⚡LIVE⚡ Bitcoin Ethereum 💀💀 Bitcoin Cash NEO 💀💀 Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & Crypto News

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24 thoughts on “⚡LIVE⚡ Bitcoin Ethereum 💀💀 Bitcoin Cash NEO 💀💀 Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis & Crypto News”

  1. the TA on cryptos do not apply like they do with stocks, volume to unstable, whales, giant foreign communities manipulating price action, ICOs draining/filling eth, cryptos are the wild west, of course there are the exception but please just trade on a wave or buy and hold

  2. Why is everybody talking about IOTA? Whats so good about it? My mum, my dad, my sister they keep going on and on about it. I only now it's $0 fees, but what else? can someone please please tell me? Thanks.

  3. Hi Brandon, thank you so much for the advise. I got a request, could you let us know what's the price on BCH that you mentioned on your free styling on the chart? Cause the video is blurry and can't see the value you mentioned to collect it. Thank you.

  4. Bro BK I feel your pain. Being from Miami, LBJ got on that trippy shit here too. He did his BFF dirty and just up and left returned to Cleveland on the story about trying to bring a chip, but we know that was all BS. He doesn't handle loss well.

    Kyrie ain't dumb he knows Lebron is out of there and he didn't want to be left holding the bag. Simple. Gave LBJ a taste of his own medicine.

    That said I love Lebron. Dude did big things out here. But he needs to tone down the pre-Madonna

  5. SOLID PROFIT PACKAGE!!! Just didn't have one of the coins though.. 25$ for me to open my eyes on a single coin is decent though. (Bought that coin too)

  6. hey bk.somebody blocked me from the group.the reasin is cause im greek and he is german!!please chek it out thats not nice

  7. i would like a coin that integrates with games on steam or google play where i can purchase ingame gear, would be interesting, anyone know of any coins with this goal in mind?

  8. NEO is pre-mined. You don't know how many coins were released to the market. Suppose the founders have kept 99% of the coins. The risk is fundamentally different than the risk of the other coins.

  9. great video as always, thanks BK! 🙂
    Tho you should master the resolution and while it's nice to see you talking, you should reduce the box size and move it elsewhere, so it doesnt block the view of the chart!
    Then all deez new subs will come like BAAMMMM!

  10. Suggestion … Put your photo in the opposing corner to the numbers. When saying things like "buy right there" without actually naming where "there" is, we're left to guess since we can't see it. Check the video for an example at 13:14. It's elsewhere too, but that way you'll not have to look for it.

    Thanks for all you do!

  11. After that AMAZING call on Ripple the other day, and your awareness of the connection between Ripple and the "Illuminati", I had to support YA BOY. Just purchased the profit package. Thanks brother.

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