talking about its go back before
our chart you know I mean are you saying that right here is a new high you know
it’s looks kind of blow this up a little bit are you saying right here this is a
new high are you saying right here’s a new high are you saying this is a new
high no it that’s that’s a correction back up to where it needs being a big
old trap so it really all depends on how you’re looking at this and these wedges
do not help you in you know initially determining which way the markets gonna
go or something big huge is gonna happen it’s not that elementary I mean if it
was that elementary you know traders and everybody else in the market would make
it a whole lot more money this year and not like us all everybody’s pretty most
part underwater and trying to keep afloat with their nose over you know the
water so it kind of hurts me a little bit when I start hearing this stuff and
everybody’s selling these wedges and you know when’s it gonna break out and so on
somebody you can’t tell the future right but you can tell the trends of things
and the indicators that you use accentuates your decisions your your
your probabilities of percentages right so right here you know you could say
that you have like a 60/40 chance just based on the down trend of the market
right that it’s gonna go down and now it’s time to go in sideways right now
and it’s starting to correct itself on a buy point on the MACD and as you can see
the RSI is starting to get more buys and starting to kind of go a little sideways
but up right doesn’t mean it’s gonna go up it just means it’s gonna go sideways
right now you know that’s a buy point so you know it’s stopping that stop or that
loss from happening and now buy points so obviously it’s gonna go sideways is
gonna could it go up absolutely could go up there’s always a probability that
obviously going up and going down what we’re trying to do is minimize the
probabilities in our heads to say okay well I’m gonna take a small chance here
because I have a twenty five seventy five percent chance 60% chance eighty
five percent chance that I’m right in my thinking that’s the way traders work and
in these triggers that I’m telling you about one you know throughout these
videos the 20ma it turns green you know it came we’ll just look at this real
quick just on a small gain on a sideways
market right okay it’s gone down underneath okay you hit the 200 as a
support resistant it resisted or supported at that and it’s gone up to
the red it broke it but it turned red it came down it turned green and became big
so that’s buy points so that comes a little bit away one one wave happened
right and then it just corrected itself back down turned green not really too
strong and then boom now it’s gone into a sell right and now support resistant
on the toilet on the 200ma it’s come up a little bit did not break the twenty
and boom it causes a sell because once it breaks that 12 200ma that is a
trigger for day traders and swing traders and core traders to sell out
because something is gonna you know you mean something big is gonna happen based
on the 200 ma is king when it’s going flat and it’s on a downtrend starting
from this one as soon as it hit this one it’s caused the downtrend and that’s
that’s the statistical advantage when you’re looking at this and looking for
probabilities and bring your percentages up
nothing is ever 100% in any exchange you work stock market crypto market doesn’t
matter so and and I still see people that I’m following keep talking about
these wedges like it’s the and zombies all Bible of what’s gonna happen here oh
you know if it breaks in this new high you guys want to start buying in because
it’s gonna go no just because it breaks this a little bit doesn’t mean nothing
it could go right back down into this and cause a whole new wedge and all this
in wedges don’t mean nothing initially it’s just an accentuation of what you’re
looking at here and saying okay well I’ll give it another 5% on my thinking
that it’s gonna break this based on if it was going up you know they’re 200 ma
was sideways or on it the incline and the 20 ma is on an incline it could
possibly break that and go up so it gives you more percentage but again it’s
on a downtrend the 200 ma is flat it’s gone underneath the 200 ma and it’s on a
downtrend this is a fork this is a four-hour chart but it doesn’t matter
what chart you’re looking at when you start putting these wedges in
and so on and so forth it doesn’t matter so it didn’t apps I’ve done this all
year long I’ve redone wedges I put new wedges in you know you can you can pop a
wedge in here put a wedge in here it’s gonna show you pretty much the same
thing that it’s it’s you know of course on this sideways market it’s hit bottom
and it’s gone underneath the bottom now well I know it’s not it’s gone sideways
so just on the bottom so you know the wedge is not gonna tell you that it’s
gonna go back up but 200ma and the 20ma is gonna give you the most probability
that it’s gonna go back up depending on what chart you’re looking at a macro
chart a day trade chart a chord chart a swing chart however you’re trading the
twenty a minute 200ma help you out and you’re thinking initially and then you
can look at your wedges and your MACD and your RSI don’t put too many
indicators in there simplify your technical analysis and raise your
