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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! No, Vivix is looking good looking. Good jump on it. Just getting started Can you guys hear me? Okay? Wanted to make sure that this microphone was picking my voice up? Yo, it shouldn’t be slow. I’m streaming from my house So if it’s slow that means something’s wrong with your connection because I’m like Gonna Ethernet plug directly into the modem So this thing should nothing slow What’s going on everybody? Good. It’s looking better now Looks good Mayweather in the first. I so what I wanted to do Is really just take a few minutes? You know get some face time wait you guys? Saturday night loud. I think that’s pretty cool title for gig You know and kind of see what you guys thought about the market How everything was going and also? Um you know Probably do like a quick chart real quick. Just one like a biker sale So what we can do is that will be our contest For the day is um tell me what chart you want to see So we’ll do that. Let me throw up a countdown timer You know just to get this thing started Let’s see yeah This team’s Gonna go to the asteroid belt. Maybe maybe maybe alright let’s see We’ll put it out like six minutes There you go Okay, somebody said I have the worst followers If you listen to the followers, you will be broke right now. Yes That’s why they follow me so don’t listen to the powers listen to the guy who the followers are following I? Mean she’ll be able to make a lot of money Though you were booted out the group because you were pretty negative not one day I Don’t have time to babysit But if you send me a message, I can’t let you back down. I don’t think I’ve seen your message. Yes One strike a girl without a lot of times like you know So, what would I do? With my new setup. You know I’m saying this kind of cool got the big screen up top got You guys right here, I? Think that’s pretty cool. I Think that’s pretty cool Alright, so again the contest. We’re doing right now is uh To see what kind of truck you guys want what I’m gonna do like uh probably three minutes on a chart Buy or sell and it’s Gonna be quick you Know no Saturday night It’s a big big TV event happening so I don’t want this to be like a big long Drawn-out call, but I wanted to give somebody a free chart, so when we do our uh when we do our um When we pick our winner that’s Gonna be the question of the day Yes, I have moderators in the group. We have about six or seven moderators everybody’s in a different country so we will be We will be uh you know. We try to do the best. We can Try to pick up the spam as soon as it comes through try to make it a positive place where people can learn You know I make money together and the beginners yet Angela Brown set the beginners near to close to I am working on that as well I’ll be launching that Soon as I come back from vacation In september first week of September has a cool name. It’s Gonna have its own channel To where it’s just the basics just the for the beginners because we have a lot of new people coming Which is amazing you know so we will have a class just For the beginners in there now as I built this time 1000. I’ll get like guests to come on You know so we’ll we’ll build it out. This is just the beginning so it’s just me and you but over time it’ll it’ll it’ll Get pretty official so look forward today I’m okay, so I Don’t think people are giving bad advice in the group again. I Don’t know why anyone would want to listen to advice? Investing advice. I give you guys a method. That’s 90% accurate So just use the method. It’s called the boss method. That’s my name for it now 721 77 on A 4-hour chart Green Below 77 sale That’s the best advice. You’re ever gonna get from anybody ever So you can stop following broke people making comments there you go? Yes, I will be working on vacation. I’m gonna do a few uh live streams. So don’t worry you will still have a video everyday I’m just not doing as many one-on-ones. I’ll be right back. Oh. God this water All right, cool Hey, Ray, just send me a message on Facebook We can discuss your situation. I don’t really remember what happened with you, but chances are we can get it worked out good deal Yeah, matt broke out. That’s broke out all right, so this is what we don’t do right now What we’re gonna, do I’m gonna give you guys two minutes since we just did that And we don’t pick our winner and the question of the day is one eight fifty What chart do you want to see? I’m gonna do one chart as a part of this video. What chart should it be? Good deal Brian Brian me and Brian left to make some money Sadie’s looking in the futures options Forex As long as it’s not all Margin Because even with options when I was trading options you didn’t it was still cash. It’s cash money Especially when you put it out of the money And the money puts out our money calls So it’s just a matter of time before you know you can do a bitcoin but You definitely don’t want to go out of the money on Margin. That’s like. That’s like asking for destruction Good deal everybody so again. There’s your first time tuning in this is how it works. I’m giving away some cash money and two and a half minutes But first you we