okay quick update for Bitcoin here hope everyone's doing well so I've got us going to seven point a K in a large degree wave – I've caused correcting the entire move from basically 3.1 to 14,000 now this X wave can either form a flat to around these new highs at eleven thousand maybe eleven five or it could form some kind of triangle and we're either gonna come down in five or come down in three probably a three because the way things are looking it looks like a wxy to me so maybe an a wave to 8,500 then we get a retest of 97 then we come back down to 7 a basically so I've got I was going to seven eight maybe seven five maybe seven four but somewhere around that sort of region and then that completes a larger degree wave – which is basically also gonna retest probably this ascending trendline and I think the AEMA on the weekly on the monthly chart is now at 7600 so that's probably gonna hit 78 by the time it gets down there so another two to four weeks mid to late August and then their Corrections over then we form a bit of a base and then we continue to go up again and challenge these highs at 14000 so that's Bitcoin let's cover B Y and D so this was something I mentioned in my last video said I was going to go parabolic got 83 so you would now be up about it's two and a half thousand percent on call options the upper target I gave to the group a few days ago is 270 I don't think it gets to these red boxes 294 343 that's only there in the event of an extension but they have earnings Monday after the bell so the it's the third gap you always want to short basically so it's going to go up today I mean in the overnight market it's 240 I saw a print of 240 go off a few hours ago so you know that's that's gonna be the second gap technically and then if it gaps up Monday everything set up to basically sell the news on Tuesday so I think it dumps a half 11 Eastern on Tuesday maybe at 270 and if you just cover or maybe higher so yeah everyone's waiting to show that and Bitcoin futures yes so I was the first to mention these gaps and now everyone's talking about and but they do have a tendency to get fouled every single or the gap on the futures chart you know here here here every single gap has been filled so I see no reason why 8,500 doesn't get full but like I said I can see it going lower because you know if everyone's got that limit order in the same place chances are it's probably gonna go lower so um yeah once this not so nice looking X wave corrects itself we're gonna get another movement back down and obviously there's a contract expiring Monday as well so um you know Sunday night Monday morning is going to be further downside pressure so yeah mid to late August were looking at this to bomb out and then if we're reading this correctly and this is not some kind of counter wavy wave or some kind of strange triangle if we're reading this correctly that should be a 1 that should be a 2 then obviously 3 4 5 ok there's no reason to go against this count as of right now obviously if we end up collapsing below 7000 then it come then we have to re-evaluate this entire account but for right now this looks impulsive this looks corrective so yeah mentally August 7 point a K and then we go higher anyway I'll do another video on the stock market at some point soon got you guys soon

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