⚡ MONERO vs LITECOIN⚡ Crypto Trading BTC Profit LTC Explained Charlie Lee Free Bitcoin Giveaway HOA

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29 thoughts on “⚡ MONERO vs LITECOIN⚡ Crypto Trading BTC Profit LTC Explained Charlie Lee Free Bitcoin Giveaway HOA”

  1. Thanks for covering OMG. Thanks to the BOSS method I bailed on that bad boy at .00229. Was hard to let go, it's a strong coin, BUT green went below orange and EVERYTIME I broke that rule I got burned. SO, I sold and damn I am looking like a genius now.

    I agree on your levels. Looking to start picking up around the 128 – 135 levels. If it REALLY breaks down could go down to about .00110. Either way I am getting FREE OMG buy selling high and buying back low

  2. Question on LTC, I see a serious head and shoulders pattern forming on that one, so thinking it could breakdown further.

  3. and please consider stocking up on XRP. the sleeping giant has major news and affiliations which will be announced at Swell. these announcements will cause an explosion in wall street and hedge fund investments. BK if you need more details pm me.

  4. i think neo is good and ready to blow, but i am wondering when do you think bitcoin will peak and when will it cross over?

  5. Hi Brandon, I tried to join your facebook group, however admin has not made contact with me. I am putting my bitcoin address here. I am Colette who likes ARDR in the above video. Many thanks. Feel free to send my winnings here. 18SB3yQRf6Jfr9JDoQXVMCXwNXTCRNf7q4

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