have to get to over 75 likes if we don’t get 75 likes nobody’s getting paid um this is the easiest chance you got on YouTube to win some money and It’s guaranteed every day So again jump in the chat Let me know what coin you want to see and then I’ll pull it over we’ll pick a winner and we’ll get started Yeah, make sure you like the video guys That’s the only way we get to get it to pick a winner we need to get to 75 likes we got about 50 seconds And somebody is going to win some bitcoin payable and BTC From my wallet to theirs, but we have to get over 75 likes We got a hundred people watching right now, and you got about 40 seconds to make it happen We got 60 likes let’s see what we got Video ain’t congratulations, you just got blocked It was good. I liked blocking people Goodbye you all the weakest link. Goodbye I? Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Go good about that time about that time Okay, let’s uh I’m gonna jump over and share this video with our Facebook people And we will come right back and get started I always forget to share Here we go. So yeah, we’re about to pick a winner in about 13 seconds. Make sure you jump in the chat and Let me know what coin you want to see me chart. So here. We go. Let’s do it right now like a bulge Live from the USa helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of bitcoin decreased o of Crypto is your boy bk And if you like me, you must not like money today is august 26 and Bitcoin again is north of $4,000 sitting pretty confident right there at 4300 some things went up some things went down a long time ago D boy told you dashes cash, and that’s one of the biggest movers in the market right now, and if you are Just now coming across me on the internet well congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best. My name is bk My friends know me as a crypto straighter, and I am the boss of these charts as you will soon find out And on my channel every day Somebody is getting paid and today is no exception so with that being said I’m a jump in this chap right here We go pick a winner of the day if you want to win All you have to do is a come rock out with us a little bit early I jump on a chat line, and I ask people a question of the day so today’s question was what? Coin do you want to see me chart? I’m gonna do about a three-minute coin and You know about three minutes on let me get rid of this thing. I really don’t like it on this screen hold on hold on I’m going to spend about three minutes on a coin here and as a result We will be able to make some money from it basically it’s gonna be a quick one Buy or sell and so once that happens. I will be able to jump in and jump out and it looks like We might have just lost my screen, so youtube is coming back on that’s fine This is what happens when you do it live things happen So I gotta open this chat up again again Let me show you let me show you a few of our community tools first things first We do have our Facebook group as a page loading up. I’m just go jump over here. You know we got our Facebook group It’s called the number one bitcoin group in the world. We have about 8,000 9,000 people getting close to 9,000 other doors are always open we have an amazing team of mods that work around the clock to Make sure This thing is a positive community neal people are talking about me. Oh good I actually just bought some nio today again These are the opportunities you have in the market when nobody’s talking about a product it’s probably the right time to buy it you know big rule of investing is you make most of your money on the by Not on the cell the cell for the most part is when you decide that you don’t want to make it You know and you cash it out. You know a lot of people want to Sell for profit but you actually need to buy for profit so you buy on the ground floor and Sell it you know on any floor above the ground. It’s like so here. We go. Let’s jump back over to our Chat, and let’s pick a winner let’s pick a winner What do we got who do we got who do we got let’s go down a little bit down a little bit What do we got neo? Civic Let’s go with my man jack goals and Er who said pivot pivot pivot So that’s what we go do right here bam Congratulations, man. You just won yourself Some cash money Paypal and BTC. This is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna throw you in our Facebook group and all you gotta do is uh jump on that page like that comment Send me a message, and I will send you a couple bucks in BTC from my wallet to yours Thank you very much for your support I appreciate you as a member in our community and let’s get to the charts and make this money So here we go. We are going to trading view Calm again, if this is your first time tuning in you actually have a playlist Dedicated for you. It’s called how to chart like a boss and on that playlist I’ve taken a time to show you exactly how to navigate Charts, so you can click that little link in the description It’ll take you to about 12 videos of this and the first one shows you how to set this chart up Exactly and as you can see if you want to follow me on here My name is DB Kelly 1203 on Trading view I post charts You know a few times that we different breakouts