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hey guys and today I’m gonna try and
help you explain how I OSC token words and whether it has a potential of
becoming like the mother of all the blockchains and we know that blockchain
technology has in the last decade become one of the most influential and
revolutionary products out there the technology has been implemented in
almost all industries making them more efficient transparent and secure the
technology has however been faced with one major problem being scalability with
more and more companies and users adopting a scalability has become an
issue iOS which is the internet of services
aims at solving this very issue I’ve seen the platform described themselves
as a secure scalable blockchain that actually works
guaranteeing up to 1 million transactions per second and this is
definitely now a small claim as big projects such as ethereum can only dream
of such numbers although the project is based on a cerium if they don’t remains
miles away when it comes to his kill ability solutions so how is actually I
always say solving the scalability issues where is the internet of services
blogging platform aims at solving the market scalability issue and the project
employs several ways of doing so which includes we’ll start off with the
efficient distributed sharding called EDS for Showtek and this technology
basically allows the project to achieve the most work in the least work it
partitions the iOS network into subspaces using a BSP method allowing
for thousands of transactions in a second we also have the proof of
believability consensus so mining is one of the main reasons cryptocurrencies are
criticized and the process has proven to be problematic when it comes to speed
energy consumption and obviously there’s been lots of research recently about
approving that’s actually not as bad as people think it is an iOS D token has
solved the problem by eliminating the popular proof of world consensus
algorithm and replacing it with proof of believability and this method deadmines
the authentic city of veneno – using previous
contributions and behavior and this has significantly reduced the time it takes
to find new notes and has increased the transaction speeds and the last way this
project solves the scalability issues is by Hertz which is a hyper universes
tribute system and with blockchain security is always at the forefront of
every project and the hats feature ensures that the project has a
decentralized and secure way of storing data it also provides developers with a
platform to develop D apps and the good old smarter contracts so let’s have a
look who actually stands behind iOS D token the iOS see token project began in
China but has since expanded to Singapore in San Francisco instead as a
dream shared by Jimmy song Terence Bank Justin Lisa Wong and rake shout and
Kelvin tan as well and I’m sorry if I mispronounced any of the names basically
they wanted to create a new and innovative way to run D apps just like
its operations the team of developers has continued to grow and clearly the
project is over city developers from a Chris North America to Asia and one of
the main reasons the project has been successful is because of its birthplace
China and China has in recent years embraced blocks in technology
encouraging more companies to adopt it this can be the reason the project has
received major partnerships with companies such as hua be secured capital
and FDG capital so on top of that the project is actually expected to launch
their Manor in quarter 3 of 2019 and if successful this could be one of the
greatest projects and could have an implication on the development of
blockchain technology as a whole so iOS D token is currently number 30 on coin
gecko and on market cap at 66 so it’s in a top hundred and the price currently is
around one cent of max supply of 21 billion the market cap is just about 100
million and it’s down 90 percent since its all-time high but I mean what hasn’t
been an all-time high was actually 12 cents so guys let me know what you think
actually of iOS did Chuck and have you heard of it
whether you think internet of service is a good proposition to the current market
and whether it can solve the scalability problem or if you know of any better
projects are already doing it so guys if you enjoyed this video
to follow me on Twitter so remember to hit the like button as well leave a
comment saying whether you think there is a potential for this project or not
and I’ll catch you later have a good one bye bye

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  1. Always liked the fundamentals of IOST. will be exciting to see how everything will come together the next year! cheers

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