percentage probabilities why have five indicators in there when two will give
you just as much percentage if not more based on discipline and knowing where
triggers are with the 20 ma and 200 MA you know again nothing’s for certain on
anything that you think of but if you are confident in your percentages and
your probabilities that it’s gonna do what do well you know that then it’s
it’s gonna work more times than not it’s pretty much in that’s why mock trade to
kind of test these things and to make sure that I’m thinking at things things
right and I’m not just putting in things in here willy-nilly
so mock trading takes away the risk of you actually losing money so you can
actually think about probabilities and percentages more you know more instead
of you know thinking you’re gonna lose money if you just hold on or hold on a
hold on or sell sell sell or buy in here and it’s just gonna keep going down it
takes away all that so and then when you start trading for real you won’t even
think about the money you’re putting in you’re thinking about your decisions
because you’re so confident through mock trading that it’s gonna do more times
than not what you think it’s gonna do so you know again I’ve got a little act
because I’ve watched like four people there’s more on YouTube and they all
talk about the first thing I talk about is the wedging of it and it’s
not the stock market that’s doing it’s the crypto market and there and these
five things like the government’s gonna come down and hound on cryptocurrency
and and so ain’t no really what it comes down to it it’s Wall Street okay Wall
Street right now is analogous and I’ll show you why and it’s it’s not the
reason that you think that it is like you know the sp500 and that it is
analogous I’m sorry it’s correlating when you see it on a technical analysis
but the reasoning why it happened is not the same so let’s get into that so is so
is there a correlation between Bitcoin and stock market yes
but no and this guy kind of really brings it out and I kind of agree with
him on this so looking at the Bitcoin graph and that of the stock market
included Dow Jones in the sp500 you may have noted an interesting similarity
right it’s correlation right now everything’s dumped at the same time
same thing back in February stock market was growing to to new heights rapidly
with even Donald Trump winning how he had risen twenty percent since his
election a little before these heights Bitcoin has also surged up to its
all-time 20,000 right so both markets then start to plunge first it was
Bitcoin whose price steadily dropped towards 6,000 before hitting a floor the
stock market fell a lot quicker but the pattern looked remarkably similar with
them both finding a floor last Monday the Dow Jones average saw its biggest
one-day drop in history on Monday and SNP firemen had its worst day since 2011
so seven years it’s finally out of worst day in trading questions then started to
spring up whether or not there was a correlation between these vastly
different assets okay yeah their debt their different assets but the way we
trade them on the exchanges is not different okay we buy sell we trade you
know we exchange it’s the same thing so let’s go down here so these z-scores in
fear gauges what it’s really kind of based on right now let’s see let’s go
down here so a simple glance at this correlation graph right this is the z
score correlation graph right so a simple core of glance at this shows that
the relationship between bitcoin and the S&P is that a weak positive relationship
but the correlation between and bitcoin is negative 0.31 making it a
moderate negative relationship so the VIX is a so-called fear gauge and
indicates the level of risk that is currently present in the markets at any
time according this graph there should be an inverse correlation between Vic’s
and Bitcoin and this was demonstrated in an article on CBO YZ ok CBO ease website
futures that overlay the the VIX and Bitcoin price so it is between the VIX
and Bitcoin not the stock market itself where the correlation seems to exist but
then again for the last three years VIX index outperform Bitcoin in terms of
volatility and in 25 2015 2016 the correlation was almost non-existing well
that makes sense why because it’s 2017 that matches the pattern
why does 2017 match the pattern future CBO E’s website they’ve overlaid the VIX
on Bitcoin in 2017 and now there’s a correlation based on futures market this
year we have with feud with with crypto in stock market has futures as well so a
fear gauge on there so you know when fear happens futures everybody starts
moving things around I mean especially in futures and selling their futures and
all this stuff so yes there’s a correlation when it comes to the stock
market based on the futures markets okay crypto change Marc futures markets CBOE
CME and stock market features all the futures markets that they have running
around you know in America China Hong Kong you know wherever you know South
Korea so you know let’s keep that in mind everybody’s saying that there’s no
core yes there is a correlation but it has to do with the feet with the gauging
with the sentiment analysis on here so you know let’s look at the sentiment
this is crypto fear ingredient I so look at the extreme fear it has now yesterday