different trends So it’s a great great opportunity to learn has an amazing community and a link is in the description for trading view as well And it’ll also be the first comment of this video every video post links in the description and in the comments So let’s check out pivots So for charting the chart that we look at that We look for I’m sorry is a three hundred and forty three minute chart that’s gonna be our baseline essentially that is the same as a four-hour chart And it seems that trading view does not remember who I am even though it went straight to my page So that’s fine. That’s cool So as that’s loading up let’s see if there’s Anything else we can do So who do you guys think is gonna win the fight tonight on a stack? See what we gotta see if anybody You know anybody think them money teams go bring it home make sure you leave in the comments Let’s do that in comments. That’ll be like our post question follow-up. What do you guys think is Gonna win? You can’t comment like tomorrow because that’s cheating that’s not cool. All right so again this thing Here we go. This should be it The thing about trading do that. I like is you can actually save different charts and different setups so again This is actually a setup that I’ve developed over a pretty good while and it worked very very very well This is a chart. I put together for a bitcoin cash. It’s coming on the dovetail you might want to buy it If it breaks out to pass that line it’s going to be an excellent guide, but let’s look at Pivots Here we go boom boom wow Alright, so again trained to view calm. We’re gonna jump to our 343 minute chart the moving averages we use our 721 and a 77 and I’m Gonna try to knock this thing out in about four and a half minutes Essentially all I’m doing is looking to see if I want to buy it or if I want to sell it and the boss Method we’ve learned. That’s my method now I’m you know This is his ip this is patented technology So I’m naming my method the boss method And this is how it works we look at the orange line and the green line for right now I’m going to turn off the 21 and the 231 the only two lines you need guys are orange line and green line on a two hundred and Forty-three minutes hurt and when that Green Line goes below the orange line Then we sell it when the Green line goes above the horns line So for example right there then We buy it That’s it. I? Sell and you can see you know just roughly Say we would have Bought over there, you know that’s just the net loss. You know zero zero sum game Sell right there Buy sell that’s essentially a zero-sum game Right where it like just barely doesn’t really do anything You don’t really have to worry about that because you don’t lose any money You know you buy in it doesn’t really do anything actually here. You made a little bit of money, but essentially that’s a zero-sum game, so you don’t really have to worry about those areas hurting you but just for the sake of calculation you can see how this thing works overtime to Make you a lot of money. So let’s look at how much you would have made by using the balls method one pickax Well right there. That’s pretty good. That’s about three thousand percent in two months It’s not bad not bad, but then look what happened you actually made Fifty percent on the way down. That’s pretty good to Hear you would have got in 46 percent sell it jump out and save 45% on the way down and as you can see I did not even notice with the case with pivots this thing has just crossed over again, so whoever said pivots Hopefully you bought it because pivots is ready to roll again if you see that you see that spike right there It looks the exact same as what happened over here When these when these things are ready to run they’re ready to go so now let’s start to see what these different levels will be common and where we can expect pigs to run to So now this is a four hour what I’m gonna do is This is about of slow. This is like a slow ascending Run rate right here and actually in order for me to do this I Could bring back the 21, so let’s do that. Let’s bring back the 21 Let’s cut off the green for now and now I’m gonna create my channels that I expect pigs to run in So that’s the breakout channel And this one is our slow channel watch this right Would copy and paste this one Throw it down at the bottom and that’s the channel that pivots is living in now so now We expect to make a lot of money because as you can see It’s got a lot of range To play with right the good thing about this as well is that You still have a secondary? area in here to basically build up additional momentum So what’s gonna happen is as you can see it almost did it perfectly it’s gonna hit that ceiling Bounce down probably hit it again bounce halfway, and then the third time it’s probably gonna break through all the way So it’s gonna Act like a little spring like a little coil spring hit the ceiling hit the floor hit the ceiling hit the floor And normally on the third time is when it breaks so you can see like 1 2 3 right the exact same thing happened Right here on those purple boxes. It was trying to break out, so it whip 1 2 and then on this last one It finally broke so pivots is a definite buy right now What is