✅ Cryptobo Trade With Bitcoin Strategy. Binary Options broker platform

and everybody it's Paul here and a quick update on crypto bow I'm just waiting for that I'm looking at the Bitcoin against US dollar here and I'm waiting there's a couple of little spikes of happened here so I'm just wait see it's quite calm and as an erratic spike so I'm just waiting to see if it's gonna do one place a cuppa trades as you can see I haven't I haven't traded with it since it's my review on Wednesday I was taking that dip that's what I look for is spikes and dips as you probably know if you've been following my my my my videos with everything I trade with I wait for a spike or dip on the line up on the line come on come up that's it look at that that is beautiful example he's gone right on the lock zone as well so shut up right on the lock zone so basically what I've done I've seen it's been a bit erratic back here look at that what a beauty what a beauty now look at that I'm over a Bitcoin now no what is he's doing now presuming going by it the history that's gonna come back down but I'm just gonna wait for a second so that's what you want a big spike like that I mean look at that shut up like that there we go now that I wasn't confident enough there I didn't know if it was gonna carry on going up because if you look down the bottom here you can see at the highest points and then it's sort of mid why so I didn't know if it was gonna go up or go down so that's why I didn't didn't trade on that point because if you look down here you see here where we are now it's dead in the center so it could have gone either way now I am trading at naught point four so zero point zero four zero zero zero zero zero zero and that's about $226 equivalent in Bitcoin now then pot run around in the middle here we go I'm good put on that leveled out so I didn't oh look at that Oh if you're lucky there you could have got to if you look totally there as well or now buying stuff it's in the locks on yes that's what we wanted don't come back up don't come back up beauty beauty beauty beauty so that's pretty much how I roll how I trade wait for these these opportunities you know you tend to get it tends to be with with Bitcoin you tend to get that here we go is another one here I mean obviously it can't you can't go wrong you can't keep going up up come back down now I haven't quite got the balls to place another one which I probably should have done lovely lovely lovely now what I'm going to do now I'm going to put a withdraw press fro from four whole Bitcoin as you can see I put half a Bitcoin in to start off with they give you a they give you a small amount to play with when you start on my last video I'll sign a demarcate it's not demo account its they give you a little bit to to play around me to get comfortable with with how it works which they give you free when you sign up it's only a little bit but it's enough to feed supplies if you tried to get the hang of it I had put half a Bitcoin in and then I self got it up now to just over a Bitcoin one point 106 for 103 nine I'm gonna put a withdraw watercress fruit for whole Bitcoin and I'll let you know when that when that goes through and then I'll carry on trading with the remainder now let you see a pattern emerging here it's going up coming down higher up and then it stopped in so I'm presuming that's going to shoot back up now I haven't quite got the balls to place a couple more trades White's on this line even though I'm pretty confident it's going to go down the fact that that's got a little bit higher than than before this made me I'm a bit bit cautious you see the pattern emerging each time it's getting higher I don't want that to suddenly shoot up and be higher than than the line lovely lovely lovely so yeah just that's all it is really it's just to let you know that I'm going to put a like I said before I wanted to get over a Bitcoin put withdraw or fruit for a Bitcoin and then once that withdrawal has gone through and I've got me me a Bitcoin I will I'll let you know but that's so far foot I put in half a Bitcoin so I made half a Bitcoin so about two two thousand six hundred dollars something like that so yeah basically what I do like like you've seen there he's wait for an opportunity see these opportunities here ups and downs spikes and dips and just wait for it to do that place the trade bang South could have I could if I have been a bit more confident if my ponies have been a little bit bigger I could have placed a few trades along here but I just wasn't sure just don't buy that pattern as you can see it's it's got a little bit higher than there then higher than there and each time it's got that little bit higher which which worried me lose going to shoot up but yeah that's pretty much it and the beauty of this is as well that that bitcoins always rising so at the moment it's the highest except I've been like I said before Bitcoin started out I think the 60 cent a Bitcoin and now it's worth it's over five brand so yeah he's always going up so as it goes up your balance is going up because the bitcoins gone up so it's pretty good if you are not sure about how to buy bitcoins to start off with if you go to the crypto BOE home page here and if you scroll down you can see there's an area here where you can go through it takes you straight through and you can buy a Bitcoin but if you want to check this out if you want to buy a Bitcoin anything else there's a link below the video click on that and it will take you to this home page and you can you can check it out you can read up on it or if you want to buy a Bitcoin or try it out I say they give you a little bit of to play with it's only a small amount but it's enough to place a few trades just to get comfortable with it like I said before there's nothing worse than going in blind putting in say 250 quid or something like that and you don't know what you're doing it's always nice when there's a demo account or when they when they a I look 500 so it's only a little little little bit but it's just enough to for you to get comfortable and see how everything's working but yet I'm gonna leave it at that now I'm gonna yeah put out drawer requests through and I'll let you know when this when that's gone through and I'm gonna do a binary mates end of week update as well on that so look out for that if there's anything you want me to review leave me a message or a comment say if you want to try this out or check it out the links below and yeah have a great weekend and I'll be back with your Monday with more updates and reviews thank you

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