19 you know I mean look at this it’s just on a constant downward trend so the
VIX same thing CBOE cm e futures all makes sense that there’s a correlation
there and that you know it’s futures that it’s it’s doing is what’s features
is it has a big hand in it and based on this you know correlation here with the
VIX and not the actual stock market itself he’s a you know sessom p 500 has
futures on their index NASDAQ does doubt us you
know I watched stocks all the time i watch the TV channel i still am kind of
in the stocks a little bit but not much I’m focused in a crypto this year so I
want to find out what’s comparable what’s analogous what’s correlating
what’s not and times things open so the last thing I want to do touch on and
I’ve been hearing this a lot two of these Bitcoin ATMs and everybody’s cool
it’s so excited when they see that Bitcoin ATMs are coming out an email and
it’s mainstreaming Bitcoin and so and so forth well let me tell you Bitcoin ATMs
our OTC alright over-the-counter private you know OTC sellers basically private
buyers they buy all this buy Bitcoin off the exchange and then they sell it to
you through their ATM so this is kind of just showing you right here so Russell
there’s an over-the-counter Bitcoin trader he’s the kind of guy you can call
up whenever you’re in Las Vegas and flush with bitcoins for a percentage of
the transaction he’ll meet you and SWAT big coins for cash or vice-versa okay
that’s the old way they’re doing it well back in January he and his brother John
came up with the Bitcoin ATM idea as a way of automating what Mark Russell was
already doing over the counter Bitcoin trader so now he’s private over the
counter procure he procures Bitcoin off the exchanges and then sells it to you
out of his own pocket that’s what Bitcoin ATMs are
over-the-counter doesn’t help anybody out in the exchange helps nobody out but
this guy right here so you know again I’ve lots of people all morning and
everybody’s touching on the ATMs and how cool they are to see that they’re all
going up that is somebody else is putting their own Bitcoin in there and
selling it off to you so you keep that in mind guys you know when we’re all
trading here and let’s get back into the technical analysis here and let me show
you at least you know let’s talk about a little bit as opposed to what’s going on
so there’s a one-hour chart right you know I even put a small let’s fund get
back here a little bit to do the dress and I can put a small
you know corridor in here so everybody kind of knows what I’m talking about
here right so let’s just put one right there oh yeah here we go
let’s going right here oh man this thing is skipping on me
so all right there we go so we’re gonna put one right on here basically based on
this falling wedge right and if you’re saying that that’s a falling wedge based
on this new sideways market okay that’s the bottom of it right gonna bring it
down a little bit more that’s kind of where we’re sitting up errantly and
here’s the wedge going sideways so here’s a one in our wedge right it’s
gone up to a precipice but as you can see the 20 a man came back down and is
on a downswing soon is it broke it’s crazy how this works with the 20 MA and
the 200 ma this is your meat and potatoes 220 ma use everything else as
accentuate errs even all these indicators over here doesn’t indicate
nothing when it tells you to buy right here doesn’t mean that it’s gonna go up
all the way up here it just says that there’s a small buy point here and it
may be good to make some you know set yourself up for a possible boom that’s
really what it’s all about when you’re doing these trades you if you’re are
saying that you’re gonna only say dude say you only do 10 trades a day okay 10
trades a day that’s pretty quick for a day trader you know uh you know fairly
I’m good fairly amount for a quick day trader right 10 trades so if you buy it
down here on a sideways market you buy it down here you sell it up here right
you buy it down here you’re so it up here well if you buy it down here and it
comes up and then boom it just freakin you’ve already set yourself up in a good
position and then when you start selling it right down here in a boom it goes
down here you just staved off a lot of freaking losses around there based on
using this as a support resistant a buy and sell line guide so in the 200 m ax
as again an overall controller if it’s going down
you know I mean it’s it’s gonna come back down and meet it or its going to
have a maddening magnetic effect and come back up and resist it you know but
using these wedges as your owns all bezel whether it’s gonna break out and
because it’s gonna break out it’s gonna boom it makes those that is done
probably that that’s gonna happen unless everything else is showing you that it’s
doing that the 20 a man the 200 ma is showing you that’s gonna do that the
MACD you know is way up here you know possibly at the zero even way down here
and gaps buys up gaps and then just you know the elevation of it goes up doesn’t
mean it’s gonna do it but it gives you a better probability it’s gonna do it with
the RSI obviously on a strength going up from from a low point all the way up to
the top point so these indicators are not your hands all bezel these are
accentuate errs okay and it may bring your percentage up five to 10% maybe