pivot pivot is Private instant? Verification basically it’s a off-the-rails Network That has an amazing community, and it’s only about two dollars right now. Maybe three dollars. I think it just went up today And it’s it’s one of those it’s basically the 10x for privacy it’s going to allow customers to give money exchange money without being Trapped Completely anonymously, so it’s an amazing coin. That’s why – is up. That’s why What’s the long one the dark internet Murata not Morocco? Mineiro, that’s why the narrow is up privacy is coming into play you guys if you notice coinbase the boys in blue you know Baloney x the boys in Blue The government is coming in to take their haircut and so as that continues to happen Ones like this will continue to go up society pays for what society values in Society does not value being extorted Which essentially is what? Text text Taxation has become corporate endorse governmental extortion Congratulations welcome to America So by pittance bite now look forward to swing and also You know once it breaks out, and it lives above this line, then you can see It has a lot of upside. I don’t know when that’ll happen, but that’s built into the chart So it needs to break out of this down channel right there Before it can start doing something like this And again, this is not guaranteed, but if you look at Neil’s chart That’s what neil did I’m not saying that’s gonna happen anytime soon for pivots, but the chart has already allowed it to be possible So it has a lot of a lot a lot of upside to it especially considering the privacy play especially considering the – value Proposition You know pivots is a fork of – and especially considering that this thing just broke out from mostly all-time lows Outside of the initial lunch, this is basically the lowest this has ever been the cheapest It’s ever been so yes very good very good play Thank you for that – by the way awesome chart If you appreciate this content as you can see your boy is pretty solid at these charts So make sure you hit that like button hit that subscribe button I do these kind of charts every day you guys so real quick. You know I want to make this as a Q&A so I’m gonna give you guys like five minutes Ask me ask me anything you want in the chat And then I’ll pick a few questions just to go over Again while I’m doing that you know me start asking these questions now It’s about 30 second delay, but while you guys are getting that together I wanted to show you that we do have a couple products available for you if you are interested the first of which is This is our website boss of bitcoin Comm you click on shop right there on the left hand side and the first one you have in the profit package this thing is Solid it’s up about Seven B. No actually today is probably up to 90% Profitable since you know three weeks ago. I launched it This thing is probably good for the next year so only unless you’re seeing this midway through 2018 This this list is still making money has got some bangers on there. It’s got some sleepers on there I just told did I tell you yesterday um number 10 banger number 2 banger? You know and if you got it, and you actually bought the stuff on there you making some money. You’re on Sam Floyd money Mayweather ain’t the only one who play for money team your boy be cake play for the money team and I’m Recruiting right now. You know I’m saying so prospects $25 guys. It’s a great buy probably one of the best buys on the web I Haven’t had one complaint So there you go should be validation and the self again. This is a this is our other thing. It’s a one-on-one meeting deposit I’m gonna be on vacation for the next week, so I’m actually not taking meetings next week But I will be coming back a week after that To continue up with those so I noticed past couple days. It’s been pretty rough Getting a hold of me. I apologize for that, but I will be making those calls up while I’m on vacation So I’m actually not taking a full vacation, but you know for new people You kind of got away a week after that and with that being said let’s jump over in our chat and see you know see what kind of questions we got so What’s my favorite coin? Somebody asks what’s my favorite coin well? my favorite coin is the one that makes me the most money at the time that I have it and This one is looking pretty good right now, so to be honest. I don’t I don’t have like Favorites, I’m a math guy. I’m a numbers guy. I like numbers and and the bigger that number is With a dollar sign behind it the more it’s my favorite comes in itself. So there you go This guy said here. Let me bring these over so you can see them that way it’s a little bit more communal So he said, what do we got? Have you looked at any ICs trying to change advertising like a coin brave add tears. Yes? Brave is a browser though. I don’t know if that it’s necessarily advertising yeah, I mean It’s huge it’s gonna be huge. I actually had a premonition to buy addicts like two weeks ago I downloaded their white paper and everything and I this looks like pretty cool But I didn’t buy it got caught up in something else, and it went up to 300 percent I think addicts is probably because it has that much money behind it which means it probably