15 thoughts on “⛄😱 WINTER IS HERE!!😱⛄ Bitcoin Price 2370 USD JULY 10 |Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis BTC ETH”

  1. Do you have a schedule as far as streaming goes? Do you announce prior to on Twitter or something? I've been through a handful of your videos so far, and I'm just curious. Always looking for up-to-date opinions and market analysis.

  2. BK please clarify – you suggest holding only 3 coins, DASH + LTC + XRP, but what about Bitcoin? Would you sell Bitcoin and get into these 3, or is it these 3 plus Bitcoin? Thanks but I did find this bit confusing. Really appreciate what you do, Best wishes from Australia.

  3. Great call on selling Ethereum. There were a lot of naysayers, but you proved them wrong. Well done my dude.

  4. @16:18: NOW y'all are playing chess! This is fun! I hope you guys go toe-to-toe and BOTH OF YOU make BIG gains!!!!

  5. Glad I found you, Brandon. Great advice nearly always so thanks 🙂 However, i did buy BTC at $2700 a few weeks back on your call of possible breakout, lol. However I'm good, HODL as only a small investment for the long term, no day trading. I'll be coming back for your videos every time! (Hailing from Scotland BTW)

  6. 2 weeks ago you said btc was going up…when it was $2700. The next day your were saying your crystal ball was broken and that video is mysteriously missing. Love your energy, but honesty would be helpful.

  7. Hey BK, I have a problem. I've setup my MA's like you told in your tradingview tutorial video (7,21,77) but the orange(77) looks different. It's right in between the green and red at the end of the chart (not under water). Any suggestions that might fix this? Greetings from Germany 🙂

  8. Brandon, I have no Bitcoin but am invested in Altcoins like ANS, Lisk, Stratis, Steem, EOS. What would you do now? Shall I sell before 1. August and transfer to USD? Or will these solid Altcoins maybe even rise after segwit? What is your opinion? What to do right now?


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