even less than that each one but the more you use for potions and waves and
Bollinger Bands and you know it the probabilities of all those accentuating
each other is not working because they they have to kind of go in tandem with
each other it doesn’t work you know I mean sometimes the RSI doesn’t even help
me out so why would I go look at Bollinger Bands and waves if my RSI you
know I mean it doesn’t make any sense so you just want to go back here
meat-and-potatoes indicators that you trust that you know about that you’re
familiar with that you you get it when it moves a different way and you’re not
pissed off about it I mean traders understand these things to almost a
technical almost a scientific point of view and they are very very disciplined
in their trading you know I mean if it goes up over the green if it’s on an
upward trend incline and it goes up over the green that’s a buy point for them
because they know that’s trigger percentage-wise 75 to 85% if that turns
green over the red right I’m not a nice big you know little bar but it’s strong
with no wicks they’re gonna buy it and I mean it’s just based on that you have
some wicks you know may you know it may not be a good time to buy until it
starts getting away if it so there’s just ifs in ifs and ifs but you probably
start going up per candle so you know realize that so you know these
mas right this is the simple moving average if you’re using an MA it’s
simple moving average why do I use the simple moving average as opposed to the
exponential moving average the exponential moving average okay only
relies on the closing of the candle the simple moving average relies on the
average of the closing of that candle right not the closing of the candle
we’re you know in America we’re so in you know it you know we’ve been kind of
been seared with looking at the close of a candle well when you look at the close
of a candle you’re now looking at past information you’re not looking at
current information and again I was talking to my buddy about this last
night and he was saying that you know he looks at his phone and it tells them you
know gives him a beep when you know a certain coin hits a low that he thinks
is a low and it tells him hey you know your coin has hit a low and when he
finally goes in this problem possibly by and he starts looking at the price again
a minute later the price is different whether it be lower or lower there’d be
higher because they’re showing you a close on that number and not the current
what’s currently happening in the market you know a fluctuation of prices and so
on so forth it doesn’t show you any of that it shows you the candle just behind
it saying it closed here on the red it closed here on the green so it’s showing
you past information just like everything else you know I mean so you
really have to go I mean there is a you know there’s an art to this
I mean technical analysis is an art you know it’s not gonna be straight line
it’s not gonna be perfectly printed for you you have to really color in the
blanks fill in the blanks with your own probabilities and statistic analysis
technical analysis statistical edge so on and so forth that’s what the casinos
do that’s what I’ve been trying to push on everybody this is what professionals
look at okay and again I was talking to my buddy last night and you know I know
I asked him if he ever plays the stock market he said no he doesn’t play stock
market and it makes sense a lot of people in crypto didn’t start in the
stock market they started in crypto right well the stock market is the same
type of exchange same type of trading that you got going on per coin they have
futures involved okay they have you know day traders involved
swing traders involved core traders involved macro traders everything is
analogous when it comes to technical analysis on here the projects are
different the way they’re set up coins versus stock so on so forth but the way
they’re traded is not there’s no difference really besides it’s a 24-hour
24/7 and you can trade coin to coin when you can’t trade stock to stock so you
know I’m not a financial advisor this is just my opinion but really you know I
mean I’m gonna show you live trading now I’m gonna take one aetherium and I chose
a theorem in USD T to trade but I’m probably gonna go to a smaller price
coin so I can buy five or ten at a time and then trade those and make a property
they make a better profit so I’m gonna find a coin that has a good trend you
know and not bad big gaps in between bars and so on so forth on an hour
30-minute chart and then I can start swing trading that and then possibly go
down to a 15-minute chart possibly go down to a five-minute chart
and start day training this and becoming intimate with a little bit of a coin
that I choose to get not Bitcoin everything I are all the profits that I
get are gonna be dumped into my investment which is Bitcoin and I’m just
gonna keep growing my Bitcoin grow Bitcoin grow Bitcoin and then get that
gone you know on that level so as you can see the wedge it’s gone down and
it’s not going up the 200ma is coming down this is a 15-minute chart 200ma is
coming down and it’s starting to come back and meet with the candles and the
tool and the 20ma so we shall see what happens on here you know when it comes