has some Industrial supporters and resources, they’re probably gonna be the leaders in that new space But that doesn’t mean they’re gonna be the only ones or they’re gonna be the best ones They’re probably just gonna be the brand name that the big players know Google Amazon apple companies that spend Cnn companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars either in revenue or in expenses of advertising addicts It’s time Gonna be probably the liaison to bring them on the blockchain Cool I’m gonna do it omg update next week, so we don’t have to cover that right now. I? Haven’t looked at lists yet, a lot of people are asking me about that one So let’s see What’s the lowest market cap that you will consider for trades that’s actually a very very good question lowest I Consider is about Ten million Dollars And that’s new that’s new and that’s because I’m heavily invested in some of the big ones And so now I’m looking to expand into some of the smaller ones, but if you’re just starting off I say you dope you probably don’t want to go lower than a hundred million dollars. I keep in mind I’ve been trading though for like two years and I’ve accumulated. You know some decent returns. So now I’m looking to acquire Future Growth I’m willing to compromise my current growth to acquire future Growth So that’s why I’m looking lowered and you know fifty to ten million dollars right now on these smaller cap coins To basically buy them and hold them And allow the market to push them higher You know it’s like It’s like a barrel you know if you imagine a barrel of water You know if you put a little boat at the bottom that’s kind of where these small cap coins but the more water that comes in Higher that boat gets and that’s essentially what’s gonna happen over the next couple years with all the money that’s coming over into cryptocurrency It’s just Gonna Float everything up to the top good question very good question You like my glasses. You know what about lists. I haven’t looked at lists. Thank you for the compliment though. They are uh Dont’a and Gabbana’s Hmm Yeah, okay. I’ll check that Omg. I really don’t I really don’t know I Haven’t looked at it since I made that chart and you have to also remember that my charts are drawn on the intersections right, so if even if a candle breaks it as long as That moving average does not then it’s fine so that’s why I don’t use stop losses the kiss candles don’t matter to me the Intersections carry the flow of the candles the candles don’t Carry the flow of the intersections So I don’t care even if it broke it it Probably didn’t break it because that chart was drawn off the intersections not off the candles Is chained coins still a good move or no not if you like money? Hope that hope that hope that wasn’t unclear It’s a lot of coins before they clock. I feel like that was sexual to some extent Let’s see Yeah, yeah, I actually this last guy. This is the last one We’ll do advertising and help media what about Commodity ad network and CDx token offering? It’s interesting it’s very interesting You know YouTube is basically A Corporate Entity a publicly traded Corporate owned entity They’re not the platform of the people even though the people use them and give them money through our trust in our value They still work for the almighty dollar so as a result this whole alt media basically if you’re not backed by Uncle Sam and his cronies then your alt That’s how they bucket us. You see it Yeah, they got twenty thousand different ways to separate me from you, but none that actually bridges together So think about that in itself, but one of these buckets now has created an advertising coin Specifically for their bucket. I don’t think that’s the smartest idea again. I’m Into the business of building bridges not burning them so you know teach their own I haven’t taken a time to look at either one, but Could be possible you know, but then you because it’s an alt advertising network you don’t You basically limit your market like what business just wants to advertise to all customers That’s what you limited to so it kind of defeats the purpose of intrinsic exponential growth capability when you know your market is already fractured and segmented and liable to the impression segregations and stereotyPes that corporate owned institutions You know place on top of it? What do I keep my coins on? low-end on this one I Keep them on a ledger Ledger Nano s It’s amazing $200 best $200 you’ll ever spend You can get it on Amazon a link is in the description for that as well With that being said guys it’s about that time of day. I gotta watch fight. You know I’m sayin I gotta go have have a have cocktail you know I’m saying some beverages It’s about that time of the day guys. I appreciate your time make sure you like and subscribe this video You appreciate mine that time yeah I’m saying with that being said it’s that time of the day no matter where you study or upk signing out no matter Where you stay from Brazil to the bait and California a good night. Good morning, and good day till we meet again Thank you so much for your time subscribe this video if you appreciate my stay cryptic y’all mmm

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