⚡ LIVE UPDATE⚡ SIA vs PIVX ? ? How to Earn Free Bitcoin | Best Crypto Trading Technical Analysis

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9 thoughts on “⚡ LIVE UPDATE⚡ SIA vs PIVX ? ? How to Earn Free Bitcoin | Best Crypto Trading Technical Analysis”

  1. Warren Buffet is not worth 100s of billions. He's worth 76 billion and if he ever tried to sell all his stocks to get that, he would never get it because the stock market would crash.

  2. When it comes to gas for Neo. I thought it was a return of ( eg) 8% of the CURRENT price. Meaning that if you bought at half of today's price, you'd get 16% . Have I misunderstood?

  3. Great minds think alike.
    Cant wait to get rich and donate half of my stash to charity. Will give back to the big ''G'' aswell.


  4. boss! when can you check out bitconnectcoin? I'm staking like a boss, getting 8% extra coins every month and the coin is up 700% since I started stacking and staking since end of May. I'm the boss of bitconnect!

  5. You chart like a BOSS! LOVE YOUR WORK… I loved the level of skill you displayed on BitcoinCash… no one else had the balls to chart BitcoinCash so early… I can't wait for your next analysis on it… its holding at a new level of support just like you said it would… LOVE YOUR WORK!

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