to that says we don’t know what’s gonna happen when these two these two start
converging but right now it’s coming to a ceiling you know I mean we can sit
here and watch this for a little while but it’s a 15-minute sharp all right
here you know as you can see it’s a resistant point and if it breaks it and
turns green over it right and this starts going up on an uptrend that may
be a good sign you know I mean that this is gonna start flattening out this is
gonna be on an uptrend and it could be a small buy point and make a small you
know win off this on a sideways market so you know you’re supposed to buy
underneath the red but you know there’s so much volatility in
here you can always go back to the meat and potatoes and just use the 20 ma
breaks the 20 ma turns green on the next one pretty strong green bar it’s it’s
gonna possibly more than not go on a small uptrend in so you can make some
gains from a buy point here and then you know sell it off down here when it
starts correcting back to the 20 ma if it does that so I can’t tell the future
you know that’s almost looking like it’s on a buy point but that could change
yeah it’s crossed over so that’s buy point the strength of it’s
right in the middle so your indicators are accentuate errs for what you think
may happen what’s gonna happen what’s gonna happen okay oh that tells me
there’s more probability that it’s gonna go up that tells me there’s possible
that it has room to grow so it’s the way that we look at these technical analysis
things and you know and that’s where I wanted to touch on this you know I keep
seeing the same people talking about the same things and how it’s nothing’s
analogous with the at with the stock market
nothing’s analogous with the way we trade crypto and the way stocks are
traded on their technical exchanges and so on and so forth that’s absolutely
incorrect okay and I thought the same thing when I first started and it’s
absolutely incorrect and I learned the hard way so you know you got to tie it
you got to deal with the devil before you you know go to heaven you know or go
to the moon so you know I dealt with the devil when
it comes to the stock markets years ago and I learned how to play that and then
I thought this was different on the way things work they’re not really that
different there’s some things that are different it’s you know as opposed to
the volatility and so and so forth but the way these are exchanges and moved
and so on and so forth there’s no difference for the most part the way the
20 and 200 work it just moves dramatically and that’s why I use the
simple moving average as opposed to the X the exponential moving average because
the exponential only goes off the closing price it’s only showing you at
the pros and closing price is and then taking the average off the closing price
because we’re just so in indane the closing price of it being the ends all
bezel where you get a closing price that’s that’s past information you want
simple moving average anything you want you know what’s the average of that red
bar in the middle there and how big it is and how small
and so so you’re getting a better and a more gradual move of the 20 and a 200 ma
instead of these big spikes up and down with the 200 and the 20 ma EMA so
there’s big differences on here so like I was saying Crypt you know crypto fear
and greed index thirteen nineteen yesterday thirty-four last week twenty
four last month so went up and now it’s gone down I mean it looks pretty much
just like Bitcoin it’s always on a constant gradual down and now it’s
coming to a wedge and I know so we so should we play the wedge on here no I
mean it’s that’s doesn’t make any sense playing wedges that way you can use them
as guidelines but not overall guidelines as accentuate errs for possibilities of
new highs coming up and braking and big booms happening up or down so on so
forth but it’s not your initial indicator to do things I’ve learned this
the hard way I really want to pass this on everybody so everybody understands
this that you know a lot of people that I am watching they’re not learning
through the year they’re just keep doing the same thing over and showing you the
same thing over and over and then they’re showing you journalism that
they’re saying this is what this person says and I don’t know if it’s right or
not but that’s what this is so why are you showing me if you don’t believe
about bad news don’t show me the news I don’t want to hear I can hear all the
fun I want I can watch it and look at it on mic ma I need to see things that you
believe in and what you think is correct on this market so I can gauge it a
little bit more but if you just give me something that I can look up myself
and some journalism can you know journalists can lie to you you know cuz
you need to make his money today to make a journey you know make an article it
doesn’t make any sense so you really have to you know weed through the roughs
and read through the dark you know have you know deal with the devil not make a
deal with the devil but you have to deal with the devil and hopefully that you
can come out and rise above it so that’s it for this one hit the bell comment
below no value to you guys but it has great
value to me and the dogs I’ll be rescuing you guys keep up the ground

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