⚡ RIPPLE = ILLUMINATI!! [CONFIRMED] ⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107

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63 thoughts on “⚡ RIPPLE = ILLUMINATI!! [CONFIRMED] ⚡ Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107”

  1. Hey bk! What are you using as a username on tradingview? Are your charts available to look at? I tried the link but it just takes me to the homepage.

  2. Where can I comment beside here, this is a google hangout right? So not techy, or social media savvy with some of this

  3. Brandon, I felt your one on one talk all the way through my camera, you explain everything so well. Eventually it will be game over for these hippy looking mother fuckers.

    "No need to fear when love has arrived"

  4. You legit man. new to altcoins and stuff but been trading stocks for years. Thanks for sharing the positivity. Got another subscriber!!

  5. I agree with your make or break (MOB) levels. However, the analysis lacks important indicators such as volume analysis to make proper assumptions. In the traded volume we can clearly see, that the volume in the current downtrend is carried by less than 25% of the average traded volume at the tops through May 2017. This means that the current downtrend is not that strong. So, given the giant descending triangle and the divergence in the traded volume, it's more likely that the odds are at the upside of your MOB-levels.

  6. Couldnt watch it live yestarday, i watched this about an couple hours ago, bought at 177. Ty as always chart master

  7. Wokeup and saw it reach .20 cents and got excited after watching the video. Changed some fiat to eth and while confirmations are going on, the rxp price fell to .18 cents already. Is it still a buy as it has reached .20 cents and this drop is temp?

  8. Hey BK, I'm new to cryptotrading and I'm obsessed with what I am learning from your vids! So Thank YOU! My biggest question is if my money is on GDAX and I want to buy other cryptos like NEO, RIPPLE or others, how do I get my btc over to those exchanges and is it free or is there a fee?

  9. Thank you brilliant soul.. I got into ripple last night 🙂 of course you were right about ripple. Thank you boss!!!
    People buy the package.. it's good. The numbers don't lie. I already made my money back + and I'm a baby minnow fresh out of the egg in the markets at the moment.

  10. Just sent you a Facebook request. MY GUY, I can't tell you how much I share your philosophy. Being a former Wall st. telecomm executive, I AM DONE WITH THE MAN, the system, and that awful eye that you charted…. Been crushed by the system a few times, but I'm still swinging, and I'm starting to win. I'm trying to put on everyone I know onto your page, more importantly into crypto – for the people, by the people. Lets rock!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS…. God bless my guy. Nothing but POSITIVE VIBES FOR YOU….

  11. Live from Ireland helping you get a view every day , i don't like you but i like money damn i have to book a winning pack soon thank for the amazing analysis i am dazed lol # chartlikeaboss

  12. Doubled up on my Ripple at 19 cents just like BK said and BAMMMM!!!!!! 50% profit IN A DAY!!!!

    I must love money, cuz I LOVE BK!

  13. Triple convergence in the 2 hour chart on Ripple, expect fire works BABY!

    50% is just the beginning!

    Gonna steal me some of that uncle creepy Rothschild money!

  14. If you guys haven't researched. Ive known about ripple for a while and the creators DO want to hand over ripple to banks and governments however they clearly stated they wanted to keep the price around 1 US dollar because they are using what the governments want which is INFLATIONARY. RIPOFFLE. Ripple is shit dont feed the banks.

  15. Your energy is contagious! Glad I found this channel and thanks for confirming that my first trade ever was wise to get into xrp @ .22 !

  16. You just running your mouth for most of this video, rattling non stop. Totally un- nscessary. I couldnt even finish listening, smh

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