18 thoughts on “⚡ BUFFET VS BITCOIN ⚡ Bitcoin Price 2532 USD JUNE 27 | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis BTC ETH”

  1. hi sir please guide me for cryptotrading. which platform is best and safe. where our safe. please tell us. Thanks

  2. the most important thing with trading is timing, bk thanks again i sent a message to you,im a trader and need to learn this space,, for 1to1

  3. i dont know btc but looking at the chart its saying to me likely to hit 1300, then news due uncertainty run up to august will compound that,,,, for me i will never hold just hold , i gained over a million on stocks and lost the lot when emotion crept in, now i just trust the price it tells the tale,, BK how do i arrange a 1to1, im in thailand ,

  4. Pretty obnoxious starting video 30 mins in. What is the purpose of a countdown other then to make viewers quickly tune out and find another YouTube video?? Good material tho! Worth having to scroll to.

  5. I cant thank you enough for taking the time to put these together and teaching this to us. How is the website process looking and when might you start the group events back up?

  6. A question: when I look at the 7-21-77 chart it changes depending on the 'frame' (not sure about the right term) I chose – 1h, or 2h, or 1d — right now btc is still under water in the 2h frame, but in the 1h frame the 'little brothers' crossed 'papa bear' lol, — okay so do I understand it right that 1h will be like a very fresh trend, and 1d will be a bit more 'solid', right???

  7. Dig your passion, and appreciate info you share in the videos the may I ask what your background is? where did you learn about charts?

  8. group telegram ⬇⬇
    pump and dumb america, asia and europa

  9. I don't believe for one moment that Buffet hasn't bought any crypto, old white guys lie like carpet in order to corner markets. All negative press for crypto is a scam to keep the
    general population away until they buy enough to move the market themselves.

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