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let’s get into it so back in May on
ripple insights spring was announced and we continued to come back to this
insights article and today we’re gonna highlight the piece here from Omni so
Thomas MacLean serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Omni who will soon
integrate XRP as a currency into omni’s marketplace now I have been definitely
waiting and waiting for some more information on this I actually even at
one point tweeted Thomas but I never got a reply so again Thomas is the founder
and CEO of Omni and again today he announced that we have integrated XRP
into our products so Omni members now have the option to cash out their rental
earnings to an XR p wallet and if we click here you can see a balance of $35
looks like a cash out option to a pre-existing wallet on the profile and
it lets you pretty much withdraw in XRP to an XR p wallet so definitely pretty
cool to see and definitely if you want to give it a try you can rent your
things on Omni when someone rents from you you’ll earn money that you can then
cash out to XR P or USD so definitely check it out if you’re interested
and again Omnicom b be Omnicom is there a website and you can also search for
their app in the Google Play Store and the App Store so definitely check it out
if you’re interested and again just another use case coming to fruition here
so really cool to see now back in almost exactly a year ago back in October 16
2017 rippln the Gates Foundation team up to level the economic playing field for
the poor so the Gates Foundation created a mojo loop so mojo loop is for creating
a real-time interpret in terrible payments platform on a national scale to
reach the world’s poor with essential financial tools so this allows to
basically make small payments through ILP which is the interrelated protocol
using coil and ripple to help get money out to those poor locations of the world
now here it’s they stated here Miller abble so deputy director principal
technologist of the Gates Foundation 35 plus years experience in software and
services sector we are partnering with ripple and coil to implement the
intelligent protocol and explore ways mojo loop can support poor payment
systems so definitely a big step there for the reaching you know people in in
in under serving communities and places that pretty much it’s really hard to get
people banked so definitely pretty cool to see and as we hear from atomic bro
lead scientist at coil who states to throw water on the hype a bit I’ll
clarify the Mojo the point of mojo loop is to make mobile money networks
interoperable and likely will not use XRP however it will open up corridors
were formally closed off possibly allowing ripple net /x rapid to access
new regions so it’s not gonna use XRP but it does offer the possibility for
ripple to implement further avenues to get ripple net and ex rapid going so
definitely something to keep an eye on and hopefully they can get to that point
to utilize the use case for XRP into mojo loop but for now definitely effing
clearing up the air but either way it is still very good news to get the poor
banked and that is definitely always a good thing
so we’ll see more on that as that develops now Barry Silbert the founder
and CEO of DCG group which is the digital currency group here is a video
from c3 Nick on his stance on adding it to his platform adding XRP to his
platform and whether XRP is a security or not and so for us it was it was an
easy decision to you know kind of just go through the list of tokens and you
know do our own analysis around ones that you know kind of could be
Securities and you know conclusion obviously before we did this was that
XRP was not a security and its inclusion in the large cap funds that’s that we
don’t have disk question that that fund is a it’s it’s a
market cap weighted formulaic construct of a fund where it tries to essentially
capture the top 70% market cap of the tokens but there’s exclusions around
tokens that are not traded in US dollar or you know markets there’s exclusions
around lack of custody solutions as exclusions around ones that may be deep
securities so XRP being included in that in that large cap fund means that it’s
one of the largest and we don’t believe it’s a security so I definitely hope you
enjoyed that video that was definitely some very big information there coming
from a very influential person in the blockchain industry we will see how
things pretty much unfold definitely waiting for the big news coming out of
the FCC and also thank you c3 Nick for providing that video and finally next so
XRP back loans are now available on the Nexo platform making us the first and
only crypto lender to onboard XRP as collateral get instant access to cash
while keeping the upside potential of your ex RP so that’s definitely pretty
interesting the world’s first instant crypto back loans available at neck so
do so that is something that interests you definitely check it out and let’s go
ahead and get into the price so the price of x RP definitely has been moving
lately I would say fairly has been moving steadily pretty nice seen a
little bit of a bull flags here play out little by little it looks like we hit a
resistance level here and that again is getting very close to the point 5 here
on the fib which is 52 cents so we’re struggling to break free from that at
the moment it looks like right now we’ve taken a few bounces off of the 200
moving average so that is definitely something to keep an eye on but
ultimately you know as you can see here the move the 50-day moving average which
is shooting down shooting down and it looks like we’re starting to curve so
hopefully we can continue to get a little bit more volume to hopefully
start to push now just also the moving the 50-day moving average
but ultimately though I think for now it looks like we may possibly cool off a
little bit there is certainly more room to give on the RSI if we wanted to keep
going if we can get some more volume but ultimately looking at the MACD we’re
starting to see the momentum come down so it’s quite likely we might see a
little bit of a cool-off same thing with the RSI it looks like we’ve made a few
attempts to keep pushing it could keep going there’s no denying that but we’re
getting closer and closer to a points where we might see things cool off so
for the time being I’d say we might look towards possibly again the closer we get
to 37 cents we might find some support and ultimately we still look to break 52
cents if we can get the volume and that is pretty much it for today if you
haven’t already followed me on Twitter please follow me on Twitter and also
please follow me on youtube if you haven’t already thanks again for tuning
in to the cryptic Channel and I will see you guys on the next video

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